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Found 94 results

  1. Greetings Ghosts, For the past several days, I've been talking with the other officers about changes I'd like to make to our division structure to better accommodate our current numbers and interests in-game. This is the current state of the proposal, I'm currently opening it up to wider discussion, but this is the direction it looks like we want to go in. Please feel free to comment here or send me a PM on the site or on Discord. Thanks! 1. "Special Teams" with rosters Divisions, right now, are essentially open to anyone - that is something we want to keep. However, we only have around 40 people online during raid, and maybe 20+ on Monday, about a squad+ other days. Our division structure is no longer supporting 100+ people and it's becoming burdensome to use it as an organizational tool. We are considering dissolving the "divisions", have everyone as "Ghosts", but have rosters up of teams of specialists - PG, WW, V, and maybe SHADES, to start. 6-12 spots each, with the caveat that if someone wants to jump in and play with that team on a particular night, they can certainly do so. The "Roster" will be made up only of people that are willing to drop whatever they're doing and deploy to that role - "drop everything and pull a scythe" , "drop everything and pull a tank" - a more on-demand version of what we already do but without the overarching division structure. Further, no guarantee that the team will even be deployed - otherwise, you're with the main platoon doing main platoon things. Each roster will feature a few Leaders for that unit that can be called on to rally that unit when needed (probably current divisional officers). This makes things simpler for 90% of the outfit and puts the burden of worrying about division structure only on the people that want to fulfill those particular roles - and they're likely already doing that now. The rosters can be edited easily, I'm not concerned about administrating that, I can do it myself if need be. This also streamlines our recruiting process for 2018 and forward as players no longer worry about choosing a division - they join the main platoon and if they are interested in one of the Special Teams, they can ask about it and join up. 2. Rank changes Right now GOTR officer ranks are dependent on your division and your place in that division - Division Commander, Executive Officer, Tactical Officer, and so on. I propose a simpler system, below. We can decide on flavor text for the ranks later, but functionally the new ranks would be: OL Platoon Leaders Squad Leaders Members Recruits I will give Squad Leader ranks to literally anyone that can competently lead a squad. Platoon Lead ranks are a bit harder to get and are essentially a mix of what DCs and other high command ranks are currently. 3. "Leadership Team" As I've mentioned in the past, however, just because you can lead a squad or platoon, that doesn't infer you can make outfit-level policy decisions. Maybe you can, but it's not a direct correlation. There will still be a few spots on this so-called "leadership team" that I will designate to help me with outfit policy, and these people can stay on this team even if they're inactive. I want to gather as much high-level PS2 knowledge into this team as possible, a cadre of experts, former DCs, and the like. People with a combination of leadership skills and game knowledge. These people form the core of GOTR's policymaking and actual community leadership in PS2, regardless of their activity in-game to lead squads. This is an out of game rank, probably on Discord and the web site, similar to the Eidolon Council, but only for PS2. Tying it all together Example: During Ops nights, particularly Thursday, people are in the Main Platoon. Vengeance is up if they have at least 4 people. WW is up if they have at least 3 people. PG is, by default, not up unless they have interest (like currently). If the units don't have enough people to operate, they just roll with Main Platoon, even if they're still in their Scythe or tank from time to time. We get stuck in to a big lane fight around an AMP station, and we have tech. Raid Lead determines that we'll be on this lane a while, calls for anyone on the PG roster to mount up. We get 2 tanks and a bus online. We're now at around 28 infantry, 4 tank users, 1 bus, 3 scythes, and 4 in Vengeance = 40, around what we have on a raid night now. I'd appreciate feedback on this new system as we consider the finalized approach. Robo
  2. Team, At current the squad display is bugged and will not show you active platoons/squads to join. Very simple work around has worked to fix this for me. Select the continent filter. Create your own squad. Disable recruitment. Leave the squad you created. Profit. Tested this several times in a row, and it worked to restore the squad display each time. Every time I joined or left a squad I would have to repete this sequence to fix it.
  3. All, I would like to form a team of 6-12 tactically minded individuals to play Planetside 2 with. I miss the small, tight-knit ops I used to run in the past with others and would like to get back into them. No hair brained schemes this time, though. Just simple teamwork with the express goal of taking and holding key points at a base and dominating a situation. Depending on interest, I would like to form this team on NC however, for a couple of reasons. 1. Starting from scratch and rebuilding a character is fun. 2. NC weapons are harder hitting, which I actually enjoy. 3. NC have the Railjack (I'm biased, shoot me. XD) If I receive enough interest, but the most people would prefer to stay on VS, thats ok. We can be more effective with the gear we have earned over years of work anyway. I just like the idea of starting from scratch and working up with new weapons. Members new to the outfit or new to Planetside are totally welcome! The first 6-12 people to PM on Discord are in. Keeping the unit small is not for the sake of exclusivity, and I am not going to cherry pick. Keeping the unit small is to facilitate tight-knit teamwork. From there we can decide when to meet and what to do. Saturday nights will most likely be the best for me, and maybe on an every-other-week basis. Let me know on Discord PM if you are interested. Thanks. o7
  4. https://www.planetside2.com/news/critical-mass-update-live-patch-notes-september-2017 I won't try and repost the whole thing. Most of it is vehicle resist changes, they're finally throwing out a bunch of random resist types. That, and engy repair grenades, that might be REALLY interesting. Vanguard shield is changed, and vehicles in general are all over the place. Only one repairer per Valk, so g'bye super-Valks, you will not be missed. Liberators are better at bombing, and worse at being mobile Tankbuster delivery systems, woo. I note that engy repair grenades stick to vehicles... do they stick to Valks from the inside...? Curious as to how the tank gun changes shake out. Can buy armor to make 2 bricks of C4 NOT kill a MBT!
  5. GOTR will be the featured outfit during Emerald Fight Night on Friday, August 18th, at 8pm Eastern (event typically runs 8-10pm) Emerald Fight Night is a concerted effort for the remaining coordinated outfits and player groups on Emerald to fight for the same objectives on the same continent during Friday prime time, allowing streamers to showcase the game and providing good, balanced fights for those in attendance. The last several weeks have provided a so-called "beta" environment for Emerald Fight Night, culminating in last week's official launch. This week, technically the second official week, will be the first featuring an "outfit highlight" - and GOTR has been selected to be the first outfit highlighted. We need all hands on deck for this one - it will be fun, and it's a great chance to breathe more life into the game and our roster. I encourage you all to come out on Friday for the event. I'd like to break two full squads of GOTR, ideally. I also hope to have time during the rest of the week to drum up more interest and get some practice in. This is a live server event, not something closely choreographed like ServerSmash or LaneSmash - we just go and we play, kind of like Friday Night Ops back in the day. Hope to see you all there! ---Robo
  6. ATTENTION GHOSTS I just tried to download the test server from the link provided in the description of the test server channel on Teamspeak 3. Instead it downloaded a copy of the Live Play client .exe Luckily I always install the test server to an isolated file elsewhere on my computer. HAD I NOT DONE THIS IT WOULD HAVE OVERWRITTEN MY LIVE PLANETSIDE 2 DATA. Anyway, I thought it important to bring this to everyone's attention so that we can change the link. Thanks --7-- @robocpf1 @shinything
  7. Hey Everyone! As the title says, I'll be hosting a shooting clinic just before this coming Tac Tues, to provide tips and tricks to those who would like to become better shooters. This can also be a warm up before Tac Tues for those who'd like to loosen up, as I'll be running this squad/platoon out on the field, as trial by fire is my way of learning and teaching! Main points I'll be going through: Positioning Awareness Engagements Styles of play Positioning is pretty self explanatory (Don't be in the open, using cover, etc), but I'll also include picking your fights and engagements in here. Awareness and positioning go hand in hand as you will need to know where the enemy is, more importantly where your allies are and WHO they are, where you can get shot, and blah blah to find a good position for yourself. Engagements will involve what to do in a firefight and how to win those 1v1 engagements, and when to pull off (i.e. 1v5, with those 5 guys being scat maxes). Lastly, depending on time I'll try and cover some styles of play that you can use and utilize. For example, I'll play very passively if I know I'm facing good shooters and not doing too hot myself, and will stay back behind cover and push only when I have a buddy or a few people pushing AHEAD of me, rather than charging head first myself. These, for the most part, will be what I will cover this Tues, and I could exclude or include information depending on the time and what the needs of the group may be. I'll try to run these as often as I can, as I do think there's always more to learn and usually never enough time to cover everything. If you guys have any comments, useful tips, or general inquiries/questions you'd like answered before the shooting clinic just slap em in the comment section. I'll be online and in the Tac Channel in our TS at 6pm to try and answer some questions and get everything prepared and ready. Anyone is free to join! Thanks everyone and hopefully see some of you there! All the best, Bears
  8. To preface, I am a new member (a few weeks in might not be considered strictly new but I'm still working out everything) so I don't know if this has been tried before or if there is a better alternative or if this would work; However, that being said, I have an idea to make communications easier and more fluid between divisions. I have participated in a few raids, one as DA, one as FEAR (specifically PG), and one where I switched from DA to FEAR, and I have found that while intra-division communications are excellent (only a couple minor flaws that come from playing a game. it could be improved with more somberness but that would spoil the fun) inter-divisions are lacking and sluggish. From what I can gather (again, forgive me if I am wrong) when the Raid Leader (lets say robo) wants to attack somewhere (lets say to frostfall overlook from geological survey camp on Esamir) he sets it up like this. Robo first tells his division (again with presuming but lets say he was rolling with the PG) to get rolling and then communicates to the other division leaders, who in turn communicate to their subdivision leaders, where they need to go, losing some time while everybody sits around asking "what now?","Where to?" and the other myriad responses unique as those that play, which I imagine distracts the leaders. So now with the situation setup we see that, while not bad, good even, it could use some improvement. I have given it some thought and I think (again, think, I am not experienced enough to know) I have a solution. Simplistic though it may be I believe that maybe with revision it could be implemented to our betterment. My solution, as previously stated, is a rather simplistic one, and involves combining and meshing together squads. This is slightly more complex than just creating a jumble, which would slow down and prevent non-TS-users from communicating, though. What I propose is having subdivisions in their own squads (as per usual) but with a twist. These squads will not have their own platoons, just squads. For bigger raid divisions perhaps two squads in one platoon shall be needed. Then we take these squads and pair them up so that 1 PL can talk to up to 4 separate subdivisions at once rather than Robo>DA CO>DA then DA subdivisions (separately) it can be more structured like Robo>All PL's (at the same time) > each respective platoon at the same time. This would hopefully take out some links in the communications lines. After everybody has the message, the individual leaders can instruct specific locations or strategies not already mentioned. This would also help cross-division communication when a place is having difficulty and needs support. Lets say DA needs WW support on the south side ASAP because of an infantry rush, rather than letting the infantry get some ground by going CO>CO>Division, the CO can use Platoon Chat to instantly request that help. Another advantage is the syncing of division movements when splitting up the outfit. rather than wasting time to tell the individual CO's to get somewhere and divvy up their forces. Robo can say, Platoon 1 get to Terran BL-4 and Platoon 2 get Eisa Tech under control while telling Platoon 3 stay and defend, all because it was pre-divided into units. TL:DR advantages include streamlining of communications between divisions and aids in splitting up the outfit quickly. Wastes less time speaking from CO to CO to squad. P.S. Again, I am relatively new and have little knowledge of command communications but from what I have noticed (perhaps I am wrong, perhaps I can help) this would help quicken things up.
  9. Basic Magrider training will be held Wednesday, 8:00EST by me. Hope to see you there! This will be a live training, so everyone benefits from participating regardless of skill. ^-^
  10. PorkPuller

    R7 Skirmish

    Hey everyone! Me and Briggens are in the talks or a skrimish. Hopefully if there is enough interest between the two outfits me and him can set something up. If you're interested in fighting R7?
  11. The construction system and the Indar updates are going live tomorrow! https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/game-update-4-27.240151/#post-3388875 Construction System: Indar Revamp: Other Facilities and Features (Squad Leader Stuff):
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking to make a GOTR recursion Voice Pack. What i want from you is either a voice clip from you saying something you usually say. Or something your hear regularly on Teamspeak from other users that are the "Voice" of GOTR. A good Example Is "Robo to all Ghosts... Robo to all Ghosts.. Clear Coms". I have a work in progress but need alot more clips. Hit me up here, PM me or tag me on Spooky chat. Thanks Tutorial: You can download recursion here https://recursiontracker.com/?p=get I believe you have to create a user on their website, You can do so herehttps://recursiontracker.com/?p=login Once you have downloaded the program and opened it link it with your Ingame name and start tracking you sessions. Download My voice pack here https://gotr.us/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1247 Then relocate the VPK file into your recursion folder. In my case it ended up in C:\ Program Files (x86)\Recursion\RealtimeStatTracker\VoicePacks Now In Recursion Program go to the "Tools" menu at the top and select "Options" At the top of that menu select Audio On the Right side in the Middle is a button to "Load" Just under the Voice Packs heading, click that Now Find the GOTR VPK file and open. Run Planetside and ENJOY!
  13. I know I am new here and don't really understand how this outfit works, but I do have a suggestion. I was thinking that HIVE's are quite good to have but tricky to maintain. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to add in a new division (or subdivision, probably under Death's angels) dedicated to maintenance of HIVE's and attacking opposing HIVE's. I realize that some people don't view that as very fun, but there are a few of us (me included) that would like to do this. Maybe not all the time but when the outfit is called together to have dedicated builders, miners, and defenders. If it becomes its own division then I was thinking of naming it the HIVE corps for High Intensity Vanu Expansion. Please let me know what you think (or if this is totally ridiculous).
  14. GOTR wrecks TE with huge purple Valkyrie
  15. I remember Robo talking about the new GOTR sweaters coming out. Does anybody know when they will release?
  16. I was told to make a forum post of this, so here you are! We had completed a base that had taken some time to build, and had just put the HIVE up. Being at full health, its shield perfectly in tact, a Terran Infiltrator named BakaRaymooConnery, somehow, managed to enter through the HIVE Shield and destroy the HIVE, as we were unable to shoot him or do anything to stop him until the shield eventually vanished. They "admitted" to hacking in chat, though clearly not serious, we still have a valid reason to believe that was what genuinely took place. He was reported by us, and I also reported BukaWaymoo for association and "admitting" to what appeared to be a legitimate cheat. Attached is an image of chat. Outfit-mates who can corroborate this story: Archemedes, Noodles.
  17. I got myself a new job and unfortunately it's a job locked in Perma-Overtime, having me work twelve hours a day, seven days a week. Not much of a work/life balance huh?
  18. They're a part the game, but annoying as they can be, some of them are actually fairly amusing. What are your stories? One of my most memorable deaths: upon arriving late to a large battle on nighttime Indar, I flew over a wall and crouched under cover, having taken some damage previously. While waiting for my health to regen, an ally innocently bounded over to me, staring, shining his mounted flashlight on me. But then, after a moment, his trigger-happy finger released a swarm of bullets towards my head.
  19. For my Infiltrator I have nothing left to spend certs on but these select few (minus my suit slot) Maxing out Hacking 500 Motion Spotter (Next to last level) 500 Hunter/Stalker/Nano-armor cloak (All the 500 cert ones) Proximity Mine x2 400 certs. Please let me know what you think would be the best for me to go for!
  20. Please post here if you expect to miss one or more Thursday Night Raids. It's a fact of life that sometimes you won't be able to attend a raid, that's why we have the Zeroth Pillar of "Real Life Comes First". We ask that you let us know if you are going to miss a raid or be On Leave. On Leave means you'll be missing more than one raid in a row. If you are an officer, we expect you to tell us you'll be missing a raid. This is not about asking permission. It is both your right and responsibility to prioritize your time. You don't have to tell us why you're missing the raid. Letting us know you'll be absent helps us plan. If you forget or can't post here, we'll understand. Life happens.
  21. ImikuA

    Just Joined

    I'm new to this. I'm just here to help out
  22. Nihil

    VS Joint Ops

    We'll be doing joint operations with other VS outfits on Saturday, 21 Jan, at 8pm Eastern. Let's show them the power of Vanu and make them all cry "NERF TEAMWORK!".
  23. DISCO PARTY / DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE - ZOE MAXes, Lashers, and Lancers. It's a disco party...DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE. DON'T TAP OUT! (MEDIC NIGHT) - Everyone brings out their medic, don't you DARE think about clicking the respawn button. The idea here is that if everyone's a medic, we don't need a hard spawn. We'll sprinkle in a few Engineers for ammo. SHOOTING STAR - Everyone equips a Heavy loadout with a dumbfire launcher of some kind. The default S1 or a Lancer is recommended. We'll use them for everything, AI, AA, and AV. No rifles will be used tonight! We may do other things, too, as this is the first official SFR of the new year. Be ready to be flexible!
  24. I was in school when I made this, so a good bit of it might be wrong, but it can still help players better learn some of the not-given stats of their guns. Let me know of any mathematical errors, as I said there's bound to be a few. Easier stuff: (H) Hit Time: the time it takes for a bullet to reach your target. Meter Distance ÷ Velocity For VS Serpent at 10 meters: 10 ÷ 420 = ~.024 seconds (F) Fire Rate: the time between each bullet fired. Not very significant. 60 seconds ÷ shots per minute For VS Serpent: 60 ÷ 845 ~.071 seconds For the more complicated equation later on, if you want to find a more personal answer, use this version to take accuracy into accoint: 60 seconds ÷ shots per minute + (60 seconds ÷ shots per minute × average assumed bullets missed on single target) (D) Lethal Bullet: how many bullets it takes to reach 1000 damage. To account for nanoweave, add one bullet. Damage(x) > 1000 health For VS Serpent: 143x > 1000. x > ~7 bullets Clearly, it can be equal to 1000 as well, but my phone won't let me make that sign. Necessary Overcomplication: Time 'till Drop Now, the more complicated one, to find how long it takes to kill someone. I understand this can be done by timekeeping in the VR, but that doesn't usually take bullet velocity, distance, nor fire rate *specifically* into account. This is just more accurate. The usefulness of this one is more so for infantry who prefer guns with a high rate of fire, so that they can counter those with guns that have a higher rate, like that annoying TR gun with ~900 rounds per minute. (H + F) × D = T ( (Meters ÷ Velocity) + (60 ÷ shots per minute) ) × (solve for D) = Time A reminder, you can personalize F to include inaccuracy. In words: How long it takes for a bullet to reach a target, plus how much time is in between each bullet fired, multiplied by the amount of bullets necessary to kill a target. For VS Serpent in ideal conditions: (10÷420 + .07) × 14 = .65 seconds Apparently. It seems a little low to me, but then again, I'm never in ideal situitions. Hope my boredom was helpful! Correct me on any possible errors, please. ~~ Androssi
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