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    Moderator SOP

    Definition Community Moderators are the people we turn to to arbitrate arguments and to moderate content in the community. Problems with content on the Discord, Forums, and TeamSpeak can be brought up with a Community Moderator to settle the issue. When an argument or dispute occurs involving GOTR members, please report it immediately to a moderator, by either poking them on TeamSpeak or via a direct message (DM) on Discord. Our Procedure When a problem occurs or is reported, Moderators will take the following steps to mediate the issue: 1. Moderators will revie
  6. DRTAC7

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    • Anam

    Hey friend. We miss you over on the Discord and the Teamspeak. :)You still play Planetside?

    1. Anam


      Coming back....!

  7. Beepy

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    • EmyLightsaber

    EMY!!! ❤️

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    2. Beepy


      Hai Emy! 😬


  8. Beepy

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    • Koopak

    Koop notice me! 😈

  9. Beepy


    Back in the saddle again. CONGRATS Mister Snazzy on your promotion to 555th CO!! And I'm back on Command Staff as the 555th's XO.

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