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    Greetings and Happy New Year 555th! [Please note, I have pinned Loco's post to the top of the forum should you still need to read it] Now that we've all had some time to read Loco's post. I'd like everyone to take a big breath, put down any "The End is Neigh" signs and grab a drink of your choice as you read. -"But BP, have you lost it? Our DC just posted his resignation, aren't you worried? What happens to us now?" And the answer to that ladies and gentlemen is (to steal a quote).... "Business as usual". -How, might you ask? Well that's simple, and yet, not so simple to answer at the same time. As with any GOTR officer, even though it is a position of Community Service, we all must prove ourselves capable before getting a promotion. Be it to Recruitment Officer, Tactical Officer or Division Commander. For some, being on the Command Staff is an honor, a thing of pride, a chance to inspire other hopefuls to lead. For others it might be a way to give back to GOTR and it's members, through community service as I mentioned. Still for others it might be taking new players under their wing and helping them get adjusted to the game and our operations. For me, I can sum it all up with one word... Family. GOTR has (for me), become quite a large family of friends, and for a select few, very close personal friends. These are people that have gone far, far above just being someone that I play a video game with a few days a week. These are people that I've met personally, people that have been there for me personally offline. People that I wouldn't hesitate to give the shirt off my back to should they need it. Or a phone call in the evening to try and help cheer them up if they are down. -"That's all fine and good BP, but what does this have to do with anything?" I'd be happy to tell you! You see, through these experiences we create bonds and the community as a whole gets closer together. However, we achieve this not just through our personal interactions with our casual banter on TS. It also happens when we strive to take our objectives during raid, working as a team. The yelling of jeers and congratulations after winning a hard alert or capturing/defending a stalemate target. As of late one thing that has really stood out to me with this division is the comradery of its members. Every Thursday we get on, all of you greet one another. You ask how everyone is doing, small-talk, life events etc. etc. You are all happy to see each other and look forward to the nights tasks. Everyone doing what they need to do to accomplish a common goal. Truth be told, there have been raids in which Loco and I have specifically asked for difficult targets for the 555th to engage. We have done this not out of wanting to make lives difficult, but because we have faith in you all. We've seen what happens when we all get our game-faces on, the 555th becomes a well-oiled machine. It's the actions of the Command Staff and it's Troopers that make things work in harmony. Have there been raids that we are getting absolutely DEVASTATED no matter where we go? Yes. But we have also had nights that we have just rolled-face on everything we threw ourselves at. There have been raids that we've spent leap-frogging, raids spent baby sitting practically empty grids, just to ensure a faction victory. Even though it may be boring, tedious, stressful or out-right rage-quit inducing. I've always seen YOU, the troopers, follow through to the best of your abilities, even if it meant taking it on the chin. And even with the transfer of leadership in the 555th, I don't see how it could be any different from everyone keeping things going as they always have been. That is why I said it's "business as usual", because you've got this Death Angels. Loco knows it, I know it and I think you know it too... I'll see everyone on the field. /Salute
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    this is the other helmet that was green lit to hit the market soon but for the Terran Republic: Bladewalker, mix Scout/Pilot helmet:
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    Six months, really?
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    Quick Story: Vanu HQ was like: "Yo we need super soldiers, reinstate the Zealot overdrive Program" Scientists were like: "nuh uh...nerf bat too strong it wont work" papa Vanu was like: "yo bishes, scale it down to infantry form, put cocaine in the back of head, profit!" Scientists then were like: "oh....we can make that work" Thus Draconis Overdrive is born. Scaled down experiment of the Zealot Overdrive with safety functions to prevent overheating and other damage to soldier vitals when used in long periods of time. thanks everyone for the feedback.
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    Not right now. It's the wild west at the moment. It will be patched in 2.1 which is due before the end of the year. And since there is no economy right now it's not a really big deal, you just respawn another ship at no cost to you as if nothing happened. So really its just a minor inconvenience.
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    Stowed away on a Retaliator at Port Olisar. After the ship was underway I went to the cockpit and shot the pilot and flew around with his ride for a bit. This game has potential.
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    i played with master and we stole an andromeda and tore stuff up
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    Ghosts, Starting with the raid of October 22 I will be unable to attend raid or participate in GOTR activities for 7 weeks. I will be traveling in Japan. Tokyo, Nagasaki and Okinawa are the general areas I will be in. If any members happen to live in those areas and would like to meet a teammate, drop me a PM. I will be able to resume raid attendance starting December 10, 2015. Thank you for your time!
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