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Moderator SOP

  • This article explains what moderators are and what they do.


Community Moderators are the people we turn to to arbitrate arguments and to moderate content in the community. Problems with content on the Discord, Forums, and TeamSpeak can be brought up with a Community Moderator to settle the issue.

When an argument or dispute occurs involving GOTR members, please report it immediately to a moderator, by either poking them on TeamSpeak or via a direct message (DM) on Discord.

Alternatively, you may also report an issue using !report <your message to the mods goes here>
Type it into any channel here on Discord to send a report to the moderation staff.
@Papa Vanu will DM you with a ticket number.


Our Procedure

When a problem occurs or is reported, Moderators will take the following steps to mediate the issue:

1. Moderators will review the dispute or content and make a decision as to whether there is a violation of the pillars.

2. Moderators will remove the content or step in and stop the argument.

3. Involved parties will be privately notified of the decision via a direct message (DM).

4. Moderators will screenshot the offending comment and document it internally, for record keeping purposes. (Pertains primarily to Discord)


Moderator Abilities

  • Moderators may delete Discord posts

  • Moderators may temporarily mute you on Discord for up to 24 hours. This means you cannot post in Discord for that duration.

  • Moderators may temporarily kick users from Discord

  • Moderators may temporarily move member(s) from any channel to another channel in order to chat with a member. This is usually done to calm down a member who is raging too hard at a game, is unreasonably argumentative, or otherwise venting too much, and disrupting the gaming experience for others in the channel.

  • Moderators may temporarily kick users from TeamSpeak

  • Moderators may temporarily ban users from TeamSpeak

    A kick is where your connection is reset, but you can immediately join again.
    A ban actually prevents you from rejoining the Discord or TS, for a certain duration.

    (While you can join again immediately upon being kicked, chances are the person who kicked you, did so in order to demonstrate you were not acting properly. Wait a bit and cool off before logging back into TS or Discord.)

Whenever a moderator performs one of the above actions, they must document it in an internal Discord channel visible to other moderators and EC members. A record will also be made in a private section of the GOTR website.


The expectation on members

  • Members must comply with a Moderator's directives, at the time of the incident. (such as ceasing the argument, or moving to a DM.)
  • You may ask to contest the Moderator's decision by requesting a meeting. Meetings of this nature are handled by the Eidolon Council (EC).
  • Members may schedule a meeting with the mod team for any reason.
  • These meetings take place in a private channel on the TeamSpeak server, and the contents of those meetings are restricted to only those involved.


Three Strikes System

Any member may be given a strike, when they commit an action that violates one of the Pillars, or repeatedly exhibit inappropriate behaviour that disrupts the internal harmony of GOTR. Committing a violation will not always result in a strike. That is a final decision made at a meeting.

  • Strike 1 – The Eidolon Council provides strikes for gameplay violations.

(ex: exploit, hacking, excessive team killing, stealing or misusing group resources, repeated insubordination)

The Moderators provide strikes for negative behaviour on the Discord, TS, and the website.
(ex: persistent negativity, angry/argumentative outbursts, verbally assaulting another member, racist/xenophobic comments or jokes, Pillar violations)

You will be notified of a strike in a personal meeting with either the EC or the Mods, depending on
the nature of the violation.

  • Strike 2 – Another infraction occurred that warrants a meeting and/or a strike. This is your final warning.

    This is a joint meeting involving a member or members from both the Mods and the EC. Here we will notify you of what you did wrong, ask you if you understand, and seriously stress that another infraction will likely result in removal from GOTR.
  • Strike 3Final action resulting in removal from GOTR.

Note: In extreme or extenuating circumstances, the EC can remove a member immediately, if they feel such action is warranted.

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