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  3. DRTAC7

    • DRTAC7
    • Anam

    Hey friend. We miss you over on the Discord and the Teamspeak. :)You still play Planetside?

    1. Anam


      Coming back....!

  4. Beepy

    • Beepy
    • EmyLightsaber

    EMY!!! ❤️

    1. EmyLightsaber



    2. Beepy


      Hai Emy! 😬


  5. Beepy

    • Beepy
    • Koopak

    Koop notice me! 😈

  6. Beepy


    Back in the saddle again. CONGRATS Mister Snazzy on your promotion to 555th CO!! And I'm back on Command Staff as the 555th's XO.

  7. shinything

    Thursday Night Raid


  8. Meatball

    • Meatball
    • Ragnis

    I miss you. More than I'm willing to admit. Nerd.

  9. Pestilents


    Fond Memories,

    Got to talking to guys at work about MMO's again.  then the escalation update hit steam and said why not.  so here we are and I am playing Planetside again.  my board game collection has grown a lot,  playing more euro style games now.  Vital Lacerda is a master of his trade with so many great medium heavy euros and  Fantasy Flight still holds many places on my shelves.  Working with swiss/lathes again,  star sv-38 is a great machine with 12 axis.

    Glad to be back

  10. Alpharius

    Thursday Night Raid


    7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, right?
  11. robocpf1

    Planetside 2 Leadership Team

    robocpf1 Outfit Leader PorkPuller Outfit XO, Vehicle Commander MisterSnazzy "555th Death Angels" Infantry CO (blank) "555th Death Angels" Infantry XO Champagon "Phantom Guard" Armor CO (blank) "Phantom Guard" Armor XO Sarmanikan "Phantom Guard" Armor SL Feledryn "Wind Wraiths" Air CO Keravyn "Wind Wraiths" Air XO DaDubman "Vengeance" Drop Team CO GZekko "V
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