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Planetside 2 Leadership Team

  • List of the PlanetSide 2 Leadership Team

    CO: Commanding Officer, the leader of a unit

    XO: Executive Officer, the second-in-command of a unit

    SL: Squad Leader

    Sgt: Sergeant, in charge of on-the-ground tactical calls such as breaches and WUTU

robocpf1 Outfit Leader
PorkPuller Outfit XO, Vehicle Commander
MisterSnazzy "555th Death Angels" Infantry CO
RedKnights "555th Death Angels" Infantry XO
CasualNoob "555th Death Angels" Infantry Training Officer
Alonick "555th Death Angels" Infantry Sgt
Champagon "Phantom Guard" Armor CO
Eska / R3vs "Phantom Guard" Armor XO
Sarmanikan "Phantom Guard" Armor SL
Feledryn "Wind Wraiths" Air CO
Biscuit3 "Wind Wraiths" Air SL
Tortelett "Wind Wraiths" Air SL
DaDubman "Vengeance" Drop Team CO
GZekko "Vengeance" Drop Team XO
Thecat8413 "CASPER" Flex Team CO

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Thank you for posting the update! This would be a great addendum to the GOTR Community Staff article too: 


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