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  2. Hey friend. We miss you over on the Discord and the Teamspeak. :)You still play Planetside?

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  4. There is no SHADES. SHADES was decommissioned years ago. This post contains very outdated information. This document represents an outdated system with outdated information. I have locked topic to replies to avoid future confusion. Currently available units to join are: Death Angels (555th Infantry Corps) Phantom Guard (Armor) Wind Wraiths (Scythe Squadron) Vengeance (Anti-Vehicle Valkyrie) CASPER ( Anti-Infantry Valkyrie)
  5. Koop notice me! 😈

  6. Back in the saddle again. CONGRATS Mister Snazzy on your promotion to 555th CO!! And I'm back on Command Staff as the 555th's XO.

  7. We believe the issue has been resolved by moving TeamSpeak back to our primary datacentre. If there continue to be outfit-wide issues, let us know.
  8. I was getting packet loss (up to 15%) last night but didn't get the distorted audio from TS. I ran a trace route and was having issues with the tcore network in New York before it jumped to Chicago and then to Toronto all on that same network. Just done another trace route now and its all fine this morning and there is no loss on TS. See the route below with the one that was missing last night highlighted. Not sure if this would have contributed to the packet loss? I'm UK based so the provider probably wont be much help but its Plusnet using the main BT network here in the UK.
  9. Hey, we've been getting reports of people suffering problems only on Mech Monday in TS. If you're affected, please post here: Date and time(s) that it happened, and when it stopped Your internet provider (e.g. Verizon) Your packet loss in TeamSpeak, both inbound and outbount - I believe you can right-click on yourself in the client and display that info. Feel free to post a screenshot of it here. We don't think it's our server - there's zero evidence to indicate we're under attack on the server side - but specific people seem to be being targeted. We'd like to know more before recommending more action. One other thing to try: if this affects you, please try rebooting your modem or Internet router to get a new IP address from your ISP. This may fix the problem - it did for @Champagon this past week.
  10. thank you. I'll link my discord and start using it as opposed to the site. Thanks for the Information. I've been helping my father get back I to the game again so I have been more solo with him but I'll be back to outfit ops soon.
  11. Hi Exia, Firstly, if you're on Discord, you may want to check in over there. Most of us are far more active on Discord than here on the forum. Secondly, regarding the colossus, we don't have permissions exactly worked out yet. Right now I'm allowing people to pull them during certain ops if they can be properly supported and if the person has invested merit into upgrades. I or other officers can temporarily promote you (or the person asking), allow them to pull, then change your rank again. Right now only SLs and above have the permission to pull a colossus. Robo
  12. Forgive me and remove if this is the wrong place for this or if its covered elsewhere. I was unable to locate how one can get permission to pull the Colossus tank. Being with the outfit since ps1 I wasn't sure it it affected the decision to assign permission. Thanks in advance ghosts! Semper-fi
  13. I love going stalker deep recon. laying mines and hacking terms. Following a player close behind and emptying a magazine into their backs. lol. How does one acquire permission for the colossus tank? I dont care about the other war assets. Just the tank. thanks for any information
  14. Same here. I also dig doing recon and sabotage.
  15. Just a bump so that people know - this is still the case.
  16. I am an RL friend of Nihil. Can I get an invite to the Warframe clan? WF id MrLovingKindness. Thank you.
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  18. Piloting Valk. Also, I have some new light assault loadouts that I'm working on.
  19. I miss you. More than I'm willing to admit. Nerd.

  20. Fond Memories,

    Got to talking to guys at work about MMO's again.  then the escalation update hit steam and said why not.  so here we are and I am playing Planetside again.  my board game collection has grown a lot,  playing more euro style games now.  Vital Lacerda is a master of his trade with so many great medium heavy euros and  Fantasy Flight still holds many places on my shelves.  Working with swiss/lathes again,  star sv-38 is a great machine with 12 axis.

    Glad to be back

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    7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, right?
  22. I would like an invite. Character name: Hundunhod
  23. robocpf1 Outfit Leader PorkPuller Outfit XO, Vehicle Commander MisterSnazzy "555th Death Angels" Infantry CO (blank) "555th Death Angels" Infantry XO Champagon "Phantom Guard" Armor CO (blank) "Phantom Guard" Armor XO Sarmanikan "Phantom Guard" Armor SL Feledryn "Wind Wraiths" Air CO Keravyn "Wind Wraiths" Air XO Meatball1 "PEST" Team CO (blank) "PEST" Team XO DaDubman "Vengeance" Drop Team CO GZekko "Vengeance" Drop Team XO ReaperOfSouls "SHADES" Recon Team CO Thecat8413 "CASPER" Close Air Support Crew Chief DRTAC7 Air Traffic Control (ATC)
  24. I remember the 10th anniversary. Just been reminiscing on some old times with this outfit.
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