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Whether it be busting into bases as the boots on the ground, slamming into armour columns and trampling them asunder, or raining death from above. How will you defend Vanu?
Our code of conduct is called The Pillars, and has kept us alive for more than 10 years.
We play WildStar, PlanetSide 2, WH40K, Star Citizen and many other games!
We maintain our own voice communications so you don't have to - giving you the edge you need on the battlefield.
Like Minecraft? Join our secure Minecraft server. Take a break from the destruction and build something with us!
Yup, it's pronounced "goat-er." Join up today!


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      28 Aug

    Nothing say "FU" to your employee than telling him on his 3 day weekend that he gets to get up at 430am and come into work for 6am for 2 bullshit hours after driving 1.5 each way.

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      26 Aug

    Kicking my gaming groups butt in Descent: journeys in the dark 2nd edition as the overlord

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