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Found 70 results

  1. Reignman


    Some of you may have noticed my extended absence as of late, and for that, I apologize. Between work, school, GF w/kids, and other commitments, my life has become rather hectic. Thursdays are my busy days at work, and I usually work 12-15 hour shifts, plus a 30-minute commute home, so there is no way I will be making raid any time in the foreseeable future. My play time on off days has also been diminished, to maybe being able to play PS 2 for an hour, maybe two, a couple days a month. So, with that being said, consider this my official notice for a Leave of Absence. I am still around, usually, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, in the mornings, but I have to spend that time doing classwork (entering my final year of school ). I am still available for TS and website issues should they arise, but you with either have to email me, PM me here on the site, or hit me up on FB. I'll see you on the battlefield when I can! Even though it may only be through my rifle scope, and I will see you long before you see me .
  2. Please post here if you expect to miss one or more Thursday Night Raids. It's a fact of life that sometimes you won't be able to attend a raid, that's why we have the Zeroth Pillar of "Real Life Comes First". We ask that you let us know if you are going to miss a raid or be On Leave. On Leave means you'll be missing more than one raid in a row. If you are an officer, we expect you to tell us you'll be missing a raid. This is not about asking permission. It is both your right and responsibility to prioritize your time. You don't have to tell us why you're missing the raid. Letting us know you'll be absent helps us plan. If you forget or can't post here, we'll understand. Life happens.
  3. https://gotr.us/profile/53-krinsee/?do=content&type=core_statuses_status&change_section=1 Here's the obituary: http://www.getzcares.com/sitemaker/sites/GetzFu1/obit.cgi?user=71782033_SLindsey Please follow the Send a Card link to send your condolences.
  4. Legionaries! Please send me a PM with a SitRep with your thoughts on your unit, the outfit and the game in general. This is a "taking the pulse" kinda thing.
  5. Reposting for DRTAC. @Nihil https://www.youtube.com/user/maxter11 The first three videos exhibits the damage done by each type of empire specific Rocklet ammo. Here is some footage of the general ammo, plus Starfall ammo and flak ammo, which looks pretty damn powerful. I'm thinking we may have a Light Assault based Vengeance tactic in the works now.
  6. SHADES RECRUITMENT IS OPEN CO: Nihil XO: Quilentus TO: ReaperOfSouls Captain: Waveord SHADES: Waveord Reignman Anam Ziintekh Tranic DroidBotGammaV10 DRTAC7 MisterFr0st UnknownShooter nightj246 Advarium MooMooZen Krinsee ON TRIAL: ON LEAVE: STATUS UNKNOWN: OFF TOUR: (Currently MIA, but welcome to return to shades should they ever resurface) We are the lone infiltrator deep in enemy territory, we are the pair of sniping relaying information from a distant hilltop, we are the scythe scouts giving vital intel to the raid commander We are SHADES, If you aren't much of an organized unit tactics person; if you know exactly what you are good at, and want to do just that for the good of the raid; if you are more of a lone wolf who stills wants to contribute, or if you just prefer running with a smaller group of people who think just like you, we are the place for you. Whether you like sniping, recon, CQC infiltration, scouting or whatever your play style may be, we have a place for you. A note: we are NOT shooting for kills, our focus is and always will be furthering the good of the raid and outfit, just in a different way than most. If DA is the army, PEST is SWAT and Spectre are the Navy Seals we are the CIA, working alone or in small units, doing what we do best. If you would like to apply to join our elite team, drop a post in this thread or pop me a PM, preferably both. Cert Requirements: Have enough certs in your chosen area of specialization, whatever that may be, the trust/burden is on you. Recommended: Max your leadership certs, these are vital to our mobility and to marking targets.
  7. How do you see your unit (PEST/SHADES) dealing with the Construction System (CS)? Do you want to build them? Do you want to destroy them? Use certain construct (build and AA nest with a turret farm)? Avoid it and focus on other aspects of the game?
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/43qehr/i_think_he_left_his_keys_in_it/
  9. I would love to have a SHADE doing this all raid long. Just camping the shit out of enemy terms.
  10. Aren't you just, "oooo"? Born 2015-11-26 at 1320 Eastern. 7 pounds, 11 ounces. 20 inches long. At first I was all but then I was like .
  11. So, as most of you guys know, I've been on and off for a good little while now. Now that things are more settled, I can actually maintain that 'on' position for a good long while (long enough to get involved in more leadership oriented roles!). So, my question to my fellow SHADES is this: What have I missed? Have we grown at all, size-wise? Has our role been changed or redefined in any way? And most importantly, how has everyone been? -Stay Frosty
  12. Infiltrator Cloaking Pass Infiltrator cloaks now have additional states based on movement. Crouching no change Crouch walking is now much less visible Standing is now less visible Running is slightly less visible Sprinting, no change
  13. Action took place on INDAR , we had the "easiest" warpgate, and the north one .Robo was in charge .Alert for capturing indar occurred during raid. Pro: +++ Excellent point hold at Quartz Ridge camp Charlie, NC had to commit massive resources expend to get us out. ++ Squad’s comp was good enough ++ Squad’s cohesion was good enough as well ++++ Briggs Laboratories saving, still don't know exactly how we managed to get it back, all i remember is that i was alpha lead as infil and i was avoiding enemies contact until Thango ask us to made one with the capture point. Cons: Bring more LASHERSSSSSS nothing Note: - i mentioned somewhere that GAL should no longer be our main transport , getting in and getting out of enemies territory put too much stress on them , we lose them too quickly compare to what they cost in resources .As a result , many of us were unable to pull .My personal feeling about this is that the galaxy's era is now finish and Valk's era is beginning .So when asked to pull gal i disobeyed and pulled valk instead , then i was told something like "no way you will be able to approach Quartz ridge" , well i was .In fact i was able to stand by quartz ridge (and be targeted by all the reavers from Hvar) and go Indar Comm , check if there were any AMS , drop on 3 bax squads , kill all their beacons .Later with a fully loaded Valk i/we were able to stand our ground against 3 mossies and some G2A , drop on Ceres hydro and managed to keep valk up and ready .I had to adjust my valk setup to my expectation , no more stealth but composite armor and no Hellion but rockets launcher (no defense against ESF) and way more evasive maneuvers . So far so good , BUT : only half squad can be drop so I think we need two dedicated valk pilot for ops , rotate pilots by weeks as much as possible . Galaxy is still the king when you want to break super heavy flak wall. -For those who were still online when we were at Allatum Botany wing, remember where i put my squad beacon .It was a little pain in the arse to wait until i managed to get on that tree but after that good luck to find it and take it down .When your objective is to split enemy’s forces without back up reinforcement, never but your beacon too close, NEVER. a new trap designed for Khaot my new ingineer loadout (with no helmet) Funkotron's secret project for player's studio :
  14. Robo was in charge, deployment began on Esamir during an alert then Hossin then Indar . Ganitus and Unison has been introduced to us, they request 555 from their application and ended up with us (and are tagg as DL now) . So far they don't screw up anything and have been able to keep themself with our "traveling" attitude. Last thing, our semi official camo is "tech camo", not mandatory but we enjoy to shine . Back to business . Esamir => we mostly were around Echo Valley, trapped between Nc and Tr with "96+" fights, with very limited options to grab territory. I think our 2 squads had a good impact on Nc armor, lightning raids, epic valk drops and bolded sundies convoy. Terrans were not very offensive but very protective, we fell short taking Eisa Mountain, but with enemies rendering problem ( 2m rendering distance ), there was nothing we could do. Hossin => Ghanan Southern Crossing !!! messing the Nc by helping Tr, it was a "trolala" fight, but it felt so good. Indar => Tawrich Depot, Rashnu Watchtower, Scarred Mesa, Zurvan, Palisade, Briggs, Mao. Low intensity theaters most of the time, to think i managed to bypass enemies' lines at scarred mesa to pull a sundy at regent rock (and fully hacked all terms and turrets).... For nothing . Anyway this is a perfect example of PEST's soldiers behaviour (i hope it is), don't wait for orders, foresee them. Give options to your squad leader, it is ok to redeploy ahead and pull gal/valk/sundy, just check others members' position on your map to avoid "double crossing" anyone, while we need options we don't need too many of them . Bend rules, don't break them. +Squad's comp was good, but TOO MANY LA and NOT ENOUGH LASHERS, the usual so it is ok . ++ Squad's cohesion was good enough, even while in armor. ++++ Null's valk drop on a raging sea of Nc (yes i dare put a rating on my TO) Personal note: Jack of all trades, master of none, i am an ok medic but that is all. i am a much better HA with lasher, Infil or Air transport pilot, if you saw me in medic, something is wrong in squad's comp. Footage from last PEST trial
  15. If you aren't interest in reading the whole thing, scroll to the bottom for a special treat regarding the Palisades NC push. Link to official alert stats: http://ps2alerts.com/Alert/7687 We started the Indar alert with around 40% territory and we all groaned. "There's no way we're winning an Indar alert when we start this far ahead," we thought. Well, we were wrong. We warped in and went straight to Abandoned NS Offices to thwart an NC attack from Howling Pass. We resecured easily (they hadn't quite gotten people into the base yet) and began an epic field battle between the two bases. Friendly VS massed an armor column and broke the line into Howling Pass - we jumped on [C] and held on for dear life. NC responded quickly and the fighting was very intense; a DAPP triple galaxy drop gave us some reprieve and a 60/40 advantage on the base for a few minutes, but NC continued responding and soon we were down to an alamo on the [C] building. We got some good kills but were eventually and unceremoniously kicked out the door. We continued skirmishing in the Howling Pass area until NC took a shot at Palisades - a lot of armor, a lot of air, a lot of infantry. We were able to sweep the point fairly quickly but we were still surrounded on all sides by a very large and angry NC force. We began doing constant Galaxy drops on every single NC Sunderer that trundled in Palisades' general direction. North, boom. Southeast, boom. South, boom. They couldn't keep a Sunderer up for more than 60 seconds, if that. I called a Havoc action for the SHADES that were online and we quickly had DRTAC, CasualNoob, and SoulessGinger completely shutting down the Crimson Bluff vehicle terminals to give the forces at Palisade a much-needed break from the constant stream of armor. DRTAC roamed the tower and harassed while Souless and Casual camped the vehicle terminals. Eventually, there was so much build-up of NC that weren't able to pull armor that our guys faced 3:1 odds and the NC began actively hunting them. They were all forced out, eventually - but not before NC's offensive at Palisade was completely shut down. GOTR then shot across the continent to defend West Highlands, which was facing a large TR force. We secured the point easily but more TR were inbound. Our Galaxy pilots quickly maneuvered away and dropped us behind the enemy line, on the point at Allatum Broadcast Hub. We backhacked the base and the TR were left floundering around West Highlands for around 90 seconds. They started to redeploy to us, but we had VS reinforcements join us. The timer ticked to 50 seconds on the hack before TR executed a MAX crash and kicked us out. West Highlands, however, still stood. We flipped to Ti Alloys to save it from a couple of TR squads - when we looked at the map again, TR had 96+ back at West Highlands already pushing to Indar Comm. We couldn't do anything for that base, but we could get to Dahaka Southeast and defend. Several Ghosts pulled Magriders and spread out among the coral and pipelines near the base. TR apparently thought their Sunderers were sleds and ran around 20 Sunderers down the big hill at the same time - easily half of them took heavy damage or outright died from flipping over. Our Magriders made short work of what remained and kept the rest of the TR pinned outside the base, unable to break in. We destroyed TR's last spawn point and they ran away - we followed them up to Indar Comm and started the hack. Seeing that Palisades was once again under heavy NC attack, we redeployed. Our friends over in GOKU were playing on NC tonight under the tag LWTX (their NC altfit). Turns out they were the ones pulling all of those Sunderers that we were blowing up. Well done all - I couldn't have asked for more from you, it was a great alert!
  16. Would anyone be up to the task of making logos for SHADES and PEST? I'd love to have a neat new desktop background, forum sig, or even get the SHADES logo imprinted on a mug and enjoy my morning espresso in style. Visual editing is a thing I love to do, but I am terrible when it comes to working in 2D. Anyone want to take this on? I'd love to see what you come up with!
  17. Specialized Hacking And Demolition Elite (Striketeam) What happened to the SHADES name contest from like a year ago. Also, I am totally taking a guess as to what the original name was. Nihil?
  18. Click Here I've done some more work on this page. SHADES, please take the time to check it out. See if you can find the hidden page, that's where the cool stuff is. --7
  19. Click Here What should I add to this tribute?
  20. I have had the idea to post this for a couple months, but wanted to make sure that all these things were possible. All items on this list are confirmed (by yours truly ^.^) to be 100% do-able! I'd like to see who the first person is to complete this list (I am unable to participate, since I had to confirm all the items already xD). The Honor System will have to work, but this should be fine, since I trust you guys! (And if you AREN'T truthful, it's not like you've gained anything substantial xD). So, with a Quick Knife (your 1-shot knife only counts if you aren't wielding it!), here is the list of things to kill: An engi that has gotten out of his MBT to repair (must kill him with two quick knife swings, without letting him get back into the MBT. Starting things out easy.) A midair Light Assault (scaling up the difficulty a bit) A Scatter Max (no, it does not count if it is AFK xD) An enemy in the rumble seat of a Harasser (the Harasser has to be in motion!) The driver of an enemy Flash (the Flash has to be in motion!) A piece of c4 (or a tank mine) as it is being thrown out of the hands of an enemy, killing you both. (This one is the most challenging!) Let me know if there is anything that could be added to this list! Three, Two, One.. BEGIN!! -Stay Fr0sty
  21. I'll be hosting a little in-game sniper training for all those interested. I will keep this thread posted on when this training will be, and I will need a couple volunteers to help! Things we will focus on: -Time To Acquire on targets, both moving and stationary. -Drop Compensation on targets, both moving and stationary. -Rifle Selection for the individual player. -Scope Selection for the individual rifle and player. -Cover and Cloak Utilization -Fire Timing and Mobility -Etc Check back on this thread! Let me know if you want to help, or if you have any input! Also let me know if attending this is something you could or would like to do! -Stay Fr0sty
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