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    (I say plains several times during this, but unless it is accompanied by 'Eidolon' I'm probably talking about the parts that are flat with slight hills, maybe a couple boulders. Despite being relatively small for open-world, it does have several different 'biomes' where different resources can be found) So warframe came out with the plains of eidolon, a semi-open world aspect. basically it is a huge map that you can explore freely. There are new quests and mobs to face off against, including bosses that (to my knowledge) have yet to be beaten. They also added in a new faction of plains-folk, called the Ostron, who live in a town called Centus. Centus works similarly to a relay, except it has a gateway to the plains themselves. You are able to purchase faction goods from various salesmen (and women) as well as equip yourself without having to return to your ship. you cannot use the foundry or the mod modder (idk the name, but the place where you infuse mods) but yoafu can still equip and upgrade your weapons and warframes. They also added in a couple non-fighting activities: fishing and mining. Fishing works as regular spear-fishing, with the spear bought with 500 standing from the fishmonger (a lady surrounded by meat). Basically: you throw the spear to impale fish and reel them in automatically, misses also reel in automatically. Fish can be traded for standing or cut up into parts. One part is very good: Fish oil. With just 50 fishing oil (a little bit of luck and 10 minutes at a pond should be more than enough) you can make the archwing launcher charges (x50)(there is a clan-side blueprint that is requried as well, though it has been researched, it requires mastery level 5 to buy/make. When you have both parts made you can deploy your archwing inside the plains of eidolon (I have yet to use it but will soon). The spear can also be used to glide by holding the aim button. Usually this just gives a better view for fishing, but if you hold right click while dashing through the air, it makes you glide a long way. When coupled with the geysers that are scattered around the map (they launch anything that steps on them, including enemies, high into the air) you can get a nice view, lots of air time, and a decent distance to travel. very good for escaping or finding out where to go next. The cutter is used for mining. It can also be bought for 500 standing from the miner (a guy in a stall surrounded by various ores, near the fishmonger) and is used to extract ores and gems from the rocks. It has a beeping noise that works like a metal detector, more beeps of higher pitches means closer ore. The blue ores give you gems and the red ones give you metals. Gems can be traded in for influence (I have yet to find any other use for them), but metals can be cast into ingots for crafting. There are also various animals, bunny-like things called kuakas and hawks called cadrocs. Neither one is aggressive, even when attacked, but they give resources when killed. I haven't gotten a chance to craft with them, but I believe they are for a special weapon that can be made and customized at one of the other stalls in Centus. NIGHT TIME IS SCARY (unless you play intelligently). While in the daytime you have grineer raids and incursions as well as patrols, they are fairly standard. But at night time, things get a little weird. A siren begins the night as the Grineer call all their forces back to their bases, and the water starts glowing. If you step in the water at night it will shock you (I am 90% sure it doesn't actually do damage, but it does apply the magnetic effect and mess up your screen). There are also tiny floating things called eidolon vomvalysts that roam around. They can be dangerous, especially to new players and are rather tricky to kill. While I have yet to complete 'The War Within' Here come the huge bosses: Eidolon Teralysts, whose stomping can be heard over mountains and be confused for barrages, and whose massive frames are hard to miss from even far away. STEER CLEAR IF YOU WISH TO NOT DIE. This being said, it is not that hard to survive and gather resources provided you stay on the move. I would say it is even easier to spot some resources such as iridite because it glows red. All enemies are easy to outrun on these plains, provided you don't suck at parkour. The ongoing conflict between the eidolons and the Grineer helps alot too. If you need to get something from an encampment, wait a little bit for the eidolons to show up and then play clean up crew. The Grineer also have some fun toys in the plains. They have their usual ramparts, but most bases are equipped with automatic turrets as well. There are machine gun turrets, which take a bit to warm up, but can sustain a withering barrage of fire. As well as mortar turrets, that launch barrages against pesky tenno. They don't do much damage, but they can stagger, throw, and blind you with explosions (the blind is not a status effect, but rather the effect of having bright lights in your face). They have ships that constantly warp in reinforcements during the daytime. At night they bring out floating bots (similar to the frontier broadcasters) called Eidolon lures. They are pretty self explanatory in their function: they bring in the little guys and farm them with a little help from the Grineer: However, there is a little more to them than that: they can be killed and then hacked, this will allow you to toggle if it follows you or not (so you can take it with you to a better area, or have multiple with the help of some friends, though I have yet to see if they stack). RESOURCE LOCATIONS I haven't explored all of the map, and there might be some more comprehensive guides out there already, but I'll give what knowledge I have. ORE-If you leave the gateway and head tend right, you will quickly get to a stone gully, this is usually a good place to find plenty of minerals and gems as it has a cave and lots of surface area. There are also a couple of boulders right out in front of the gate that hold a few. Iridite- the iridite deposits are found practically everywhere, though they tend to be a little easier to spot in the plains, where the large flat areas gives plenty of room to spawn. Maprico- This is a fruit tree.bush that grows everywhere, they aren't particularly uncommon or common, but I tend to find them more along ridges. Nistlebrush- If you are heading towards the gully there should be a grass and shrub covered mountain range to the left of it, I have had better luck and higher densities of the nistle brush here than anywhere else. Grokdrul- This yellow goop is used in crafting and standing, it is found as quest rewards and in barrels in grineer camps. The barrels look somewhat (but only barely) like the breakable orokin storage containers. THE GREAT EIDOLON HUNT This is a limited time event sponsored by twitch. Basically, you get free stuff for watching streamers who are streaming warframe. After 1 consecutive hour, you get a free, limited totem, and then you get other free rewards afterwards. The free stuff isn't all that great and is mostly cosmetic, but hey: Free is Free, and at some point, if we all do it, we can hold a new year's celebration in the clan dojo with all the fireworks. That being said, you can get some blueprints, I got a latron one myself. Well, there is what knowledge I have of the plains thus far, as well as my first attempt at a bit of a guide. Hope yall find this interesting, I'll try to update it with more information, though not about the quests because I don't wish to spoil. Perhaps yall knew this already, perhaps yall did not, either way, good luck, have fun. HAPPY HUNTING SHOUT OUT TO @DRTAC7 FOR BEING A BUDDY AND SHARING WHAT HE KNEW. WE PLAYED FOR A COUPLE HOURS FIGURING OUT SOME OF THIS STUFF. TL:DR This new update is really amazing, you should check it out for yourself, whether you have Warframe or not (it is a free game, the worst that happens is you don't like it and you uninstall).
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    Get your Warframe ready because plains is probably coming this Friday. https://www.warframe.com/?category=pc
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    Is this guild still active??? I would love to join. I sent you mail ign: MVBennett.6875