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    This has become a bit of a problem. Your Platoon Leaders (and squad leaders) are here to help you guys have fun. That's our entire job. It's all we think about. So stop taking every opportunity to second-guess us and tell us "what needs to happen". We can't be everywhere at once, so we have to prioritize things sometimes, and sometimes "fun" means not moving across the map every few seconds. What does it matter if we lose any one particular territory? If we're having fun, so be it, let them take it. Someone will retake it again in a couple of hours. You will all drive yourselves crazy if you play by the rule that "we can't ever lose territory". That isn't how Planetside 2 works. It's a constant tug of war. If your Platoon Leader has said "we don't care about X base" then don't remind him or her about that base every five minutes. Furthermore, if we spend 15 seconds mapping out the plan for you in voice chat, the last thing we want to hear is someone ask us what we just said. Pay attention, it's the least you can do. When we're leading, some of us sit on Mapside for a HUGE portion of our playtime. That's time we could be spending getting more auraxium medals or whatever other arbitrary rewards we want. Instead, we look at the map and try to find you good fights. I guarantee you that you, in your glimpse at the map, have not gleamed the same information that we have. Try turning on your heat maps and seeing just how many people are at each base, or double check which way the point is flipping before yelling out in voice that "OMG WE NEED TO RESECURE THIS BASE" - no you don't, we already secured it and have 2:1 population. We love getting intel. We love getting suggestions. But it is up to us - not you - to decide the platoon's target and strategy. Stop trying to backseat platoon lead and focus on your jobs - killing what needs to be killed and carrying out your missions. If you're new to the outfit, would it be too much to ask that you don't assume the rest of us are idiots? This irks me the most - I heard a new member interrupt the channel today to say "I know a good spot for the Sunderer because I've attacked this base a few times". Do you want to know how many times I've attacked every base in the whole game? "We need this" "We need that" No, you don't. You need to listen and help instead of trying to be Mr. Strategy. Again - suggestions, intel, and the like are all GREATLY appreciated, please don't stop doing that - but once you've received an answer about a piece of intel or a suggestion, then accept it and move on. And let me be clear: we're humans, too. We will make mistakes. We will sometimes miss things. But generally speaking, if we aren't redeploying the platoon or moving across the map, it isn't because we've missed it - it's because we've seen it and already chosen to continue on our current path. ---Robo
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    Fellow Ghosts, I regret to inform you that today I had to remove Castieal, a veteran member of GOTR, from our organization. Many of you voiced in the GOTR Member Survey a few months ago that when we do remove a member, you would like an explanation posted to better understand what happened and our reasons behind it - we all hate to lose a community member, after all. In keeping with that very reasonable request, the following post will explain our logic. I beg of you to please reserve judgment and not jump to any snap conclusions before reading the whole post and, if necessary, talking to me personally. I can assure you that you do not have the full story, because our command staff tries tirelessly to keep most drama away from the enlisted. Pillars violations: The Foundation (Officers): "We must be examples of what the outfit should be. We must treat our troops with respect, and earn their respect." When she was a Captain, there were plenty of examples of minor issues that can be and were overlooked, but the situation came to a head during the last State of the Revolution meeting where she publicly lashed out at Churchhy, who was at that time a brand new recruit, for making the suggestion of the Mentor Program. It disrupted the entire meeting and was absolutely appalling, from a command perspective. You can hear this on the official recording, if you were not there: https://soundcloud.c...-131124#t=26:45 Pillar 3: Respect and Sportsmanship: "Treat others the way they wish to be treated." Verbal assaults directed at a few members, most recently Reignman, on Teamspeak. This is unacceptable behavior and she has over the past several months made this a common occurrence, not just to Reignman but to others as well. Yelling at, insulting, and berating members is not something we tolerate. Additionally, she has consistently lied to officers and members regarding what other officers have said or authorized her to do. This is not only a breach of respect, but a breach of trust, which is even worse. These were not "good faith" mistakes. She did not "mishear" what we said, because sometimes we didn't say anything at all on the subject, or she never asked our opinion. She decided what she wanted us to say, and then told other members that we said it. It isn't my place to divulge other members' grievances because those are personal, but you'll see a prime example from my own experience in a couple of paragraphs. Pillar 3: Respect and Sportsmanship: "Respect the Chain of Command. If you have a problem with something an officer is asking you to do, try to resolve it privately. Openly questioning officers undermines their authority. If there is a persistent problem, take it to another officer." Just two nights ago, at the raid, she openly defied instructions from both DrFunFrock and DarthJonny, who had command of DA for much of the raid. Before that, she has said openly that she "only takes orders from Robo and Loco". As an outfit member, this is unacceptable. As a former outfit officer, this is absolutely intolerable. She has also been quoted by many people as saying she will "leave GOTR and take her guys with her". This kind of ultimatum is also unacceptable. She has apparently made this threat several times to different people over the past few months, and honestly, if she had ever said it while I was in channel, we would have had a long talk long before now. Disruption of internal harmony and causation of drama: We don't put this concept or the word "Drama" in the Pillars because we don't need to, though we will put it in if necessary. Causing a lot of drama isn't good for "business", so to speak. The amount of drama, though usually behind the scenes, that Castieal has caused this outfit over the past months is immense and not something we wish to have repeated in the future. It has caused some members to drastically cut back their play time with us, sometimes going inactive altogether. While she has positively affected GOTR in some ways, this is overshadowed by the drama and the complete disregard for our philosophy of mutual respect and way of working together. After transferring from PG (where she was a Captain) to DA, she was told, as are all officers that transfer, that she would not automatically be put in an officer position. Instead of accepting that and working to show that she could excel at officership in the new division, as others before her had to do, she believed the rules didn't apply to her and immediately put herself in a Captain position in DA, telling everyone that "Loco" or in some cases "Robo" had authorized this, when neither of us had. She jumped in front of other incredibly deserving and qualified Captains candidates and caused a rift within DA that hurt the division and the command staff. It is abundantly clear that this individual no longer has a place among us. This post, itself, will no doubt cause some ripples, but I think it's much better out in the open than it would be swept under a rug. Again, if you would like more information about this, feel free to come talk to me directly (me only, please). I'll be on TS most of the day today. I, more than any of you, am frustrated by this and I work very hard with people so that I don't have to remove people from GOTR and write this kind of post. It especially saddens me that I had to remove such a long-time member of our outfit, but it is my job to make sure that people, even my own friends, do not damage our play environment here in GOTR. Thank you for understanding. Other than that, it's business as usual. I'll see you at the raid. ---Robo
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    I not only killed him 5 times and got a domination, I did it within a matter of minutes and with the 1 class he finds completely offensive, the sniper class.PlanetSide2 2013-01-08 14-59-05-44.bmp
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    Hey Ghosts! Welcome to the latest iteration of gotr.us! We hope you'll like it here. There are a plethora of new features that we'll be showing off, but initially, I just wanted to drop a line to let you all know to expect a couple of bugs. The admin team has worked hard to iron out as many as we could, but if something's broke, just direct a PM to me or shinything and we'll get it looked at. The top menu will be changing sometime soon to recategorize a few things, but otherwise, WELCOME. ALL HAIL PICKLE CAT. ---Robo
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    Published my new video. Feel free to take a look, comments and feedback appreciated! Reddit Thread
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    Today, I had to put my dog down due to cancer. As I have done most of my life I resorted to gaming to allow me to slowly distract myself while collecting my thoughts at the same time. I went onto planetside to participate in TRN and i joined PG. I pulled a magrider and Ivandrov was the first to jump into my gunner seat. We pretty much went on to keep the magrider alive for a reasonably long amount of time, and every step of the way he guided me and made sure we weren't blown to pieces. (it happened eventually because of a suicide gal) He never got frustrated or upset with my stupid mistakes and in general, for some reason, made me feel a lot better. So thank you so much Ivandrov. And on that note its not just Ivandrov that helped me, its all of you. Every single member in GOTR right now, and i just wanted to take a moment to really thank you, all of you, and I really hope that some day, one of you may be in a bad situation in life, and GOTR can help you too.
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    I got a reddit message from Ascent/Recatek, our Force Commander from the ServerSmash match this past weekend. I thought I would share it with you guys because it meant a lot to me. As many of you know, regardless of GOTR's (mostly exemplary) past ServerSmash performances, we sometimes get short shrift among the command group and the leetfits. So it was nice to receive this. The video he's referencing is here (and below), it should start at the proper time (15m 45s), listen for about 60 seconds. (VOLUME WARNING - elated shouting) FedEx and other supporting squads got pinned by their Sunderer, in one of the garages. We made a last-minute drop on top of the point for the steal. Thanks for a great match guys! ---Robo
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    Greetings and Happy New Year 555th! [Please note, I have pinned Loco's post to the top of the forum should you still need to read it] Now that we've all had some time to read Loco's post. I'd like everyone to take a big breath, put down any "The End is Neigh" signs and grab a drink of your choice as you read. -"But BP, have you lost it? Our DC just posted his resignation, aren't you worried? What happens to us now?" And the answer to that ladies and gentlemen is (to steal a quote).... "Business as usual". -How, might you ask? Well that's simple, and yet, not so simple to answer at the same time. As with any GOTR officer, even though it is a position of Community Service, we all must prove ourselves capable before getting a promotion. Be it to Recruitment Officer, Tactical Officer or Division Commander. For some, being on the Command Staff is an honor, a thing of pride, a chance to inspire other hopefuls to lead. For others it might be a way to give back to GOTR and it's members, through community service as I mentioned. Still for others it might be taking new players under their wing and helping them get adjusted to the game and our operations. For me, I can sum it all up with one word... Family. GOTR has (for me), become quite a large family of friends, and for a select few, very close personal friends. These are people that have gone far, far above just being someone that I play a video game with a few days a week. These are people that I've met personally, people that have been there for me personally offline. People that I wouldn't hesitate to give the shirt off my back to should they need it. Or a phone call in the evening to try and help cheer them up if they are down. -"That's all fine and good BP, but what does this have to do with anything?" I'd be happy to tell you! You see, through these experiences we create bonds and the community as a whole gets closer together. However, we achieve this not just through our personal interactions with our casual banter on TS. It also happens when we strive to take our objectives during raid, working as a team. The yelling of jeers and congratulations after winning a hard alert or capturing/defending a stalemate target. As of late one thing that has really stood out to me with this division is the comradery of its members. Every Thursday we get on, all of you greet one another. You ask how everyone is doing, small-talk, life events etc. etc. You are all happy to see each other and look forward to the nights tasks. Everyone doing what they need to do to accomplish a common goal. Truth be told, there have been raids in which Loco and I have specifically asked for difficult targets for the 555th to engage. We have done this not out of wanting to make lives difficult, but because we have faith in you all. We've seen what happens when we all get our game-faces on, the 555th becomes a well-oiled machine. It's the actions of the Command Staff and it's Troopers that make things work in harmony. Have there been raids that we are getting absolutely DEVASTATED no matter where we go? Yes. But we have also had nights that we have just rolled-face on everything we threw ourselves at. There have been raids that we've spent leap-frogging, raids spent baby sitting practically empty grids, just to ensure a faction victory. Even though it may be boring, tedious, stressful or out-right rage-quit inducing. I've always seen YOU, the troopers, follow through to the best of your abilities, even if it meant taking it on the chin. And even with the transfer of leadership in the 555th, I don't see how it could be any different from everyone keeping things going as they always have been. That is why I said it's "business as usual", because you've got this Death Angels. Loco knows it, I know it and I think you know it too... I'll see everyone on the field. /Salute
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    Hi everyone, Last night I noticed that we had a public recruiting squad up that had the description: ( y ) I asked the leader of the squad about it, but he said he inherited it and didn't set the description himself. He changed it immediately. I've been the voice of women within GOTR for a while now, and I feel like I don't ask for much. Look folks, I get it. Boobs are fun. But they do not belong in a squad recruiting description at all, especially a public one. Last night I raised this issue at the Ghost Generals meeting, where we had about 15 of our leaders in attendance. They all backed me up in agreeing that this is inappropriate. In short: Please keep recruiting messages free of ASCII artwork of cleavage or other classless messages. This is not how GOTR should be representing itself to the world. If you inherit a squad, double-check the recruiting description is what you want. The game no longer resets squads to unlisted when squad lead changes (which is a good thing.)
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    Hold on a moment. The people WW was fighting most of the night were air specialists. They don't do the flexible thing. They fly - a lot. It's all they do. That's why they are so good at it. Why do you think that if everyone was a jack-of-all-trades, master of none, that we would do better against the masters of one? That is, in fact, why GOTR dominates the battlefield such a large percentage of the time. -Our infantry are better than the "flexible players" at being infantry. -Our armor is better than their "flexible players" that decided to pull tanks. -Our air is better than their "flexible players" that decided to pull air. -Our flexible players patch the holes and support our specialists, giving us an edge. It's a simple concept that has served us well. We modified our division structure heavily when PS2 hit to adapt - but our structure and tactics are good. Just because one division (or even all divisions) have a less-than-stellar night once in a while doesn't mean our structure is flawed. Now, if the issue is "our ground forces aren't responding to our calls for more ground-based AA when we need it" then that's a different matter entirely, and that's constructive, helpful feedback. I'll be happy to talk with anyone regarding this topic on Teamspeak, whenever you want.
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    I'll just leave this here:
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    Aren't you just, "oooo"? Born 2015-11-26 at 1320 Eastern. 7 pounds, 11 ounces. 20 inches long. At first I was all but then I was like .
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    Just wanted to share the new member (my first baby) of my family with GOTR: Adelie I love her so much! She's 4 months now and soooooooooo smart!
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to remind everyone of the PlanetSide specific pillars, and specifically two excerpts (note the bold and underlined sections): We've had a number of people (I'm not naming names) who have been violating either or both of these the past few weeks, and I'm getting upset about it - as are a few other officers. If you don't want to raid with us specifically on Thursday nights, and would rather play PS2 by yourself at the same time more GOTR are playing PS2 than at any other time, go find another outfit. GOTR is not here to carry lone wolves who think they are above raid night. The entire point of GOTR is friendship, camaraderie, and cooperation on the battlefield. Come make us stronger, not weaker. P.S. This doesn't apply to people who can't make raid night, i.e. have Pillar 0 issues making it or similar. This is specifically aimed at people who are online and who aren't playing with GOTR on VS and on TeamSpeak.
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    TL;DNR I made a mod for PlanetSide 2, you can download it and install on your PTS client, do not leak, do not even mention it outside the outfit. Recently, I made absolutely sure that the Test Server does not detect, nor ban for, client file modification. Since I've been doing these for years, it means I can create mods. And I made such a mod, called Nanites. It currently features bases such as the Sanctuary and Winterdome/Thunderdome, as well as some sillier things - you'll see ;] However, it is imperative that none of this goes public - devs may or may not get pissed if there's any sort of public drama. Thus, you are not allowed to mention anything outside this outfit. Please note that for this purpose I treat outfits as units - one person screws up, the whole outfit gets consequences. Two exceptions apply: 1. Screenshot/videos are allowed, but within reason. Avoid showing chat/voice comms that mention anything confidential, do not explain how it's done (in case of questions, you can reply "Nanites", the perfect answer - it's entirely true, while not explaining anything). 2. Scrims: officers/robo may organize scrims with certain other outfits. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1oUsw6v1lX1aGpLMHBJOC16bW8/view?usp=sharing , instructions are included, but basically put the .pack file from the "dark" folder to <your PTS directory>/Resources/Assets Make absolutely sure it's your PTS directory, not Live - using it on Live would not only permaban your account without a chance of removing the ban, it would also give me trouble. UPDATED VERSION, as of Feb. 2nd, 2016: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1oUsw6v1lX1Y29iN2t1eTIzSDg/view?usp=sharing Feel free to provide any feedback you have in this thread ;] For officers: There's a subreddit for Nanites, with more detailed rules, and an always up-to-date list of outfits allowed to play the mod. Within that subreddit, you can organize scrims with the other outfits, discuss feedbacks, suggest other trustworthy outfits to invite, and such. Currently only robo has access, and obviously he decides who gets access, so please ask him for details.
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    Greetings everyone, I'm the former leader of Xen of Onslaught (PS2 division). Many have asked the same question: Why has XoO decided to disband? This was a simple consensus among the members after I had decided to step down as leader. I know that in the coming months my "real life" situation will hinder me from leading effectively and I didn't want XoO to go through a downward spiral and be remembered as a lackluster outfit. I have always worked hard to keep XoO's name in the highest regard in the PS2 community so that we would stand out from the rest of the smaller outfits as an outfit of quality players who also exhibit good sportsmanship. With that being said, there are many things hindering that same direction in XoO with me stepping down. There was really no one else interested in taking up the role of leader, and it seemed best to our members who are still willing to play to join an established outfit that has the same goals and ideals that XoO had. That is why we are seeking GOTR - your outfit creed mirrors our own. I look forward to working with GOTR to ensure that the transition goes along smoothly. I'm hoping that this is a place we can begin to call home for our players who want to continue in Planetside 2.
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    I couldn't be more pleased with everyone's behavior and responses to orders, everyone did a great job communicating whether or not they could show up, and out reserves stuck it out all night until activation. That said, being in GOTR is about being humble in victory gracious in defeat, That said I didn't see anything but great sportsmanship the entire night. One-Third of the people that we fought against will be our allies, and potential future outfit-mates. Our reputation is more important than any individual. Regardless we really kicked ass, we held against insane 2:1 odds the entire night. Whose line broke? Dasanfall. Airman Corp, The leetfits. The "best". We held, we executed our opening perfectly, we won because we know how to work together. GOTR, GOKU, and TEST held the line because we don't try to set up the perfect farm, we don't leave when the situation isn't in our favor; They do. GOTR works together to get things done, this makes up a far more effective force. We will occasionally lose members to leetfits, who do have the best K/D players. That's fine. But when push comes to shove and you need something actually done you don't need a leetfit, you need a mega-outfit. An outfit that can take the many and turn it into greater than the sum of it's parts. An outfit that understands teamwork, not kills, makes the victory. You need the Ghosts.
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    Ghosts, With a heavy heart, I regret to inform you that PJC passed away sometime during the night this Tuesday. His step-son, known to us in-game as Flint, logged on Teamspeak last night and delivered the news. PJC joined Ghosts of the Revolution in the beginning of Planetside 1, sometime in 2003 or 2004. His dedication to the outfit was unparalleled, serving as the Division Commander of PEST and then as a Ghost General for much of his time with us. In our weekly officer meetings, though Real Life got in the way of him attending, he would always, without fail, log on shortly afterwards and request a summary of what we discussed. He loved the outfit and his unit, and in aggregate has probably attended more Thursday Night Raids over the past 10 years than anyone still playing with us. He liked to regale the Late Night Crew with stories, staying in squad until the very early morning on many occasions to play with us. He was a skilled player in every aspect of the game, and a friend to all in the outfit. PJC will be sorely missed by our community. If his family ok's it, we will be sending flowers for his memorial as well as his personal dog tag. He will be recorded in the Hall of Fame and given our highest honor, Ghost Eternal. Meatball and a few other of his closest friends in the outfit will be doing the write-up for the Hall of Fame which will be posted sometime in the coming days. The Thursday Night Raid this evening will be dedicated in his honor, and after the raid (sometime around 11pm EST) we will be holding a Late Night Crew op where you can share any stories or memories you have of PJC. Please feel free to reply to this thread with any condolences to the family, memories of PJC, and any screenshots of any of his characters in-game. ---robocpf1, Outfit Leader
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    I just wanted to take this moment and issue a sincere apology to GOTR and especially the 555th itself. Lots of things have changed over the last 1.5 years, I've changed, job situations, living situations, personal tastes etc. Ya'll know how it goes, life right? When I was promoted to Division Commander of the 555th I brought nearly 6 years of experience and an even-keeled personality. I came to PS2 (and back to GOTR) as just a foot soldier like most of you, a dedicated combat medic. Over the years I steadily worked my way up the chain of command under Loco Coyote and quickly became someone that was a "go to", someone that was dependable and always around for the community members and the division. So when I agreed to the promotion of DC to run this division, I knew what I was getting into. I knew we were short-staffed, burn-out was setting in for most of my senior officers and I still decided to shoulder the extra weight and push ahead just out of dedication. All of this changed last year when the game just stopped being fun for me after last spring. I can't complain with 3,442 hours invested into this title, but the direction (or lack thereof) by the "devs" is largely what turned my experience sour, especially after Smedly. Last September I got a new job, one that pays well, but unfortunately leaves you little time for anything else. I work 12hr shifts for P&G / DB Shenker as a reachtruck operator. Often pulling 36 hours in 3 days, so by the time I get home at 715pm I really don't have any energy to do anything but eat dinner and go straight to bed for the next shift. It was after this that I basically disappeared entirely from operations without much of a peep out of me. I don't know what was said in my absence, I'm sure most of you don't have any idea who I am because I'm never on TS anymore nor in-game. It was never my intention to just up and abandon you folks without a reason, because, yes, I'm still technically responsible for you all. I owe Robo and the command staff a huge thank you (and a hug) for stepping up and filling the gap after my departure. I have had the privilege of seeing the 555th in its glory days, fielding 100 people to ourselves and stomping everything that was thrown at us. The hilarious and memorable quotes from people that were blurted out during raids, the good times, and yeah, even the bad ones. Its been quite a blessing having made so many friends in this community, including those I've met in person and get to see yearly. A great many of you I love like my own family. I'm sorry, this really isn't way I saw things going, nor was it the way I wanted them to turn out, and it still bothers me quite a bit. I can't promise you much attendance in PS2 (at least for the immediate term), but I can promise you this however... If there is ever a Planetside 3, or this titles gets new life. I *will* be back for it. Even if I have to work my way back up the chain. Best wishes to everyone, happy hunting. /Salute -Beepy 555th Division Commander
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    Here's the 3 graphs I was able to toss together after 20 lines of Python and some Excel PivotTable magic. Remember this data only goes back to February 2017, and includes everyone on TS3, not just in the PS2 channels. First, the weekly peak simultaneous ghosts on TS3 (max seen at any given time over the course of the week): You can see that we went through a dip the past 2 months but numbers may be starting to recover. It's also sad that we haven't capped 75 users peak in the past 6 months. And the current week can be ignored since we haven't had Thursday Night Raid yet. Then, the peak simultaneous ghosts on TS3 for each day of the weak, aggregated together: Obviously Thursday wins, but Saturday and Sunday aren't far behind. Finally, the average simultaneous ghosts on TS3 for each day of the week: I was surprised that the average per day of the week is pretty constant and actually increases on the weekend over and above what we get on Thursday night! I did a final breakdown by hour of the day on Thursday and Saturday, since those are the two we care about the most: This shows that while Thursday has the peak of >50 people on, on average, for 3 hours (8-11PM ET), Saturday has ≥ 25 people on for 11 hours (3PM-2AM ET, or noon-11PM PT).
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    Robo, best wishes with your move! One part of all of this that no one has really spoken about yet is that GOTR has a pretty tremendous outfit leader in Robo. Having a quality outfit lead lends a lot of stability to an outfit, and at this point GOTR can rightly claim to be one of the all-time "best" and most active outfits in the history of the Planetside universe. So another way to think about this is to ask the question ... how badly does the membership wish to keep Robo in his current role? A move to Saturday may or may not increase participation, but a loss of Robo could easily (and would likely) contribute to a loss of participation. Personally, I would suggest a change to Saturday.
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    Greetings, Ghosts! The community has been abuzz with talk of the upcoming free-to-play EVE Online expansion. I want to take a moment and explain a few things, especially about GOTR's history with this particular game and what direction we'll be taking if there is continued interest in playing this game. As of this writing, we are strongly considering attempting a GOTR branch in EVE - but there are going to be some top-level decisions made, for the good of the group, that will seem a bit out-of-place with how we usually do things and I believe it's important for everyone to have some knowledge going into this. If you don't need the history lesson, you can skip the first section. History Back in 2007, GOTR's leadership team looked at Planetside 1 and made the determination that the game was likely dead. They made the bold decision to try to relocate the community to EVE Online, a popular space sim. Many GOTR members had been playing EVE and it looked like a great opportunity for a large, coordinated group like ours. However, there were significant problems that surfaced later that now cause many in the current leadership team to wince when someone says "EVE Online." Those of us that survived unabashedly refer to this period in GOTR's history as "The EVE Fiasco" and it's critical to understand why, if we are to play this again. My memory is somewhat spotty, so if you're in the old guard and you remember this differently, I apologize. Unlike Planetside, there is no one activity that binds all players of EVE together - it's very much an open-world sandbox that features a vast array of professions and playstyles. In Planetside, the PvP warfare for territory on Auraxis is all-encompassing - pilots, tankers, infantry, and special ops all work together For Land, For Power, Forever. EVE is different - groups pick their own goals. Some groups become industrial manufacturing conglomerates, or mining combines, or mercenary companies, or straight-up pirates. Some groups disappear into wormholes - resource-rich, separate areas of space that you can control by de facto military might, but that you can't actually capture. Some join the nullsec (read: outlaw space) player war for control dominance of actual star system territory. Others join faction warfare (kind of like WoW's Horde vs. Alliance concept) and fight other players that have declared loyalty to their own factions. There are smugglers, miners, traders, explorers, mission-runners, pirates, and any other possible profession you can imagine. If you can make it work and make it profitable, you can do it. Because of this array of options, GOTR members joining the game back in 2007, (predictably, in hindsight) scattered to many different professions and at least two different major community groups. The core "GOTR" group was PVP focused in outlaw space. Many of the newer players initially joined this group but quickly bailed when they realized how terribly outgunned and outmatched they were by the other players in that area of space. Another group of GOTR players decided to focus on industry, mining, and the like - they created BOOM, which was run by a large portion of the Wind Wraiths command staff in 2007. Without going too far into it, this group later split due to philosophical differences between several charismatic and outspoken personalities. GOTR in EVE became three separate groups: "GOTR", "BOOM", and "PMC" - nullsec operations, highsec industry, and lowsec pirates respectively. At this point, the GOTR community in EVE was hopelessly fractured beyond repair. There was no community to speak of, as everyone was scattered to the winds and none of the groups were actually active on GOTR's web site or Teamspeak server - the only real remaining GOTR community was in Planetside 1, and that is the community you are all a part of today. It is worth noting that some of the players we lost during the EVE migration did make it back - but many went to other organizations instead, or formed their own, undoing five years of community-building. Moving Forward Obviously, our community is considerably different than it was nine years ago. Back in 2007, GOTR was not a multi-gaming community but really only attached itself to one game. Since then, GOTR has run successful branches in Planetside 2, SWTOR, Tera, Skyforge, WildStar, Warframe, and a few other games, all while maintaining our core community. If EVE is to succeed as a GOTR branch, it will be just that - a branch, as opposed to the entire tree. Planetside 2 is a very important game to our community and it will remain untouched. I've played EVE and PS2 simultaneously for many years - nothing can touch PS2's shooter combat or enjoyment. However, not everyone enjoys Planetside 2 and in absence of Star Citizen, Crowfall, Revelation Online, or another "big" game to get people into and playing immediately, this seems like as good an option as any. EVE has a decade of history - it is not early access, or "beta" or "in development" like so many of the other games we try. We can play it starting in around three days, I believe (you can play right this second if you have a paid account). GOTR is an organization based on large-scale coordination and, mostly, PvP combat. Our forays into MMOs have traditionally had a strong PvP component, and while we have a solid base of PVE and logistics players, it's clear from our 13-year history in the Planetside franchise that many GOTR players really enjoy PVP. As such, our initial group focus in EVE will be on PVP combat. Players will be free to do, really, whatever they want - it is a sandbox game. However, GOTR's group focus will be on PvP - not industry, not missions, not exploration, not nullsec or wormholes, but Faction Warfare PVP. It's easy to get into and there will be plenty of people to shoot, and it is easy to organize compared to other professions. As a brand-new player, you will be encouraged to build out your ships in different ways and the veterans will guide you to certain skills and equipment that will be good for you. We aim to make this easy - new players should be able to log in, jump in a ship, and shoot stuff with us. That said, our PvP group will require support from a variety of other professions, and if you realize that you lean more toward the PVE and industry side of the game, there will be a place for you. PvP groups in EVE go through a lot of materiel very quickly - ammo, ship hulls, modules, and anything else we may need to fight other players. There is plenty of work to do on the Industry side, and I do not wish to discourage PvE members from playing with us. However, for the good of the group, GOTR's primary focus will be on PVP in the Faction Warfare areas. We're declaring for the Caldari State militia. Further Discussion Please drop by this thread for ongoing discussion about GOTR's foray into EVE Online. I will be slowly amassing an FAQ for prospective players to read. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you can either PM me directly or reply to that thread. There will also be an #EVE channel in SpookyChat. If you're bored with any particular game at the moment, or you've got a space-sim itch that needs scratching, or you're just down to play a "new" game with us, I encourage you all to try it out. Further, however, I encourage you to keep playing the other games you play with GOTR, such as Planetside 2, or Guild Wars 2, or WoW - EVE has the tendency to suck up a lot of time, but if you know that going in, maybe you'll be less likely to fall for its wiles. ---Robo
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    Basically, anything we do as a group. Just tons of fun. From honeypots to lancer nests.
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    Hey Ghosts, For whatever reason, the BR120 update has brought back a horde of players. I don't think I'll ever understand level grinding, but I'm not complaining. We have a lot of players coming back and staying active, as do other outfits, and this means we both have more to work with and more people to fight - and a lot of the people we're fighting are very, very good. We have been running solid ops every day, we have a rotating battery of training programs (including the new Leadership Roulette we launched yesterday) and our general activity is at a high level we haven't seen in months. All of these things aside, what else can your officers and I do to make your PS2 experience even better? Just reply below, or if you have more private feedback, just PM me. Thanks, and it's good to see so many of you back! TELL YOUR FRIENDS. ---Robo
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    Hey friend, You should look into Vengeance, that is exactly what we do! If you're interested in running with us some time, hop into the Vengeance channel around 7:45 on a raid night and we can get you setup. In case you're curious, a little video I put together of a few raids from last year:
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    The swag pile swells Happy new year!
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    Our status was officially changed from "Valid", which simply denotes that the submitted file's type is correct, to "Complete", which signifies that the logo has been approved for in-game use (by a human)! SOON™
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    My weapon of choice are Khaot's jokes. They're kind of like SCUD Missiles: Inaccurate as hell, but when they do hit, they do massive amounts of damage.
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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I wanted to thank you all for being such a great group of people. I've been having a blast and it's almost completely because of y'all. Some things that really make it worth it: Robo's leading and tactical abilities. MisterFrost's "sit your ass down!" every few minutes (I was finally able to get that one). Friday night drunk ops. All the rest of you working as a cohesive unit and having fun while you do it. This outfit is a lot of fun and hopefully I can reflect that upon new people I meet. I wanted to get a good grasp of some of the strategy and maps, and soon I think I'll start trying to lead some squads on my own. If I'm halfway decent, I'll try to recruit people that can add to the general comradery and good naturedness that our outfit represents. So, thanks again! SoulessGinger (Jared) P.S. I'm still thinking of a way to incorporate "a fistful of gypsies" into a decal/emblem for submission to the players studio
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    So I just downloaded everything off the subscribers section. lol Here's a dropbox folder with everything inside. Its mostly just concept art, most of which we've seen already. But there is the Jump Point magazine thingy in there, all 10 issues. Ahoy matey! I'll try and add stuff if I can. Every few months I'll drop another $20 and keep this up to date. On a side note. Happy 600th post to me!
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    Instead of making several different posts, I figured I could say what I need to say in one. We'll give that a shot. First thing first - if you don't know what "stat padding" is, it's artificially inflating your stats. Imagine if you were to log in with another character and kill them repeatedly, over and over again, with the same weapon in order to increase your accuracy, or your K/D, or get a medal or directive award. This is bad - and though most of us would probably think "meh, what does it hurt?" the problem is that SOE has said, explicitly, that this is bad. So don't do it kids. This is also specifically against our own Pillar 3. Remember that you can't hide this stuff - anyone can take a look at your killboard. "Oh, you have 200 kills on the same guy with the same weapon over the course of an hour? THAT'S NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL". Even if nobody in the outfit catches you, someone on Reddit probably will, so consider this your warning. Don't do this sh** please. Second - For all new members, and even for all old members, I encourage you guys to do what you can to attend our Thursday Night Raid. It's a huge event for GOTR and we've done it every week, holidays excepted, for the past eleven years. But we need people to make the TNR work! On Thursday nights, from at least 7:30pm to 10:30pm Eastern, we need everyone we can possibly get. Lately, attendance has fallen off, even while attendance for our other events has been pretty consistent. We do our best to make sure the TNR is really fun and a rewarding, awesome experience for everyone. If you know of a reason why people are not attending, please let me know. Some of this is no doubt due to the performance problems in the game. I hope that as stability continues to improve, more people will start showing up to the TNR again. We do it every week, it never gets cancelled unless it coincides with a major holiday, and even then there is usually a special op or something. Come out and join the fun! GRAPH: Ignore the last plummet in stats, that isn't a Thursday. Third - We are planning a State of the Revolution meeting for Sunday, November 23rd, at 6:00pm Eastern Time. I will make a more detailed post about this later and send out a mass mail, but if you could go ahead and mark your calendars for this, it would be greatly appreciated. There will be discussion about a lot of important things - Star Citizen, Eternal Crusade, obviously some Planetside 2, and more games that have come to our attention that we might start playing. Also, merchandise like shirts, dice, mugs, etc. We don't like to say anything is really "mandatory" in GOTR, but it would really help out if as many people come to this as possible. That's all for now. Feel free to discuss in this thread, or send me a PM if necessary. Thanks! ---Robo
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    ... is having liberators from other outfits and even greenies visiting, getting ammo and repairs, and then commenting on prox chat various sentiments along the line of: "I don't know who you guys are but we love you." I think I'm going to need to figure out an unused key on my keyboard so I can bind prox chat and reply the next time. That, or put together a local chat macro or something. I meant to post this yesterday after I stepped out of the raid (sorry again guys for not sticking around the whole time), but I got distracted by life.
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    Remember. You are safe in the tank
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    As many of you know Planetside 1 is shutting down effective July 1st; It will be the end of an era that has been in our outfit for along time. GotR has many deep-seated roots and memories in the game; From last-second re-secures to base captures thought to have been impossible we have fought in the dirt and grit of the Auraxian battlefront time and time again. We've seen it all - Leadership changes, death in the outfit, outfit merges and splits, inter-outfit competition/camaraderie and even the occasional disciplinary action. And we survived it all. Today GotR fights in more than just the Auraxian theater: TERA, Black Desert Online and Star Citizen are undoubtedly only going to be the tip of the iceberg. So as this era of GotR comes to a close I'd like to say it was an honor to fight alongside and serve with you guys on the battlefields of Planetside 1; I look forward to joining you in Planetside 2 and other games as they come and go. And remember, Technology Equals Might! - MechWarrior001, 555th Death Angels
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    Decided to make an audio intro for one of the Planetside maps and decided to do Hossin since it seemed like everyone hated that map. https://clyp.it/y20vm1so Figured I'd share with you all.
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    SOE/DBG has never made a balance change based purely on community outcry. It may have them investigate the issue, but they have always stuck to their internal metrics before making changes. Higby caught a lot of flak on a number of issues because he would flat out say, 'the metrics say otherwise, your real issue is this and this, ect'. So I wouldn't worry about it, as it's not a fear that has any real history. As for the actual adjustment themselves when SOE/DBG feels they are actually warranted, a lot of players will cry foul citing whatever issue the outrage of the week was at the time and say they went too far/extreme/overnerf bla bla bla (as you will see even in this community as this thread goes on). However it's part of their balance process to swing the pendulum as far as it will go to find the boundaries of the issue, then eventually settle on a good middle ground. It's during the extreme boundary swings that we see the most player discontent, but over time the swings become more subtle and as players silently become more content they begin searching for the next outrage of the week.
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    progress so far, now in planetside viewer: now with glowing eyes aiming this to be Helmet number 7 for the market.
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    Just some footage from tonight's Raid. More on the way soon.
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    So.. I sent in a report today on Xlander. Man he is encoraging us to report bugs and stuff, the NERVE! Oh and he complains to much to, maybe they will shut him up !
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    Do you enjoy fighting against overwhelming odds while laughing at your teammate's misfortune? Do you get a kick out of pulling a MAX just so you can use it for 38 seconds? If you do, PEST (Phantom Elite Strike Team) is the place for you. All you need to do is notify your unit leadership and start joining PEST for Unit Raids on Wednesdays and Outfit Raids on Thursdays. Please see https://gotr.us/topic/7851-pest-megathread-1614/ for more details on what's expected of you and what you should expect from being in the unit. A few clarifications... Don't let the 'Elite' in the name fool you. We're no more or less elite than any other unit in the outfit. We just have a different focus, and we have smaller, more intense team play. If your KDR is .001 like mine, no worries. If you can be at the right place, at the right time, with the right kit, can take a joke (and dish it out too), and don't mind abandoning that nice new vehicle/max you JUST pulled because we have to go re-secure a territory for the overall benefit of the outfit and faction... then you are 'elite' enough for us. Our current focus for the outfit is primarily re-secures and opening a second front. The 'tryout' is as much for you as it is for us. It isn't about skill (obviously, as I pointed out above) but more about whether you actually do hit your redeploy button even though that dumb TR/NC infiltrator is just begging you to go find them and kill them... or whether when the directive of "stay on the second floor" is given, that you actually do stay on the second floor. Also, maybe you find you don't like getting orders to go here, and then there, and then another continent before you can even get to the first location. Perhaps you don't like it when any phrase or action can, and will be, turned into phallic humor. It isn't for everyone. If you have any questions, please feel free to send a /tell or message to Meatball1, nullfunction, or I.
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    FEAR will handle this internally. We don't expect DA or DL to pull AA regularly. When air is a serious problem for WW, we turn first to PG. Next call would be SPECTRE. Locking this thread as it's flamebait and not constructive.
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    An updated understanding of the ammunition mechanics has prompted a rewrite of this informative post. Unfortunately there are things we simply still do not know. We don’t know how much faster HV or how much slower SP is. We don’t know exactly how much extra recoil HV ammo applies. We don’t even know if these values are unique per weapon or universal. These properties are very hard to measure, and since our only access to them is via testing, it may take a long time for accepted estimates or informative SOE Posts to enter the meta-doctrine. My goal is to provide the absolute best data that I can. Glossery: NW5; Nanoweave 5, an extra 125 health rtk; rounds to kill Normal; No Ammunition Modification HV; High Velocity Ammunition SP; Soft Point Ammunition Bv; Bullet Velocity in m/s Bd; Bullet Drop in m/s2 SAGC; Small Arms Gravitational Consistency of 11.5ms2 Important Links: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AuOojvNLMApVdEtIU1NKenEzNzZOSWNaanFqSUVxLWc&type=view&gid=12&f=true&sortcolid=-1&sortasc=true&rowsperpage=250 PS2’s What's Important to Know Ballistics Summary: Each value is it’s own, and does not directly affect the value of any other. Velocity, Damage, Min and Max ranges, Bullet Drop etc.. do not change when another value changes, for each weapon they are constants. Changing Velocity does not affect Damage or Range or even Bullet Drop. As an example, while increasing Bv appears to make Bd less at a given range, it doesn't change Bd. Bd is measured in meters / seconds * seconds, what Bv does change is how much time the bullet was in flight. Given the same time of flight, instead of range, then Bd is always the same. The only other important note is what I’m coining as the SAGC of 11.5ms2 in essence it is the Araxus’ equivalent of Earth’s gravity (9.8m/s2). The difference is that it is only consistent among small arms, Carbines, ARs, LMGs etc... So it gets the name “Small Arms Gravitational Consistency.” For most small arms the SAGC is the Bd of the weapon. (Not Important) Questions still linger about the ballistic trajectory model of the game, whether it exists as a “simple” model or a more complex and accurate version has yet to be seen. Ammunition Summaries: High Velocity Ammunition (HV); HV increases bullet velocity by a yet unknown amount. HV increases recoil by a measured 6-12%. Finally HV extends the maximum range before minimum damage is reached by 10 meters. Soft Point Ammunition (SP); SP decreases bullet velocity by an unknown amount. SP extends the range that the projectile does maximum damage by 5 meters. Damage Break Table. I’m using the “Flare” as an example weapon, Patterns of distance remain the same, while actual values may differ between weapons. [table]Normal: 0 - 10m, 6 rtk 11 - 76m, 7 rtk 77 - 140+, 8 rtk nil, 9 rtk NW5 Normal:nil, 6 rtk 0 - 27m, 7 rtk 28 - 82m, 8 rtk 83 - 140+, 9 rtk HV:0 - 10m, 6 rtk 11 - 81m, 7 rtk 82 - 140+, 8 rtk nil, 9 rtk NW5 HV:nil, 6 rtk 0 - 28m, 7 rtk 29 - 88m, 8 rtk 89 - 140+, 9 rtk SP:0 - 15m, 6 rtk 16 - 78m, 7 rtk 79 - 140+, 8 rtk nil, 9 rtkNW5 SP:nil, 6 rtk 0 - 31m, 7 rtk 32 - 84m, 8 rtk 85 -140+, 9 rtk[/table] Flare Damage Graph: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlM4cEkIsvICdGdyREZ3NXN2ZzNVRWdUT3pGZ01KakE#gid=2 What really becomes important isn't the 3 extra meters of range for a 7 shot rtk. Now more than ever ammunition is a decision about Bv, and whether that trade in an unknown amount (To field a guess +50 / -50 Bv) for damage. With SP you'll be paying the price in Bv for the best field of rtk. (+5m to 7, +2m to 8). With HV your buying extra Bv and +5m to 8 rtk for the price of recoil. Bv decreases entropy. It brings more control of the situation into your hands. With long travel times, no matter your perfection in aim a target may induce entropy enough to cause a miss. Whether that is ducking, or stopping, or turning around. Once the bullet is let go, the situation is out of your hands, and the less time that your are out of control the better. Finding out how much control we need, what price can we afford to pay to gain more, and what benefits can we reap by letting that control go are the important questions when selecting ammunition.
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