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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Everyone I'm looking for a few volunteers to help me on a beta server. It's very similar to FTB pack but it has a lot more features than FTB. We looking for people who play on a regular basis and also if somebody who's administrator on the current service we have will be nice. to get a second opinion. If you many questions please feel free to contact me either via this form or by PM.
  2. MechWarrior001

    Recommended size for Minecraft partition?

    Hey Ghosts, I'm moving my Minecraft server over to UNIX and I'm planning to setup a dedicated partition for it. That being said, what's a good size? I've heard that 8 gigs is a good size, but I'm wondering if I should go larger.
  3. What if we build an arena and host games every so often. The games we can set up could be anything from spleef to pvp. We could set it up with teams or free for all. We can do it tournament style too. We could set up some rules for the matches as well. I'm thinking that the contestants only be allowed to use whats provided. I might start them in a closed room for a few mins where they chose from supplies and make what they want from it. The winner will get a prize. The prize will be anything from a diamond\diamond block to a lvl 30 enchanted item of the winners choosing. I'm willing to provide an arena and prizes if it will attract more to the server. Please give me your suggestions\support\ criticism\tell me what you think.
  4. garglemonger

    Starwolf (FEAR Coup)

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