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Report a Pillars violation

Everything filed here will be visible by the Eidolon Council at GOTR, and our Admins. If you give permission, it may be shared with others.

If you would like to be contacted about the concern you are raising, please include your handle/nickname or email address. This is entirely optional.

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    Please tell us about the Pillars Violation.

    Include any additional information you like, including screenshots, (legal) audio recordings, etc.

    Any information you submit will be considered confidential.

  • Do you consent to share this information with others outside of the Council and Admins? This is entirely optional.

  • If you would like to be contacted back about this report, please provide us a way to reach you. This could be:

    • an email address
    • your gotr.us login name
    • your video game handle/nickname (please specify which game)
    • a Discord or TeamSpeak handle (e.g. iloveps2#1234)
    • a phone number

    You can also leave this blank if you don't wish to be contacted.

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