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Moderator SOP

  • This article explains who the moderators are and what they do.

Community Moderators moderate content in the Discord and step in to cease arguments.
If you have an issue with a post on Discord, please report it immediately to a moderator via a direct message (DM) on Discord.

Our Procedure
When a problem occurs or is reported, Moderators will take the following steps:

  • Moderator(s) will review the content and make a decision as to whether there is a violation of the pillars.
  • Moderator(s) will remove the content or step in and stop the argument.
    • Members must comply with a Moderator's directives, at the time of the incident.
  • Those involved will be privately notified of the decision via a direct message (DM).
  • Moderators will screenshot the offending comment and document it internally, for record keeping purposes. (Pertains primarily to Discord)

Note: It is not the responsibility of the EC nor the Moderators to act as mediator or arbitrator when a member has a grievance or dispute with another member or leader.
You are expected to have the maturity to settle interpersonal disputes yourself.

Moderator Abilities

  • Moderators may delete Discord posts
  • Moderators may temporarily mute you on Discord for up to 24 hours. This means you cannot post in Discord for that duration.
  • Moderators may temporarily kick users from Discord
  • Moderators may temporarily move member(s) from any channel to another channel.
  • Moderators may temporarily kick users from TeamSpeak
  • Moderators may temporarily ban users from TeamSpeak

Whenever a moderator performs one of the above actions, they must document it in an internal Discord channel visible to other moderators and EC members. A record will also be made in a private section of the GOTR website.

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