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  1. SHADES RECRUITMENT IS OPEN CO: Nihil XO: Quilentus TO: ReaperOfSouls Captain: Waveord SHADES: Waveord Reignman Anam Ziintekh Tranic DroidBotGammaV10 DRTAC7 MisterFr0st UnknownShooter nightj246 Advarium MooMooZen Krinsee ON TRIAL: ON LEAVE: STATUS UNKNOWN: OFF TOUR: (Currently MIA, but welcome to return to shades should they ever resurface) We are the lone infiltrator deep in enemy territory, we are the pair of sniping relaying information from a distant hilltop, we are the scythe scouts giving vital intel to the raid commander We are SHADES, If you aren't much of an organized unit tactics person; if you know exactly what you are good at, and want to do just that for the good of the raid; if you are more of a lone wolf who stills wants to contribute, or if you just prefer running with a smaller group of people who think just like you, we are the place for you. Whether you like sniping, recon, CQC infiltration, scouting or whatever your play style may be, we have a place for you. A note: we are NOT shooting for kills, our focus is and always will be furthering the good of the raid and outfit, just in a different way than most. If DA is the army, PEST is SWAT and Spectre are the Navy Seals we are the CIA, working alone or in small units, doing what we do best. If you would like to apply to join our elite team, drop a post in this thread or pop me a PM, preferably both. Cert Requirements: Have enough certs in your chosen area of specialization, whatever that may be, the trust/burden is on you. Recommended: Max your leadership certs, these are vital to our mobility and to marking targets.
  2. Nihil

    Our BR 100s!

    Here are our Battle Rank 100 members as of 2014-09-18: http://auraxis.info/outfit/GOTR/members 1 robocpf1 2 BlackPhlanx 3 Champagon 4 DaDubman 5 Jos 6 Khaot 7 LocoCoyote 8 nullfunction 9 PorkPuller 10 ReaperOfSouls 11 RedKnights 12 Biscuit3 13 deathwish200k 14 Edeep 15 HammerSpike 16 JackFr0st5 17 Master 18 Meatball1 19 Spoor 20 Thurwell 21 Zimbro 22 0001 23 AlphaVolke 24 Argimor 25 Bean 26 CaveItUp 27 CryoLizard 28 Eska 29 EvilSmoo 30 FabricatorGeneral 31 Farmacist 32 Fatslice 33 FauxPaws 34 ffz 35 FidoTheFish 36 FroZown 37 FunkOTron 38 HACKMASTER101 39 Halsoy 40 imb0r3d 41 IndigoEclipse 42 InfernoZan 43 InterSlayer 44 Jobarra 45 Krinsee 46 Kyrth 47 lueyja1 48 Martty 49 MERCURY 50 MrBonWOLF 51 Muirgheal 52 Niimble 53 Okryt 54 OperationMindcrime 55 RailFury 56 Raymondo316 57 ShepardCommander 58 Sorro 59 TakaraGotR 60 Terzer 61 thejericho 62 Time2MakeTheDonuts 63 Torokokill 64 Toxenov 65 Troutkins 66 Voight 67 Weberjeagermangensen 68 willclimb 69 Xenik 70 xGuru 71 xRimax 72 Xulor 73 Gauron 74 LeonardJones 75 MasterChef82 76 MaximoFeatherston 77 Nevaire 78 Seraphoka 79 ZoolXen
  3. Greetings, fellow Ghosts! After much deliberation, I have decided to take a long hiatus from this wonderful community. My decision derives from reasons both mental and physical that I will not explain in detail here. In short, I am taking a break due to a personal problem that I hope to resolve in the near future. I want to make it perfectly clear that this decision is in no way affected by the actions of the leadership of this community nor its membership; in fact, quite the opposite. The command staff of this community far surpasses that of any other gaming community I have come in contact with in the past. You guys are great and nothing should make you think otherwise. Now, as those in DL know well, I have become somewhat of a "boy who cried wolf" when it comes to "leaving," but this time I am not kidding. Don't worry: I am not in jail, my wife is not so angry at me as to warrant my departure (since I am not married) and thankfully, I am not at death's door. I just wanted to throw that out there, since there was some confusion in DL last time I made a statement such as this XD. Believe me, I am not gone for good, I WILL pop into TS. . .from time to time, but you will rarely, if ever, find me in game. Hopefully, in the future I will make a return. It is really very hard to say goodbye to an organization with which I have identified myself for more than a year, it really is. . .but it must be done. See ya when I see ya, Ghosts! Sincerely, -DoctorTackSeven -DURTACK ZEVEN
  4. Calling all new GOTR Planetside 2 members and especially players new to the game! The first new "basic training" session will be tomorrow (Wednesday, September 3rd) at 8pm Eastern, roughly the same time as the FEAR division raids. If you're new, either to the outfit or to the game, then you should strongly consider coming to the training session. I, along with our new cadre of Training Officers, will be there to instruct you all in the basics - "Welcome to Planetside!" There will be a few minutes of setup and instruction in things such as keybinds, certs, and the like, but then it's straight into the heat of battle. Here in GOTR, we train you in the middle of combat, not through boring drills. In addition to being informative, these events are designed to be fun! So come and join us, we could certainly use the feedback. ---Robo PS - the plan is to do these once a week. We're still working on a schedule, but for now we're looking at Wednesday evenings and possibly some Sunday afternoons to accommodate those that aren't available on Wednesday nights.
  5. FLIGHT OF THE VALKYRIES - The Valkyrie, a six-man support aircraft, has just been released. We'll play around with them and try out different assault tactics, like Ewok's Revenge and volley fire from Lashers and dumbfire missiles. SHOOTING STAR - Everyone equips a Heavy loadout with a dumbfire launcher of some kind. The default S1 or a Lancer is recommended. We'll use them for everything, AI, AA, and AV. No rifles will be used tonight! DON'T TAP OUT! (MEDIC NIGHT) - Everyone brings out their medic, don't you DARE think about clicking the respawn button. The idea here is that if everyone's a medic, we don't need a hard spawn. We'll sprinkle in a few Engineers for ammo.
  6. Since we've been doing more practice activities recently I wanted to bring up something that would greatly increase our organization, effectiveness, and efficiency. I call it "the standardization of tactical operations," but in Lehman's terms it simply means that we create, and practice, rigid squad compositions for the purpose of raid nights. These squad compositions would be composed of a definite number of each class.This is particularly applicable to Tactical Tuesday Ops and especially Raid Nights, when our reputation is on the line. For Example: Standard Building Hold ( can be specialized for powerhouse, 3-Story, etc. ): 4 Medics 2 Engis 1 Infil 5 Heavies (interchangeable for maxes, and maybe LA for beacon purposes) Lancer Party: 1 Medic (2 if we are using a beacon to set up the nest) 1 Engi 1 Infil ( 2 if radar coverage is a priority and counter snipers are becoming an issue) 7 to 9 heavies with Lancers ( Interchangeable with an AA Max or two) *ONE DESIGNATED SPOTTER WHO CALLS TARGETS IS REQUIRED Gun Deck Takeover: 4 Medics 2 Engis 2 Infils on drop to hack (SMG or Stalker pref for this), 1 reploys and the other stays for radar purposes. 3-4 Heavies on drop ( 2nd infil can change to Heavy or LA ) probably 3 heavies pref here since 1 LA will be needed for a decent beacon after the drop Anyways, you guys get the point. I would really appreciate if you suggest additional Squad Loadouts that you'd like to share, or want to try on a practice night. Additionally, if we want to be more flexible we can set up some vehicle squad loadouts for flying, or armor. *What I especially want to stress is that we aren't particularly fond of the Medic class, when it comes to holding a building. Now, It would be amazing if we'd have a handful of dedicated medics, but that's a rarity since many people value K/D over SPH ( I'm one of those people, sorry ). One thing that I've noticed with other organized squads is that they have an exceptional number of medics (up to 6 per squad), and this allows them to hold points against 2 to 1 odds. Whatever the case, if we want to be more effective then we're going to have to solve this issue.
  7. Welp, I don't think I will be attending this weeks raid again... Long story short, I enlisted in the U.S. military as an M1 Abrams tank crew member, shipping off for basic in November, will try to see if I can get a computer to get on TS or even play with you guys for the months before I get shipped off, don't have much other info at the time, further details will follow.
  8. We've gotten a lot of requests for a tank-based SFR recently, so we'll do one! You all get to choose between primarily Lightnings or primarily Magriders for the night, but we may just end up doing both. LIGHTNING STORM - Lightnings, the one-man-army's vehicle of choice. Except there will be more than one of us. A LOT more than one of us. MAGRIDER MADNESS / MAGFEST - They're big, mobile, maneuverable and thanks to our Vanu lords, they fire in a straight line. The Magrider is a mainstay of the VS arsenal, and this is where we help to prove it.
  9. I have to say, I'm not really having fun anymore and I'm starting to figure out why. Firstly, if you guys didn't notice. I resigned as an officer in the outfit. All it was doing was getting me more and more pissed off and it would have been only a matter of time before I lost my cool which would have made me look like an ass. I think what I'm going to talk about below definitely plays into WHY I was getting so upset. Anyway, I would like to give a big thank you to everyone for your support and to the officers of DL and the outfit for their advice and leadership. Back to the point of the post... So, the past week or so I haven't wanted to play with PEST, nor the outfit at all. I've tried a few times, I just can't do it. I end up soloing or even just logging. Earlier today I was going to post a thread in the Mess Hall asking who wanted to make a close knit squad who played together all of the time. Outside of the Divisions, just on off nights... we just get together and play. I have the most fun when I'm in a close knit team working together to accomplish a goal, whatever that goal is and that is what I was trying to set up. Basically, I am missing what we used to have in the Drinking Room. Working on holding buildings, on flying, or using armor. Trying new Strategies... not just on raid nights, but every night. No one made it 100% of the time, but whomever was on and playing was in the Drinking Room. Thinking about all that, I decided not to write that thread asking 'who wanted to do something different' because that group is supposed to already exist. We were that group. I know, the rest of the outfit friggen hated us for it. They thought we were segregating ourselves... and to an extent they are correct but it was always open to everyone. We always had a couple of non-DL come down and join us when they wanted to see what was up. In a building hold thread in the Strategies section Kyrth said (and I'm paraphrasing because I don't have it open), "It seemed like every time an organized group came in, like BAX, they broke us." WE USED TO BE LIKE BAX. We were the ones who could hold off BAX, or break Mustarde's crew. Were we individually better then than we are now? Actually, I think we have better players now than we did back then. The difference is the amount of time we work together in the game. Back then some combination of us were playing together, even on outfit wide non-raid Tac ops... all the PESTICLEs ended up in the same squad. Right now, we spend all week in outfit wide tac or casual ops mixed in with everyone else and then somehow on Wednesday or Thursday we're supposed to be on our game? I don't think so... I think being in DL should mean that we made more of a commitment to play the game well, not just as infantry but as pilots and drivers. You can't do that in 2 hours on one day and 3 hours the next. Is me whining about it going to change anything? I doubt it. So what I'm going to do is that every night (starting this weekend) that I can and feel like playing, I am going to be in the Drinking Room. If you want to come down and work on stuff, let's do it. I don't care what it is... you need an Auraxium for something? Let's get it. You want to get some people together and try a new way to assault some building... let's try it.
  10. As of posting this, theres currently two continents capped. Amerish by TR, and Hossin by VS. Idk if this was something known. But I figured if it wasn't that it might be a big deal. Does anyone know about this? And if so how many continents can be capped?
  11. The set up I was thinking is a kinda montage (lack of better word) of all the divisions doing their job. Good highlights like PG rofl-stomping an enemy convoy or some cool moves from WW and you know DA doing their thing. Above that Robo or me talking a little bit about the outfit (it is probably going to be Robo since his voice is better). If anyone else has got any ideas that would be very good. Now I need people that can record this in their divisions that have the game looking pretty good. I also need and editor or two that can help.It also may be a good idea to record from the ingame video software but I don't know how good that is. Oh also I didn't forget about you DL. What I want from you is you guys in your blinged out sundys with some rap music playing and you tech camo come driving in at the end when we mention you guys and what you do. All these ideas are subject to change, and Rome wasn't built in a day. I know this may take a bit.
  12. In an effort to encourage more flight practice outside of raid nights, Thurwell and I will be hanging out in the Wind Wraith channel whenever we decide to fly (typically most weeknights for me). We would like to extend the invitation to join us whenever you see one or both of us hanging out in that channel. You do not need to be a WW to join us. Anyone who is interested in improving their AA piloting skills is welcome. Air combat is one of those things that take a heck of a lot of practice and can be terribly frustrating alone. Our goal is to provide support for those wanting more practice and to keep you (and ourselves) alive longer than you would be while soloing. So please feel free to hop in channel and hopefully we can get casual air squads to become a more frequent occurrence.
  13. What advice do you think you can give out to a (relative) newbie like me? The idea for this thread is to share the best tactics or tips you have for newbies, to more skilled players, I'll start by showing a few good tips I found: VAST Training Infographics (These are really good tips and most tactics GOTR uses are covered) Wrel's Videos (I can't really pick out individual videos because there are too many, but these tips are INVALUABLE, make sure to check out the loadout guides and game mechanics videos) The key to expand your minimap is 'H', this doesn't sound useful but it's actually pretty damn useful, and the '[' and ']' keys to zoom in and out (I find close zooms are good for infantry, large zooms are good for vehicles) Don't Overextend! I am VERY guilty of doing this, but it is possibly the best (and hardest) thing to master. Pay attention to where the enemy forces are and where the ally forces are, and don't Rambo you're way into a building with 2 Scatmaxes and 4 engineers, because you will die. Horribly. Anyway, that's all of my tips, please post any tips you have below for me and others to view.
  14. Hey Ghosts! We're going to be running the first of several "Basic Training" sessions tomorrow (Saturday, July 12th) at 4:00pm Eastern! Training will cover a few small things such as proper keybindings, using your certs, and how the map/lattice functions, but the majority will be LIVE FIRE TRAINING where we PLAY THE GAME instead of have you sit in VR all day. We'll do an overview of base designs, buildings, special areas, classes, vehicles, spawning, and very basic squad-level tactics that we use every day in GOTR. If you have questions about how anything in Planetside 2 works (NEW PLAYERS, LOOKING AT YOU) then this is the perfect opportunity for you. We plan to run a couple of these per month - this will be the first time we try this, so I could use anyone that wishes to participate, even if you think you know everything that we'll cover. Come help teach the new players! Meet up in the VR at 4:00pm Eastern time - there will be a countdown timer on the top of the site and a Steam event made. See you there! While this training is not required, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that any new Planetside 2 players join up if you can. ---robocpf1, Outfit Leader
  15. WE CLAIM THIS LAND - Time to hunt down the outfit banners of our biggest rivals and replace them with our own! We attack facilities that have been captured by frenemy outfits and try plant our own flag there. WARPGATE DENIAL - With no hexes nearby, we move to an enemy hex and pull out AMSes and loads of AA and AV. Then, BLOCKADE THE GATE! DISCO PARTY / DANGER, HIGH VOLTGE - ZOE MAXes, Lashers, and Lancers. It's a disco party...DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE.
  16. It will be an honor fighting beside you guys, I am a transfer from TR with a BR 61 character on Emerald. I mainly play LA and HA but, will expand to play ever class eventually.
  17. #piratetalk Somehow this message posted prior to me even writing anything on it, Mateys. Pros: 1. Wenches... they are good and they bring beer. 2. Staying together... we did a good job staying together as we boarded each ship. 3. Curved Swords... they look cool. 4. Enthusiam - I can't spell it but we had it. 5. Communications - very good job. Especially when holding powerhouses. Cons: 1. Beacon passing... we got better as the night went on (when we combined into one squad), but in Alpha we had a SL in a max and often times had beacons two bases back. We all need to get better at the automatic pass (to include myself). 2. Sinking... when your ship sinks, it sucks mateys... 3. Speaking of which... Alonick driving into a river of toxic chemicals and killing a whole squad. You're welcome. 4. Personal Con... the windows button. After killing everyone, I hit the windows button probably due to lack of oxygen from laughing. It locked up everything and I ended up having to hold down the power button on my PC and restarting it.
  18. Greetings Daemons! Here's the list of topics that will be covered during the meeting tonight. Welcome Talk about the current role of the unit How can we improve as a unit Talk about the future of the unit Clarify officers role and tasks Recruiting among the outfit (how to stay aware of the potential recruit) Welcome and promote new members Response time, WUTU, group movement Talk about new/old tactics, discuss and improve it if needed Kill stuff
  19. It's an exciting time on Auraxis. Mattherson and Waterson have been merged to create Emerald, the mother server. Hossin has been released, creating new battlefields for us to conquer. Outfit base capture has been deployed and our wolf banner flies above many VS bases. I have returned from my two-week-long journey refreshed and ready for perhaps one of the most intense months of our existence. We have goals to achieve before August 14th (the first day of SOE Live) and I need all the help I can get. 1) GOTR Open Platoons run at least a few times per week. Reference: https://gotr.us/page/articles.html/_/outfit-confidential/open-platoon-checklist-r145 2) Significant increase in Planetside 2 recruitment (and retention) 3) A full platoon of 48 GOTR members involved in tactical operations during primetime (frequently, not just one time). 4) 100+ Ghosts online during the Thursday Night Raid. 5) Basic Training twice a month for players new to the game. 6) A significant uptick in video production and streaming. There are hundreds of new players in the game and players returning after long breaks from the game. There are small, inactive outfits that may wish to be absorbed. There are new enemies to fight from the Waterson server for us to test our strength against. Since launch, there has not been such a time as this. Ladies and gentlemen, we have work to do. If you haven't followed our Twitter account (@GotRGaming) or you aren't in the Steam Group, now is the time. You won't want to miss a second. Starting tomorrow, we begin to show the Emerald Server what we are made of. Prepare yourselves.
  20. There's a strange habit some of us have in referring to Regions as Hexes. J908 Impact Site is a region, not a Hex. It is comprised of several Hexes (6 hexes). Hex is short for hexagon, a six sided shape. /re is REgion chat... not /he for HExagon chat. Saying hex when you mean region is like saying county when you mean state, or province when you mean nation. Without telepathy, we don't know if you are referring to an actual hex, or to a region.
  21. More Skyguards is an indirect Liberator nerf, but better than nerfing the actual plane imo. However it means your Time Over Target is about to get a lot shorter.
  22. PS2 Pickup Server Smash - Sign Up This match will determine the name of our merged server, thus we're being try-hards about it. When? Tentatively Friday June 20th at 7PM or 8PM EST This is likely going to change and it is up to you to check on this post to spot updates. Where? PS2 Test Server Requirements? You must have the test server installed by Monday June 16th How do I sign up? Post in this thread stating: "I will defend Matterson's name for Vanu to the death" We have requested 24 slots, but we may have as few as 12 slots in the event that Waterson is underpopped. If you are on the wait list you are still expected to intend. Reservists will be substituted in regularly as needed. If an outfit does not have any additional reservists there is a chance that you will be running with someone other than GOTR. If you do not obey them as you would us there will be consequences. Flaking will be very frowned upon. Current Roster: [table] Slot Name Assignment 1 RedKnights Outfit Rep 2 Shinything Whip 3 Nullfunction Squad Leader 5 Thurwell [/td] 6 Falcata 7 TVOL 8 Dr3xOzzy 9 Edeep 10 Khaot 11 DarthJohnny 12 Alonick 13 Javelin 14 xGuru Harmless Docile Puppy 15 Acoyph 16 Jephir 17 Silverthorn 18 Draconiscloak 19 Waveord Codename Monger 20 Halsoy 21 Jagged03 22 Pennybags 23 Niimble 24 FatSlice 25 RandomChickenMan 26 Jadebenn 27 28 29 30 31 [td] [/table] Intel/FAQ Empire? Out empire is unknown due to the inconsistency of the test server. How do you Win? Winner of the event is determined by points. Points are assigned via the following map, along with start positions. MAP: Who are we playing with? Our Supreme Commander is likely KomradeVirtunov of GOKU We are designated as Platoon GREEN. We will be in that platoon with [test],[GOKU],and [s5S]/[TG] Our Platoon lead is RoyAwesome of [test]
  23. While the SHADES never cease to impress me, last night they kicked more ass than a three legged Bruce Lee. We had more of us online than we had in months and we worked together brilliantly. We did a Lancer Nest that shut down an entire region for all enemy air and armor. It was amazeballs. Someone would call a target and direction, the target would explode. We provided enough cover for friendly air and armor to roll whatever was left outdoors. Then, Robo led a Light Assault rush on the point the VS couldn't take at some tower. While we didn't hold the point ourselves, we cleared the path for the zerglings that were stalled. /em salute
  24. Ok, so there was a double xp weekend recently and I'm drowning in certs right now. However, I'm not sure what to put my points toward. What I'm asking is: can someone could create a comprehensive guide to using certification points effectively for every class? I think this would be immensely beneficial to newer players, such as myself, who are completely lost when looking at the options for jump jets, drifter jets, various types shields for HAs, the preferred situations for flak armor and nano-weave, etc. Just to clarify, I've been able to grasp the basics of some of these mechanics through trial and error in game-play but I feel as if I lack the sufficient game knowledge to value one type of upgrade over another, and since I can't max out everything at this point in time I wanted to know what I should focus on certing first.
  25. I've been trying to learn how to fly lately butttttt i suck. if anyone's in the same boat (or should i say plane) as me perhaps you'd like to practice together, help each other, etc. if anyone is interested please leave a reply in this thread and we can see if we can work something out.
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