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We are glad you are interested in joining our community!

In GOTR we like to recruit people personally, through interaction on our Teamspeak server or in-game. Before joining our community officially, you will need to log into our Teamspeak server and make an account on this web site. Please use the same or similar display names for in-game, Teamspeak, and the web site.

GOTR has "Recruiting Officers" active in all games that we play, so if you have questions you can contact one of them or any other member that you find.

Teamspeak Server Address: gotr.us | Password: sovereignty555

You can jump into the channel for the game you'd like to play, or hang out in the "New Recruit Help Center" that is directly under the channel where you log in by default.

If and when you are confident that you would like to join, just ask a Recruiting Officer for the "Secret Word", and they will complete the process with you.

It may also be helpful for you to review our code of conduct, called "The Pillars," which is accessible at the top of this web site under the "Community" tab.

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