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    • robocpf1

      GOTR Meetup 2016 - Final Details   04/14/16

      Friday, July 22nd to Monday, July 25th - Sandusky, Ohio. More details in this thread: https://gotr.us/forums/topic/12213-gotr-meetup-2016-july-22nd-to-25th-sandusky-ohio/  
    • Nihil

      PS Construction System is Live, Indar Revised   04/27/16

      PlanetMans, Time to patch your client, the construction system is LIVE! This major update include the construction system, the ANT, a very revised Indar, some base changes and some other quality of life updates.  Read the patch notes.  Learn the construction system.  Even if you don't plan to be involved in resource gathering or building, you might be involved in destroying enemy constructs. Tell your friend who have dropped out of the game that now is the time to return to Auraxis!
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