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    Hey Guys! Just going to announce starting this Wednesday from 3 pm - 5 pm Alaska time (which should be 7 pm - 9 pm eastern time) I will be reviving Flight Training and hosting it on a weekly basis. Of course pilots of all skill levels are welcome since it's gonna be about giving said pilots that are new to flying an esf a chance to learn all they can, or allowing more experienced pilots time to practice their combat skills and improve upon them. Also I'll look into asking some of my [WHO] outfit comrades to come show you guys the ropes, seriously they're some of the best pilots on the server. I will announce the start of this event (or tell you guys if I have to cancel Flight Training) in Spookychat to give people a good heads up. Hope to see new and familiar faces this Wednesday!
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    Hey guys, just as a quick update I'm gonna switch the time schedule of flight training to 4 pm - 6 pm Alaska time (8 pm - 10 pm eastern time) so that the event begins when people start getting on.
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