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Found 77 results

  1. Please post here if you expect to miss one or more Thursday Night Raids. It's a fact of life that sometimes you won't be able to attend a raid, that's why we have the Zeroth Pillar of "Real Life Comes First". We ask that you let us know if you are going to miss a raid or be On Leave. On Leave means you'll be missing more than one raid in a row. If you are an officer, we expect you to tell us you'll be missing a raid. This is not about asking permission. It is both your right and responsibility to prioritize your time. You don't have to tell us why you're missing the raid. Letting us know you'll be absent helps us plan. If you forget or can't post here, we'll understand. Life happens.
  2. Legionaries! Please send me a PM with a SitRep with your thoughts on your unit, the outfit and the game in general. This is a "taking the pulse" kinda thing.
  3. Plop , Next raid i wish working the "french carpet" , that is assault meatgrinder grenades volley with all the nasty toys avaible (flash, smoke , conc , emp , frag ) and some MAX , like 1 or 2 .
  4. Plop , Raid's commands were assumed by Robo , "hivemind" , Robo .Targeted conts were Amerish and Esamir , alert occured in esamir raid .There were 6 PEST members on average , 7 for a short time . -Ikanam bio lab area ( attack Tr/win ) : Bio fights to begin raid ... , so we went there and it was not that hard , VS had pop (overpop?) , TR lacked will to defend .In the end it was an easy cap . ***Soon enough the continent went locked and we move to esamir .*** -Eisa Techplant ( ménage à trois /win ) : not much to say , VS , TR ,NC zergs meet in tech plant , VS pushed more efficiently .Excellent reactivity of being able to keep tunnels and double doors in turns . -Eisa mining operation ( sitting Tr /win ) : when i aimed at Eisa mountain , half the squad were alreday at mining so i switched .There was nothing to do , everything was under control .i moved ahead to our next target . -Mattherson's triumph ( attack Tr /win ) : we were able to get there as soon as cap was possible and we gained some very precious time while the zerg moved here ( 100m in 5 minutes ) we also killed prepositionned enemies's logistic assets.Good spread on all points. -The bulkwark ( defense Nc / lost ) : we were not dying enough so i moved us in the worst place to be at the time , i was not disapointed as we met a sizeable Nc force with MAX/AIR/ARMOR/SOFTIES , nothing we could have been done to save the place . -Elli forest pass ( defense Nc / lost ) : we were able to delay the cap a little , destroy some armor , but there were not enought VS to defend . -Mattherson triumph ( attack or defense Tr /win ) : Tr push us back or may be the end of previous cap . -Elli Amp station ( defense Nc /win ) : VS 's zerg move on that lane , it was becoming very hot .Easy fights. -Elli forest pass ( attack Nc /win ) : More pop , more momentum , easy fights . -Ymir southern reach ( preemptive attack Nc /success ) : instead going staight to the bulkward we moved ahead and aside main forces , killing every target north of or allies and ready to flip Ymir southern even for 5s as soon as possible .We did a good enough job at keeping some of their armors occupied with us .Nonetheless i will not made the same move again , i prefer to really cap that base or seriously tryng to do so , stealth bus are far better for that . -Terran bl-4 crash site ( attack Nc /win ) : MAGNIFIQUE , by the book , perfect !!!! Drop by valk - spread on all points - beacon lit in a "safe" spot - vehicule term hacked - multiple bus pulled and deployed all around the place - all points flipped simultaneously .All without any vocal orders .Nc has overpop at the end , the only thing a little disapointing was that GOTR tag was not on this cap because AT reinforce us with a lot of people . -Eisa Mountain pass ( defense Nc /win ) : we do the job and stay there until it was fully secure thanks to a massive VS redeployment . -Saerro listening post ( disruption Nc /sucess ) : while the outfit was on echo valley , we settled on saerro to split NC as much as possible , we were also able to lend support directly to echo .we were and the move to cap B point when orders fall to redeploy elsewhere . -Andvari biolab (defence Tr/win) : massive overpop for VS , quickly done . -The traverse / mattherson's triumph (trap Tr/success ) : we end the raid by keeping Tr in an endless attack/defence over those two bases , there was 1H before alert ends when i log off .At some point one single guy was able to fuck up all the Tr zerg heading to mattherson's triumph . note : PRISTINE beacon "operations" , i will managed an easy lancer farm as reward , i will handle logistic and placement via magic oui-oui bus or i let the squad deciding where they want to go with a "cancel command's order bond" . I sucked at giving/repeating vocal orders , more than usual that is , i had my mind clouded by the "brexit" . overall good raid , everyone was responsible and independent and yet cohesive .
  5. Plop , Target continent was Esamir then Amerish , i think Nihil was in charge or it was the hive mind of GOTR DC , i was in charge of PEST , there were 7 of us at maximum peak , average of 6. An Amerish alert occured during ops . - Eisa mining operation (attack NC / win) : we came in valk all of us as light assault with crossbow/explosive bolt , supressor on or primary , flash bang , medkit and most of us with sensor shield ( yea ), we aim locking down northwest side of the base , we were in overpop , capturing the base locked Esamir for VS and we moved to Amerish . - East hills checkpoint (preemptive attack TR / win) : the outfit was on Mekala's auxiliary coumpound , my goals were to draw some Tr away from target outfit and protect Splitpeak pass .Shit tons of air but we actualy cap this (still all of us as LA) , very few customers , Tr command was terrybad on this .We inflicted what i assume to be the worst way of getting killed in an armor => shot to death by explosive bolts (that was a lighting). - Onatha southwest gate (preemptive attack TR / win) : i decided to push our luck and by ordering the cap , on foot from east hills , and somehow it worked . we got 3 customers during the cap , the last victim was a poor Tr medic , savagely murdered by explosive bolts . - Onatha Biolab (troll attack TR / WIN ) : i played , i won , so why not trying to cap a biolab ? we played as LA the first half of the cap and when the NCU gen goes down we all returned as MAX , i was thinking that even with half a brain Tr command would send half a platoon or more to wipe us out , but no !!! *** Double cap *** - Onatha north gate/East onatha comm array (never ending christmas double troll attack TR / win ) : because of my horrible accent , or maybe it was fate , we accidently split between those two bases and it worked !! By the time we came aware we were split and because things gone well i do not order any WUTU , when it works , it works .i just ask someone to check Eastshore training camp (now cut off territory with silver valley) , everything was fine there . *** end of double cap*** - Crux mining operation ( WTF attack TR /win ) : i wanted to secure the lane by making sure we cap this to have some kind of buffer for onatha bio .We were there with some dapp , i think in overpop (not sure) , lot of air .Tr tryed something at the end but we hold . 6am as i wrote this , need some sleep , i will write the remaining stuff later
  6. Plop all , Usual after action report when i had to be in charge without any senior officers .Robo was in charge of the raid , i was in charge of PEST , targets were Dildar then Amerish . i don't recall more than half a squad at maximum capacity . - Seabed listening post (attack Tr) : aborded during air travel - J908 impact site (attack Tr) : we still dropped on seabed , except that we all pulled AMS from their hacked vehicule terminal (aside valk pilot) .We took our ams to the north then to C point on J908 .The squad set up AA/AV/lasher nest for the roof of the three storey building of C point .Maneuver was near perfect except i forgot asking to land AT mines on both sides of the road (happily without consequences).Command pulled us out . - Seabed listening post (attack Tr/success) : i pulled a sundy from Allatum as soon as i received orders then head to the hill south of seabed spawn's room where we set up our "sons et lumières " we were able to destroy some air and armor coming from hydro . - Dahaka southern post (attack Tr) : we moved as soon order were given , but we never made it because i decide to end Tr's presence on the plateau that stand between dahaka southern and J908 .We made a pretty good job cleaning up the plateau of armor and infantry and we allowed most of VS forces to proceed with minimal casualties to dahaka southern . - Indar comm aray (defense Tr/success) : i decide to keep it clean to speed up dahaka southern cap , there were very little Tr force trying to cap comm array but nobody aside from us to defend , so we clean the place . - Dahaka southern post (attack Tr) : ams pulled for indar comm heading west of the dahaka southern spawn , multiple deployed Tr sundies , and a slow stream of armor .We kept their attempt to reinforce from the west contained . - Crossroads watchtower (defense Nc/success) : easy-nobrain-move => CERTLANDIA , we were heavily bothered by enemy air but we succeed taking out NC's repair sundy and then helping melting down their armor .Very happy to saw that even half a squad can weight a lot in a messy fight like that . -at this point things started to became really hard as VS were attack by NC and TR , limiting any usefull 6 men tactics- - Tawrich depot (proactive defense Nc) : kamikaze move , tons of enemy's armor but we cap the point and hold it at long as we could preventing Nc to be able to capture crossroad and to give VS time to organize , and that we do . - Crossroads watchtower (defense Nc) : when we were kicked out of tawrich depot we redeployed at the top of its north hill and start AV duty , command pull us out to amerish. - Wokuk amp station (attack Tr) : 4 men squad , robo wanted to keep the shields gens down , we drop on the roof , since i got a lot of certs while staying in the valk i guess we do good . - Wokuk watchtower (defense Tr/success) : i felt some Tr were going try to backhack us so i preposition myself there with the valk , and i just had to ask a kick redeploy for us to secure it . - Wokuk amp station (attack Tr/success) : not much to say , we were spread all over the place using one man army tactic , it worked ;-) . - Chimney rock depot (defense Tr/success) : small fight there , one BWC squad , multiple attempts but we push them back everytime , overpop for us . - Heyoka chemical lab (Proactive defense Tr) : as soon as chimney was clean we use a deployed forward sundy and move to cap the point , we hold until they drop a platoon on us , we might have been able to stay longer thanks to becon but command wanted scarfield so we moved . - The scarfield reliquary (attack Tr) : very messy , i managed to drop us on point despite heavy enemy air , lite the beacon and get in cap building asap , tons on air and armor we hold as long as we could but there was an armor battle going on in south preventing Vs reinforcement , good try . - around 3h30 am , i logoff after asking the remnant of our squad to join shades - I think we make do what we could given the manpower , not easy to select targets that fit our size given enemy's "density" , hard (but far from impossible) for us to work on such congested lanes . Good squad cohesion and everyone was at it .
  7. How do you see your unit (PEST/SHADES) dealing with the Construction System (CS)? Do you want to build them? Do you want to destroy them? Use certain construct (build and AA nest with a turret farm)? Avoid it and focus on other aspects of the game?
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/43qehr/i_think_he_left_his_keys_in_it/
  9. I would love to have a SHADE doing this all raid long. Just camping the shit out of enemy terms.
  10. Zolid

    F**k It fridays

    So if have started a new thing on Friday's call Fuck It Fridays, and it basically a competitive SFR. It is a filler for players who are tired of regular ops Fridays. It consists of: -Flip the Flash(As fast as you can and kill yourself) -Harasser from hell(derby's or enemy armor columns) -Ram Rod(Ram an ESF with your ESF with No weapons) -Galaxy Crab Walk Races( ASK Pork) -King Of the Hill With Mags -Get Amped! ( fly an ESF through an AMP station Shielded Portion) -Pistol Pete(Duel At Five paces) -Galaxy Knife Duels -Sundie SummerSalt -Lanced(Rockets On Flashes) -GO Frag Yourself -Call it out(Sniping) ETC... So I'm looking for more Ideas about F.I.F Please Let Me Know Here Or on PM.
  11. A few PEST folks have taken up Google Hangouts as an off-teamspeak communication tool. If you're in the unit and aren't already chit-chatting with us at all hours of the day and night (ok, I'm kidding... sorta....), you're missing out! There is also a GotR community up on Google+ to facilitate joining these Hangouts. People across the outfit as a whole should feel free to use it to connect and set up their own unit-specific Hangouts if they wish. They're useful for rallying troops, quick attendance updates, alert.. uh 'alerts', etc. I know the outfit is looking into official, centralized solutions for this, but as a stopgap this has been working well for PEST. And if you've never been on Google+ / Hangouts before, don't worry. I've got a complete, ELI5 writeup of every single step below. It includes links directly to the relevant community, profile, and client apps. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zAu5adSfu0QKH6h6z9YiwgRfkh2kEyeJfgll73RyNZ8/edit?usp=sharing Click here to view the article
  12. Action took place on INDAR , we had the "easiest" warpgate, and the north one .Robo was in charge .Alert for capturing indar occurred during raid. Pro: +++ Excellent point hold at Quartz Ridge camp Charlie, NC had to commit massive resources expend to get us out. ++ Squad’s comp was good enough ++ Squad’s cohesion was good enough as well ++++ Briggs Laboratories saving, still don't know exactly how we managed to get it back, all i remember is that i was alpha lead as infil and i was avoiding enemies contact until Thango ask us to made one with the capture point. Cons: Bring more LASHERSSSSSS nothing Note: - i mentioned somewhere that GAL should no longer be our main transport , getting in and getting out of enemies territory put too much stress on them , we lose them too quickly compare to what they cost in resources .As a result , many of us were unable to pull .My personal feeling about this is that the galaxy's era is now finish and Valk's era is beginning .So when asked to pull gal i disobeyed and pulled valk instead , then i was told something like "no way you will be able to approach Quartz ridge" , well i was .In fact i was able to stand by quartz ridge (and be targeted by all the reavers from Hvar) and go Indar Comm , check if there were any AMS , drop on 3 bax squads , kill all their beacons .Later with a fully loaded Valk i/we were able to stand our ground against 3 mossies and some G2A , drop on Ceres hydro and managed to keep valk up and ready .I had to adjust my valk setup to my expectation , no more stealth but composite armor and no Hellion but rockets launcher (no defense against ESF) and way more evasive maneuvers . So far so good , BUT : only half squad can be drop so I think we need two dedicated valk pilot for ops , rotate pilots by weeks as much as possible . Galaxy is still the king when you want to break super heavy flak wall. -For those who were still online when we were at Allatum Botany wing, remember where i put my squad beacon .It was a little pain in the arse to wait until i managed to get on that tree but after that good luck to find it and take it down .When your objective is to split enemy’s forces without back up reinforcement, never but your beacon too close, NEVER. a new trap designed for Khaot my new ingineer loadout (with no helmet) Funkotron's secret project for player's studio :
  13. Robo was in charge, deployment began on Esamir during an alert then Hossin then Indar . Ganitus and Unison has been introduced to us, they request 555 from their application and ended up with us (and are tagg as DL now) . So far they don't screw up anything and have been able to keep themself with our "traveling" attitude. Last thing, our semi official camo is "tech camo", not mandatory but we enjoy to shine . Back to business . Esamir => we mostly were around Echo Valley, trapped between Nc and Tr with "96+" fights, with very limited options to grab territory. I think our 2 squads had a good impact on Nc armor, lightning raids, epic valk drops and bolded sundies convoy. Terrans were not very offensive but very protective, we fell short taking Eisa Mountain, but with enemies rendering problem ( 2m rendering distance ), there was nothing we could do. Hossin => Ghanan Southern Crossing !!! messing the Nc by helping Tr, it was a "trolala" fight, but it felt so good. Indar => Tawrich Depot, Rashnu Watchtower, Scarred Mesa, Zurvan, Palisade, Briggs, Mao. Low intensity theaters most of the time, to think i managed to bypass enemies' lines at scarred mesa to pull a sundy at regent rock (and fully hacked all terms and turrets).... For nothing . Anyway this is a perfect example of PEST's soldiers behaviour (i hope it is), don't wait for orders, foresee them. Give options to your squad leader, it is ok to redeploy ahead and pull gal/valk/sundy, just check others members' position on your map to avoid "double crossing" anyone, while we need options we don't need too many of them . Bend rules, don't break them. +Squad's comp was good, but TOO MANY LA and NOT ENOUGH LASHERS, the usual so it is ok . ++ Squad's cohesion was good enough, even while in armor. ++++ Null's valk drop on a raging sea of Nc (yes i dare put a rating on my TO) Personal note: Jack of all trades, master of none, i am an ok medic but that is all. i am a much better HA with lasher, Infil or Air transport pilot, if you saw me in medic, something is wrong in squad's comp. Footage from last PEST trial
  14. Would anyone be up to the task of making logos for SHADES and PEST? I'd love to have a neat new desktop background, forum sig, or even get the SHADES logo imprinted on a mug and enjoy my morning espresso in style. Visual editing is a thing I love to do, but I am terrible when it comes to working in 2D. Anyone want to take this on? I'd love to see what you come up with!
  15. Squad comp and cohesion where good, at least from my point of view. Vehicles had been pulled when needed for the most part, no complain on that either. +++Sungrey Power Hubs against Tr: This is where we met raid's objectives (being tenacious), superb fight , great use of AP lightnings pulled from moss ravine, BUT : if you are low on resources or must spare them for later (pulling bus or gal for exemple), NEVER forget about a Flash with radar, we need at least one because it gives us precious intel and it can move at the same speed as lightnings. You will die in horrible ways but we need those intel in order to protect the lightnings and find juicy target. ++Raven landing against NC: we lost that one, but hold the point for quite some times. Too many gal and walk and reavers in the air, BUT going to vehicles term while cloaking as infil to avoid gal's bulldogs then pulling a skyguard, i managed to kill few reavers, 2 or 3 gal and 3 walk, problem is it was not fast enough but i am pretty sure it would have been a win for us with just another skyguard. My point is DON'T WAIT for any kind of support, kill enemy spawns . Note on galaxy: current best load out for us is fire suppression system, composite armor and high G airframe. Racer airframe has lost its interest because of the new handling of air. Note on EMP: , so we have three choices there" - i only use them during french carpet or for killing hard to reach beacons - i keep tossing them without any restraint, dividing by 2 softie's HP pool, killing max and softies IFF, killing any deployables (like medic shield under a shielded sundy). In that case i suggest you equip EMP shielding implant. - i use them only after i received clearance/order Note on sundy: if you have to deploy an ams away from the front line, stealth is the way to go, it will last longer! Note on light assault: we don't need them unless we are receive order to do so, the only exception is for a squad leader, being able to stick squad beacon in a safe place, if you need to kill a beacon, 80% of the time a emp is a far better choice, you can easily be killed as LA but:
  16. Somehow, calling DL Tactical Tuesdays "PESTerday" came to me.
  17. Thango

    Missed raid

    Sorry I couldn't be there guys, my grandmother (mother side) died yesterday. And my another grandmother (father side) died this morning. From what Edeep told me none of the pest officer were ON and I apology for that. It only stress the point that I need to promote some people to captains. We've already had names in our heads but if you wish to step up and show that you have leadership skills, now is the time.
  18. https://gotr.us/topic/9736-event-signups-serversmash-28-september/ If you haven't subscribed, I encourage you do to so and be a on reserve
  19. Greetings, fellow Ghosts! After much deliberation, I have decided to take a long hiatus from this wonderful community. My decision derives from reasons both mental and physical that I will not explain in detail here. In short, I am taking a break due to a personal problem that I hope to resolve in the near future. I want to make it perfectly clear that this decision is in no way affected by the actions of the leadership of this community nor its membership; in fact, quite the opposite. The command staff of this community far surpasses that of any other gaming community I have come in contact with in the past. You guys are great and nothing should make you think otherwise. Now, as those in DL know well, I have become somewhat of a "boy who cried wolf" when it comes to "leaving," but this time I am not kidding. Don't worry: I am not in jail, my wife is not so angry at me as to warrant my departure (since I am not married) and thankfully, I am not at death's door. I just wanted to throw that out there, since there was some confusion in DL last time I made a statement such as this XD. Believe me, I am not gone for good, I WILL pop into TS. . .from time to time, but you will rarely, if ever, find me in game. Hopefully, in the future I will make a return. It is really very hard to say goodbye to an organization with which I have identified myself for more than a year, it really is. . .but it must be done. See ya when I see ya, Ghosts! Sincerely, -DoctorTackSeven -DURTACK ZEVEN
  20. Make sure you're up to date with the required cert. https://gotr.us/page/articles.html/_/outfit-confidential/unit-profile-daemon-legion-r133
  21. I have to say, I'm not really having fun anymore and I'm starting to figure out why. Firstly, if you guys didn't notice. I resigned as an officer in the outfit. All it was doing was getting me more and more pissed off and it would have been only a matter of time before I lost my cool which would have made me look like an ass. I think what I'm going to talk about below definitely plays into WHY I was getting so upset. Anyway, I would like to give a big thank you to everyone for your support and to the officers of DL and the outfit for their advice and leadership. Back to the point of the post... So, the past week or so I haven't wanted to play with PEST, nor the outfit at all. I've tried a few times, I just can't do it. I end up soloing or even just logging. Earlier today I was going to post a thread in the Mess Hall asking who wanted to make a close knit squad who played together all of the time. Outside of the Divisions, just on off nights... we just get together and play. I have the most fun when I'm in a close knit team working together to accomplish a goal, whatever that goal is and that is what I was trying to set up. Basically, I am missing what we used to have in the Drinking Room. Working on holding buildings, on flying, or using armor. Trying new Strategies... not just on raid nights, but every night. No one made it 100% of the time, but whomever was on and playing was in the Drinking Room. Thinking about all that, I decided not to write that thread asking 'who wanted to do something different' because that group is supposed to already exist. We were that group. I know, the rest of the outfit friggen hated us for it. They thought we were segregating ourselves... and to an extent they are correct but it was always open to everyone. We always had a couple of non-DL come down and join us when they wanted to see what was up. In a building hold thread in the Strategies section Kyrth said (and I'm paraphrasing because I don't have it open), "It seemed like every time an organized group came in, like BAX, they broke us." WE USED TO BE LIKE BAX. We were the ones who could hold off BAX, or break Mustarde's crew. Were we individually better then than we are now? Actually, I think we have better players now than we did back then. The difference is the amount of time we work together in the game. Back then some combination of us were playing together, even on outfit wide non-raid Tac ops... all the PESTICLEs ended up in the same squad. Right now, we spend all week in outfit wide tac or casual ops mixed in with everyone else and then somehow on Wednesday or Thursday we're supposed to be on our game? I don't think so... I think being in DL should mean that we made more of a commitment to play the game well, not just as infantry but as pilots and drivers. You can't do that in 2 hours on one day and 3 hours the next. Is me whining about it going to change anything? I doubt it. So what I'm going to do is that every night (starting this weekend) that I can and feel like playing, I am going to be in the Drinking Room. If you want to come down and work on stuff, let's do it. I don't care what it is... you need an Auraxium for something? Let's get it. You want to get some people together and try a new way to assault some building... let's try it.
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