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    We believe the issue has been resolved by moving TeamSpeak back to our primary datacentre. If there continue to be outfit-wide issues, let us know.
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    thank you. I'll link my discord and start using it as opposed to the site. Thanks for the Information. I've been helping my father get back I to the game again so I have been more solo with him but I'll be back to outfit ops soon.
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    Hi Exia, Firstly, if you're on Discord, you may want to check in over there. Most of us are far more active on Discord than here on the forum. Secondly, regarding the colossus, we don't have permissions exactly worked out yet. Right now I'm allowing people to pull them during certain ops if they can be properly supported and if the person has invested merit into upgrades. I or other officers can temporarily promote you (or the person asking), allow them to pull, then change your rank again. Right now only SLs and above have the permission to pull a colossus. Robo
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    I remember the 10th anniversary. Just been reminiscing on some old times with this outfit.
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