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Found 11 results

  1. To preface, I am a new member (a few weeks in might not be considered strictly new but I'm still working out everything) so I don't know if this has been tried before or if there is a better alternative or if this would work; However, that being said, I have an idea to make communications easier and more fluid between divisions. I have participated in a few raids, one as DA, one as FEAR (specifically PG), and one where I switched from DA to FEAR, and I have found that while intra-division communications are excellent (only a couple minor flaws that come from playing a game. it could be improved with more somberness but that would spoil the fun) inter-divisions are lacking and sluggish. From what I can gather (again, forgive me if I am wrong) when the Raid Leader (lets say robo) wants to attack somewhere (lets say to frostfall overlook from geological survey camp on Esamir) he sets it up like this. Robo first tells his division (again with presuming but lets say he was rolling with the PG) to get rolling and then communicates to the other division leaders, who in turn communicate to their subdivision leaders, where they need to go, losing some time while everybody sits around asking "what now?","Where to?" and the other myriad responses unique as those that play, which I imagine distracts the leaders. So now with the situation setup we see that, while not bad, good even, it could use some improvement. I have given it some thought and I think (again, think, I am not experienced enough to know) I have a solution. Simplistic though it may be I believe that maybe with revision it could be implemented to our betterment. My solution, as previously stated, is a rather simplistic one, and involves combining and meshing together squads. This is slightly more complex than just creating a jumble, which would slow down and prevent non-TS-users from communicating, though. What I propose is having subdivisions in their own squads (as per usual) but with a twist. These squads will not have their own platoons, just squads. For bigger raid divisions perhaps two squads in one platoon shall be needed. Then we take these squads and pair them up so that 1 PL can talk to up to 4 separate subdivisions at once rather than Robo>DA CO>DA then DA subdivisions (separately) it can be more structured like Robo>All PL's (at the same time) > each respective platoon at the same time. This would hopefully take out some links in the communications lines. After everybody has the message, the individual leaders can instruct specific locations or strategies not already mentioned. This would also help cross-division communication when a place is having difficulty and needs support. Lets say DA needs WW support on the south side ASAP because of an infantry rush, rather than letting the infantry get some ground by going CO>CO>Division, the CO can use Platoon Chat to instantly request that help. Another advantage is the syncing of division movements when splitting up the outfit. rather than wasting time to tell the individual CO's to get somewhere and divvy up their forces. Robo can say, Platoon 1 get to Terran BL-4 and Platoon 2 get Eisa Tech under control while telling Platoon 3 stay and defend, all because it was pre-divided into units. TL:DR advantages include streamlining of communications between divisions and aids in splitting up the outfit quickly. Wastes less time speaking from CO to CO to squad. P.S. Again, I am relatively new and have little knowledge of command communications but from what I have noticed (perhaps I am wrong, perhaps I can help) this would help quicken things up.
  2. GOTR wrecks TE with huge purple Valkyrie
  3. Please post here if you expect to miss one or more Thursday Night Raids. It's a fact of life that sometimes you won't be able to attend a raid, that's why we have the Zeroth Pillar of "Real Life Comes First". We ask that you let us know if you are going to miss a raid or be On Leave. On Leave means you'll be missing more than one raid in a row. If you are an officer, we expect you to tell us you'll be missing a raid. This is not about asking permission. It is both your right and responsibility to prioritize your time. You don't have to tell us why you're missing the raid. Letting us know you'll be absent helps us plan. If you forget or can't post here, we'll understand. Life happens.
  4. As many of you know Planetside 1 is shutting down effective July 1st; It will be the end of an era that has been in our outfit for along time. GotR has many deep-seated roots and memories in the game; From last-second re-secures to base captures thought to have been impossible we have fought in the dirt and grit of the Auraxian battlefront time and time again. We've seen it all - Leadership changes, death in the outfit, outfit merges and splits, inter-outfit competition/camaraderie and even the occasional disciplinary action. And we survived it all. Today GotR fights in more than just the Auraxian theater: TERA, Black Desert Online and Star Citizen are undoubtedly only going to be the tip of the iceberg. So as this era of GotR comes to a close I'd like to say it was an honor to fight alongside and serve with you guys on the battlefields of Planetside 1; I look forward to joining you in Planetside 2 and other games as they come and go. And remember, Technology Equals Might! - MechWarrior001, 555th Death Angels
  5. Halp! I'm Getting lonely here boys...( also does night raid literally mean like 10 P.M to 2 A.M? Because I cant do that (fakin school)... Also im using this as my first post
  6. Action took place on INDAR , we had the "easiest" warpgate, and the north one .Robo was in charge .Alert for capturing indar occurred during raid. Pro: +++ Excellent point hold at Quartz Ridge camp Charlie, NC had to commit massive resources expend to get us out. ++ Squad’s comp was good enough ++ Squad’s cohesion was good enough as well ++++ Briggs Laboratories saving, still don't know exactly how we managed to get it back, all i remember is that i was alpha lead as infil and i was avoiding enemies contact until Thango ask us to made one with the capture point. Cons: Bring more LASHERSSSSSS nothing Note: - i mentioned somewhere that GAL should no longer be our main transport , getting in and getting out of enemies territory put too much stress on them , we lose them too quickly compare to what they cost in resources .As a result , many of us were unable to pull .My personal feeling about this is that the galaxy's era is now finish and Valk's era is beginning .So when asked to pull gal i disobeyed and pulled valk instead , then i was told something like "no way you will be able to approach Quartz ridge" , well i was .In fact i was able to stand by quartz ridge (and be targeted by all the reavers from Hvar) and go Indar Comm , check if there were any AMS , drop on 3 bax squads , kill all their beacons .Later with a fully loaded Valk i/we were able to stand our ground against 3 mossies and some G2A , drop on Ceres hydro and managed to keep valk up and ready .I had to adjust my valk setup to my expectation , no more stealth but composite armor and no Hellion but rockets launcher (no defense against ESF) and way more evasive maneuvers . So far so good , BUT : only half squad can be drop so I think we need two dedicated valk pilot for ops , rotate pilots by weeks as much as possible . Galaxy is still the king when you want to break super heavy flak wall. -For those who were still online when we were at Allatum Botany wing, remember where i put my squad beacon .It was a little pain in the arse to wait until i managed to get on that tree but after that good luck to find it and take it down .When your objective is to split enemy’s forces without back up reinforcement, never but your beacon too close, NEVER. a new trap designed for Khaot my new ingineer loadout (with no helmet) Funkotron's secret project for player's studio :
  7. Robo was in charge, deployment began on Esamir during an alert then Hossin then Indar . Ganitus and Unison has been introduced to us, they request 555 from their application and ended up with us (and are tagg as DL now) . So far they don't screw up anything and have been able to keep themself with our "traveling" attitude. Last thing, our semi official camo is "tech camo", not mandatory but we enjoy to shine . Back to business . Esamir => we mostly were around Echo Valley, trapped between Nc and Tr with "96+" fights, with very limited options to grab territory. I think our 2 squads had a good impact on Nc armor, lightning raids, epic valk drops and bolded sundies convoy. Terrans were not very offensive but very protective, we fell short taking Eisa Mountain, but with enemies rendering problem ( 2m rendering distance ), there was nothing we could do. Hossin => Ghanan Southern Crossing !!! messing the Nc by helping Tr, it was a "trolala" fight, but it felt so good. Indar => Tawrich Depot, Rashnu Watchtower, Scarred Mesa, Zurvan, Palisade, Briggs, Mao. Low intensity theaters most of the time, to think i managed to bypass enemies' lines at scarred mesa to pull a sundy at regent rock (and fully hacked all terms and turrets).... For nothing . Anyway this is a perfect example of PEST's soldiers behaviour (i hope it is), don't wait for orders, foresee them. Give options to your squad leader, it is ok to redeploy ahead and pull gal/valk/sundy, just check others members' position on your map to avoid "double crossing" anyone, while we need options we don't need too many of them . Bend rules, don't break them. +Squad's comp was good, but TOO MANY LA and NOT ENOUGH LASHERS, the usual so it is ok . ++ Squad's cohesion was good enough, even while in armor. ++++ Null's valk drop on a raging sea of Nc (yes i dare put a rating on my TO) Personal note: Jack of all trades, master of none, i am an ok medic but that is all. i am a much better HA with lasher, Infil or Air transport pilot, if you saw me in medic, something is wrong in squad's comp. Footage from last PEST trial
  8. Summary Shiny takes the helm. We have a false start over on Amerish, we were getting hammered at The Bastion and got pushed westward. Things were looking grim and morale was dropping. With the alert on Indar we only had one other option: move to Hossin. Hossin was deserted but we hoped that by getting there early, we'd make a fight that the alert-bailers would come to join. While we ghost capped our way towards Ghanan Tech, shinything took a moment to sing a song to lift the troops' spirits. As the alert lifted we were rebuffed from Ghanan and refocused over at Fort Drexler while PG and PEST took on the TR near Ixtab. Fort Drexler was the turning point of the evening, eventually becoming the full outfit target and being a hard fought victory for all divisions. WW kept the skies clear while we pushed towards Hurakan proper, and we eventually backed off. We made another run at Ghanan, getting right into the point with PEST up top and DA at the point, but we lost the cap around 3 minutes left. At this point we worked with another outfit in orders/leader chat to take Genudine up north and put the new game mechanic into play: cut off the lattice and screw up their spawns. Genudine was not a very difficult battle to win but it was still hard fought and a solid victory for everyone involved. We then absconded southward with a Rolling Thunder approach and cleaned up the rest of the blue territory, claiming it for GOTR. While this was going on, an alert popped on Amerish (figures) but the queue was very deep, even for members. Rather than end the raid 20 minutes early Shiny moved the raid to Esamir, where we pushed the NC once again over towards Mani, defending Aurora Materials and taking Mani Lake. Many NC vehicles were destroyed in the push. The good GOTR was responsive and moved when asked, thank you to all divisions for listening and being proactive! As usual PEST was ahead of the curve, getting to things before I asked...feels great PG numbers were a bit light but were able to do some great suppression at Ghanan and the environs, this was the highlight of the night WW had good fights all throughout the evening, though enemy air numbers were down at times DA really crushed it at Drexler & Genudine and that felt amaaaazing! Seeing the entire west of the map turn purple with the cutoff maneuver, like we used to do back in the day, was fantastic. The bad TR just didn't bring their game! Too bad, we killed lots of smurfs tonight. The ugly My singing. Really, thank you all for being so kind Ghost Count: 78 Hope everyone had a blast - i sure did!
  9. Happy Thursday, Ghosts! It's RAID NIGHT! As always, we continue to solidify our usage of good squad composition and cohesion. Tonight, specifically, we will work on what I like to call "Tenacity". Will you so easily be removed from the capture point, or will you fight tooth and nail to cling to your objective for five more seconds? How about ten more seconds? Thirty? No retreat. No surrender. We take bases many different ways - through superior skill, speed, organization, positioning, and (when necessary) numbers. One of the most important traits in any unit, however, is how far it will go to stay on the point. Many times we take a base because we want it more than the enemy does. We get knocked down and we come right back. I am not asking you to be farmed, and I will never give such an order - but I will ask you, and I ask you tonight, to not give up a single point, not give up a single foot of ground, until it is pried from your cold, dead, hands. Wait for revives. WUTU with your squad mates. Be invincible. I'll see you at 7:30pm Eastern. ---Robo
  10. Hey Ghosts! It's Raid Night! But you already knew that. Most of our calendars have had "Thursday" replaced with "GOTRDAY". Goals for the night: (1) Maintain our improvement of WUTU, Squad Cohesion, and Squad Composition - Everyone's been making me really proud lately by keeping up with this and especially for being flexible on squad composition. Last night, every single time someone logged in for the Esamir Alert the first thing out of their mouths was "What does the squad need?" Keeping the squad comp balanced is extremely important; keep up the good work! (2) Momentum - We've got this nailed down, just keep it in the back of your minds, especially Squad Leaders. Deconstruct the enemy defenses piece by piece, then leapfrog up so that we don't get backhacked. If you see that nobody is staying on the point to guard it until the rest of the force gets to the next base, then consider volunteering. I've started doing this as part of my commander-mapside-routine, but I can always use an extra gun or two. (3) Proxy Defense - If you're not familiar with this concept, it simply means defending an area between the enemy spawn and the capture point, instead of defending just the capture point itself. All units use this, both infantry and vehicles. It's not necessary in every scenario, and you always have to watch for that last minute Galaxy Drop, but in a regular defense with good chokepoints you can defend a bit outside the point - this gives you a place to fall back to and builds in a small buffer of "dead time" where the enemy has to keep running toward the point while you spawn in and prepare for the next wave of defense. (4) "Hugging the Point" - Mainly for infantry players. During the last few seconds of any base cap, especially during that last second enemy rush, you want to hug the capture point itself as closely as possible. The way capture mechanics work, if the enemy has just one more person in the point area than we do, the point starts flipping in their favor (even if we aren't dead yet). By Hugging the Point, we ensure that we have the most amount of plot power numerical strength on point to prevent a flip. I'll see you all at 7:30pm Eastern. ---Robo
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