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Found 38 results

  1. So, after a few weeks of running these raids on saturdays and running them on friday once, I am beginning to get some more concrete ideas for how they should work. For starters, I think that running orokin derelicts and potentially the hunt for atayan treasure is a good idea, as most everyone can do those with a minimum of gear, and they can be very beneficial. (treasure hunt less so, but come on, aesthetic is life, who doesn't want more kinetic sculptures?) That being said, me and several others of the community (Gadstat, Toxenov, Ishniana) agreed to do a bit of a raid last night. This proved to have a better turnout than saturday when DRTAC7 also showed up. So, I will hold it to a vote, who thinks that saturday is best, and who prefers fridays. Same time either way for now, we might get to fine tuning that later, but for now I want to get the day set. I will check the polls throughout the week, and depending on the number of answers will leave it up for one or two weeks. Until then, Saturday is the day. http://www.strawpoll.me/14728868 (new poll, I added another option for people who didn't care either way) See you on the plains Tenno Edit: If friday wins and there are conflictions with other events, we can move the time to a bit later. I have real life things going on on wednesdays, so I cannot run the raids then.
  2. ajcannon

    New stuff in game

    (I say plains several times during this, but unless it is accompanied by 'Eidolon' I'm probably talking about the parts that are flat with slight hills, maybe a couple boulders. Despite being relatively small for open-world, it does have several different 'biomes' where different resources can be found) So warframe came out with the plains of eidolon, a semi-open world aspect. basically it is a huge map that you can explore freely. There are new quests and mobs to face off against, including bosses that (to my knowledge) have yet to be beaten. They also added in a new faction of plains-folk, called the Ostron, who live in a town called Centus. Centus works similarly to a relay, except it has a gateway to the plains themselves. You are able to purchase faction goods from various salesmen (and women) as well as equip yourself without having to return to your ship. you cannot use the foundry or the mod modder (idk the name, but the place where you infuse mods) but yoafu can still equip and upgrade your weapons and warframes. They also added in a couple non-fighting activities: fishing and mining. Fishing works as regular spear-fishing, with the spear bought with 500 standing from the fishmonger (a lady surrounded by meat). Basically: you throw the spear to impale fish and reel them in automatically, misses also reel in automatically. Fish can be traded for standing or cut up into parts. One part is very good: Fish oil. With just 50 fishing oil (a little bit of luck and 10 minutes at a pond should be more than enough) you can make the archwing launcher charges (x50)(there is a clan-side blueprint that is requried as well, though it has been researched, it requires mastery level 5 to buy/make. When you have both parts made you can deploy your archwing inside the plains of eidolon (I have yet to use it but will soon). The spear can also be used to glide by holding the aim button. Usually this just gives a better view for fishing, but if you hold right click while dashing through the air, it makes you glide a long way. When coupled with the geysers that are scattered around the map (they launch anything that steps on them, including enemies, high into the air) you can get a nice view, lots of air time, and a decent distance to travel. very good for escaping or finding out where to go next. The cutter is used for mining. It can also be bought for 500 standing from the miner (a guy in a stall surrounded by various ores, near the fishmonger) and is used to extract ores and gems from the rocks. It has a beeping noise that works like a metal detector, more beeps of higher pitches means closer ore. The blue ores give you gems and the red ones give you metals. Gems can be traded in for influence (I have yet to find any other use for them), but metals can be cast into ingots for crafting. There are also various animals, bunny-like things called kuakas and hawks called cadrocs. Neither one is aggressive, even when attacked, but they give resources when killed. I haven't gotten a chance to craft with them, but I believe they are for a special weapon that can be made and customized at one of the other stalls in Centus. NIGHT TIME IS SCARY (unless you play intelligently). While in the daytime you have grineer raids and incursions as well as patrols, they are fairly standard. But at night time, things get a little weird. A siren begins the night as the Grineer call all their forces back to their bases, and the water starts glowing. If you step in the water at night it will shock you (I am 90% sure it doesn't actually do damage, but it does apply the magnetic effect and mess up your screen). There are also tiny floating things called eidolon vomvalysts that roam around. They can be dangerous, especially to new players and are rather tricky to kill. While I have yet to complete 'The War Within' Here come the huge bosses: Eidolon Teralysts, whose stomping can be heard over mountains and be confused for barrages, and whose massive frames are hard to miss from even far away. STEER CLEAR IF YOU WISH TO NOT DIE. This being said, it is not that hard to survive and gather resources provided you stay on the move. I would say it is even easier to spot some resources such as iridite because it glows red. All enemies are easy to outrun on these plains, provided you don't suck at parkour. The ongoing conflict between the eidolons and the Grineer helps alot too. If you need to get something from an encampment, wait a little bit for the eidolons to show up and then play clean up crew. The Grineer also have some fun toys in the plains. They have their usual ramparts, but most bases are equipped with automatic turrets as well. There are machine gun turrets, which take a bit to warm up, but can sustain a withering barrage of fire. As well as mortar turrets, that launch barrages against pesky tenno. They don't do much damage, but they can stagger, throw, and blind you with explosions (the blind is not a status effect, but rather the effect of having bright lights in your face). They have ships that constantly warp in reinforcements during the daytime. At night they bring out floating bots (similar to the frontier broadcasters) called Eidolon lures. They are pretty self explanatory in their function: they bring in the little guys and farm them with a little help from the Grineer: However, there is a little more to them than that: they can be killed and then hacked, this will allow you to toggle if it follows you or not (so you can take it with you to a better area, or have multiple with the help of some friends, though I have yet to see if they stack). RESOURCE LOCATIONS I haven't explored all of the map, and there might be some more comprehensive guides out there already, but I'll give what knowledge I have. ORE-If you leave the gateway and head tend right, you will quickly get to a stone gully, this is usually a good place to find plenty of minerals and gems as it has a cave and lots of surface area. There are also a couple of boulders right out in front of the gate that hold a few. Iridite- the iridite deposits are found practically everywhere, though they tend to be a little easier to spot in the plains, where the large flat areas gives plenty of room to spawn. Maprico- This is a fruit tree.bush that grows everywhere, they aren't particularly uncommon or common, but I tend to find them more along ridges. Nistlebrush- If you are heading towards the gully there should be a grass and shrub covered mountain range to the left of it, I have had better luck and higher densities of the nistle brush here than anywhere else. Grokdrul- This yellow goop is used in crafting and standing, it is found as quest rewards and in barrels in grineer camps. The barrels look somewhat (but only barely) like the breakable orokin storage containers. THE GREAT EIDOLON HUNT This is a limited time event sponsored by twitch. Basically, you get free stuff for watching streamers who are streaming warframe. After 1 consecutive hour, you get a free, limited totem, and then you get other free rewards afterwards. The free stuff isn't all that great and is mostly cosmetic, but hey: Free is Free, and at some point, if we all do it, we can hold a new year's celebration in the clan dojo with all the fireworks. That being said, you can get some blueprints, I got a latron one myself. Well, there is what knowledge I have of the plains thus far, as well as my first attempt at a bit of a guide. Hope yall find this interesting, I'll try to update it with more information, though not about the quests because I don't wish to spoil. Perhaps yall knew this already, perhaps yall did not, either way, good luck, have fun. HAPPY HUNTING SHOUT OUT TO @DRTAC7 FOR BEING A BUDDY AND SHARING WHAT HE KNEW. WE PLAYED FOR A COUPLE HOURS FIGURING OUT SOME OF THIS STUFF. TL:DR This new update is really amazing, you should check it out for yourself, whether you have Warframe or not (it is a free game, the worst that happens is you don't like it and you uninstall).
  3. strikedragon

    Plain of Eidolon coming Friday

    Get your Warframe ready because plains is probably coming this Friday. https://www.warframe.com/?category=pc
  4. Pcake


    Who else is excited about mining in star citizen? I surely am. In fact, it's the one thing I want to do in this game, to become a mining tycoon, to create a giant mining conglomerate! Some of you may know, I'm not a combat oriented person, I'm much more of a logistical numbers cruncher, a virtual money maker, and an explorer. But we still don't have mining, terrestrial flight, planetscapes, or even the MISC prospector yet. Which is an extreme disappointment, to the players like me who have become bored with the stagnant ship to ship combat, boring comm link missions, and whatever you can pick up in arena commander which nowadays is just TDM. The recent implementation of shopping and the opening of the outlet stores on the spawn points sure was a nice reminder that the developers are working hard. This game is still very stagnant as we tag along through this grueling development process giving undivided attention to this step by step journey which many communities do not get to take part in. Now the upcoming Anniversary live stream promises much-anticipated insight into the upcoming 2.6 update and insight into the progress of star marine and Squadron 42. But still no word on mining, shipping, transportation; mundane tasks which have been promised and drawn many of us to take the steep plunge which has drained our bank accounts by the triple digits.
  5. Black Desert was patched today! Expect a ~790MB patch. Here's the rundown (Totally not cut and pasted from the Black Desert Official Forums ( http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/84069-patch-notes-may-13th/ ) Maehwa While casting Chaos: Red Moon, you will now take less damage from back attacks. The following items have had their Tooltips changed. Basteer Longsword Basteer Longbow Basteer Amulet Basteer Axe Basteer Shortsword Basteer Blade Basteer Staff Horse Shoes may now be branded. Cash Shop New Pet - Parrot has been added Added function that allows to select pet’s appearance in Pet exchange window. Gender will now be shown before naming a horse. Rewards for achievement system has been improved, this is not retroactive. Before/After Lv 30 - 500,000 -> 1,000,000 Silver Lv 40 - 500,000 -> 3,000,000 Silver Lv 45 - 1,000,000 -> 5,000,000 Silver Lv 50 - 1,000,000 -> 7,000,000 Silver The number of Kamels in Hasrah Dungeon has been increased. The number of Drunk Treasure Hunter in Kuit Islands has been decreased dramatically. The cool down for the Weekly Boss Muskahns jump attack has been decreased. Frozen monster can now take damage. (Finally, no more PorkPuller freezing everything and preventing damage, lol! -Med) The quest boss Biraghi will now use fewer jump attacks. Added Alert animation for monsters in Kuit Islands and Helm Tribe Dungeon. Deck Combatant’s level has been changed from 54 to 53. The number of Helm Predatory in Helm Tribe’s dungeon has been increased. Black Harpy Elite’s level has been changed from 36 to 35. The Damage for monsters in Biraghi Den has been decreased. The Damage for Red Orc Wizard has been decreased. Red Orc Elite’s level has been changed from 33 to 32 World & Field Boss will spawn faster than before. Increased the number of Weasel, Fox and Wolf in Eastern of Olvia. Dastard Bheg will no longer continuously react to Matchlock attacks. Updated the Worker Window When talking with NPC, button size will be changed according to the number of characters. Color Blind Mode is added to game settings for Ally and Enemy character identification. (Followings will be changed when it is set) Monsters in Minimap New notice text for black spirit Day/Night notice text Effect change in the right bottom corner for black spirit Verification code for auction house Color for HP & MP bar on top of character’s head Mount HP & MP Fixed the issue where players would get stuck in a rock when they used the Escape function on Kuit Island. (Zelicath! This fixes that annoying issue you had!) Fixed the issue where mouse cursor wasn’t activated when closing the character sheet. Fixed the issue where players could not receive Daily Quests due to time difference. Fixed the issue where the color in mini map displayed abnormally when hitting monsters. Fixed the issue where mount HP & MP bar displayed abnormal colors when logging between characters that did and did not have a horse. Fixed the issue where monster’s aggro range was too short in Kuit Island. Basic stats for Musa & Maehwa increased, both AP and DP for Ranged, Magic, and Melee. Monster AI Lag has been reduced.
  6. Hey Ghosts, I hope everyone's weekend is going well, a few new updates on what's happening in Wildstar. First off we now have all bank tabs open, these new tabs are dyes and runes, they are open to all members the same as crafting and general tab. The general tab is now for gear,bags,buff items,recipes, housing items, ect ect. I'd like to remind that any housing items you wish to donate directly to the guild home be placed in the vault section of the guild bank. Second off, new content, new zone Arcterra. No official date has been announced as of yet, but a new 50 zone is coming soon called Arcterra, so far from all the stuff devs have shown off. There will be plenty of new world events, new contracts, zone quest, episode quests, and the next chapter of the world story Vault of the Archon. The new raid Redmoon is expected shortly after Arcterra and will drop on the Public Test Realm the same time as Arcterra is dropping on Live. Vault of the Archon is solo or can be done with up to 5 people and scale the same as an expedition. Along with many other stuff, I suggest checking out details via the Wildstar forums and site. Third line of business right for the remainder of the week there is a Wildstar Jump start pack on the current Humble Bundle for $1. You get some other neat stuff with it, but the main thing is the account based items for the jump start pack on Wildstar. Access to housing at lv 3 after tutorial ship use the teleporter item it then assigns the recall house spell to your recall list then you may discard the teleporter item from your bag. A unique hoverboard with flair account bound. And a shardspire canyon fabkit (it is account bound but I'm surprised they even added it given it's a world drop) Along with a bunch of character bound housing decor items and other goodies you may want to use on your main or an alt. The Wildstar Jump start pack will be available in the cash shop for omnibit/ncoin after the humble bundle is over. I think that wraps up about everything if anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to contact me in Teamspeak. Thank you all for taking the time to read this news update. ~ Elatha / Kiki
  7. Hey Ghosts, First off I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the double prestige pvp weekend, we earned a huge amount of influence for the guild. Second bit we opened up the gold booster and I decided to turn on all perks we have currently available, this includes 10% to renown, prestige, influence, gold, and reputation. Our current goal I'd like to achieve this week is opening the experience booster to turn on with the rest of the perks as our last running perk, and open up the Flask of Speed for purchase in the renown shop. I have listed our current schedule under the event section of our page, any questions or concerns feel free to contact me in Teamspeak. Otherwise I would like everyone to enjoy the week ahead and have fun. Thank you taking the time to read up on the current news. Elatha / Kiki
  8. Hey ghosts, This news update is to go over what's currently happening in Wildstar. So far, we have been making a comeback and things are going well. I'd like to start by setting a current goal for the guild to achieve. We need to finish the guild perks, we are currently have unlocked all current guild perks aside from a few flask, the experience and gold booster. Starting this week I'd like everyone to start participating in our new instance schedule. Starting at lv 10 and above. Monday to Wednesday 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST - 9:00pm PST / 11:00pm EST we will be running all instance content from 10-50. Thursday no schedule free for all day. Friday and Saturday 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST - 10:00pm PST / 12 Midnight EST we will be doing all instance content, if enough 50s are on we will be starting to push this into our raid schedule. Sunday no schedule free for all day. This current schedule is not entirely set in stone, but I'd like to start with a base of organization and get us focused on pushing ahead on the guild to make us stronger. Sunday and Thursday will be subject to change as we grow. I would like to get more people involved with building the guild home, starting this week and next. I will be looking for people interested in building or contributing to the guild home. Get in touch with me on Teamspeak if you are interested. The current update on guild perks we recently unlocked Flask of Greed ( 10% gold drop flask ) You may purchase them with renown at the renown vendor in the main city Thayd or on your housing plot. That about wraps up the current news. Thank you all for taking the time to keep up to date with Wildstar. Any questions or concerns regarding anything and everything please contact me in Teamspeak. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Elatha / Kiki
  9. Hey Ghosts, I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. With the start of the new year moving into 2016, we're going to try to move forward with the guild. As it stands the guild has a good amount of resources, we've come a long way to say that we have a good amount of perks getting unlocked and soon to have all up and running 24/7. We also have a good stocked bank full of all sorts of neat stuff anyone in the guild is welcome to. And with the guild home made and construction started all plugs are available there for all of GOTR to use freely at level 14+. Poke the guild leader for an invite to the neighbor list. Please remember if you wish to donate any decor items to the guild home to place it in the vault section of the guild bank. Have any ideas for the guild home that you wanna share. Pop on by and give some suggestions. Anyways I hope this is a good year and everyone continues to have fun. Thank you for taking the time to read this new update. Elatha Eri / Kiki
  10. WildStar Specific Pillars In addition to the main pillars, the following pillars apply to WildStar. Pillar Zero: Real life comes first. ~ Real life comes first, we understand everyone has stuff to do in their daily routine of life. All we ask is that you tell us, if you are going to be away for a prolonged period if possible. We want everyone to have a good time, and feel comfortable in their living situation to enjoy video games with the rest of the community. Don't stress if you can't play all the time, we're always here to play another day. Pillar One: The Forums ~ The forums are used to communicate through the entire community when people cannot use Teamspeak or wanna get news on events and other things in the community. More specifically we use the primary WildStar group for all of our news and guild events. We also post guides on how to do anything when possible or whenever someone wants to. Don't be afraid to post a topic in our group on any questions or anything you wanna share about your time in WildStar. Pillar Two: Voice Communication (Teamspeak) ~ We use primarily Teamspeak 3 for our communication, we understand some people don't wanna talk all the time, or like to listen to music, or watch movies while they play. We remind though that our guild text is rather quiet since most of our socializing takes place in Teamspeak and that if we are doing dungeons,expeditions,adventures,raiding, general group play of any kind we generally use Teamspeak. Don't be afraid to spark up a conversation however in our guild text chat or ask questions if someone is on then they will respond. Pillar Three: Respect and Sportsmanship 1~ We treat all players with respect, don't talk down or be disrespectful to anyone. These rules apply to all text chat within game, on Teamspeak, and anywhere else. All we ask here is that people use a common sense on this rule. All forms of hacking, botting, cheating, or using exploits of any kind is against our core values as a community and any member caught cheating is immediately banned. 2~ The chain of command is very simple, if a council member or leader call COMMS, conversation is to immediately stop and people listen in. This is usually done to convey an important message with the guild. 3~ Player hosted events, follow as according. If a player host an event to please use the group to schedule an event you can make a post in the group discussions section for events. The player hosting the event is to be treated with respect and determine the rules,location,time,and place of their event as well any potential prizes based for the event and how they will be distributed. 4~ PVP and PVE: We like to remind everyone that section one of Pillar Three exist it follows the same here. That said we like to remind everyone to not get frustrated with any pvp or pve experience. If you have a problem, talk about it we can figure out how to do it. We don't want people to stress out over the game. We are on a pve server, but pvp is popular both in flagged up open world and battle grounds. Remember to have a good time. Pillar Four: Participation 1~ We try to host weekly guild events on Saturdays and weekly guild meeting on Sundays we ask as many people in the guild try to participate, it keeps us together and gives me great feedback through the guild. 2~We try to host a community wide event, once in a blue moon roughly every 2-3 months. We ask that everyone in the guild respect and play nice other branches from GOTR that visit us to try out or play WildStar with us, again pillar three. Community Wide events usually consist of other people in GOTR outside of the WildStar branch coming out and playing with us for a day. These events usually will not be level locked and consist of simple and fun player made events involving everyone hosted usually in the two major starter zones in the exile area. Always within the range of the first 10 levels to participate. These events exist to involve the entire GOTR community to come together if wish to try the game they have friends here. 3~Our guild bank has some open general and crafting tabs for all members in the guild, please donate if you take stuff out of the guild bank. Pretty much use common sense here. The tabs are suppose to be for player dumping in leveling gear and other items they feel would benefit others such as recipes to other professions or anything else. Please do not dump vendor trash grey items in. And try to keep the tabs organized. Pillar Five: Have fun in WildStar ~ Have fun and enjoy your time in WildStar.
  11. alexlaw

    New Forum Group

    Good Evening Everyone, The new subforum is in place and I will be working on it throughout the week.
  12. Geminosus

    Ktera Patch Notes

    Interesting changes coming down the pipeline: https://espeitr.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/ktera-go-post-gearing-process-improvements/
  13. Geminosus


    Dear Tera community, In case you haven't seen, we are producing some really awesome GOTR dice. If you're interested in ordering them please do so here: http://igg.me/at/GotR-Dice This is a great way to support your community and get some awesome dice! :-D
  14. shinything

    Merged groups!

    The old Paradox Grand Strategy, Tacticool, GOTR Flight Wing, StarCraft and Arma II/III groups have been merged into this new Strategy and Simulation group. This group is open post, meaning you don't have to join if you want to view or discuss here. But please do join to show off your interest to others on the board!
  15. The content of the former ESO, Wildstar, SWTOR and Eve Online forum areas have been merged into this MMORPG group. Sorry for the mess...figured it'd be better to have access to the content than to lose it all. And most of you don't look at old posts anyway This group is now open post, meaning you don't have to join if you want to view or discuss here. But please do join to show off your MMORPG interest to others on the board!
  16. Hanii

    Oriyn's Blessing is upon us!

    If you like to gather, we've got a bonus for you! Oriyn, the god of knowledge, will increase your gathering proficiency by 20 points all weekend long, from Friday, March 6 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific until Monday, March 9 at 1 a.m. Pacific Time. His blessing will also increase your gathering bounties! Note that servers will be down briefly this Sunday morning while we spring forward for the end of Daylight Savings Time.
  17. Hanii

    Win a dragon mount!

    En Masse are giving away an Aurum or Crimson dragon mount! Click here to enter
  18. Full patch notes here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/patch-notes/patch-3009
  19. Hanii

    Celebrate the Guilded Age!

    Elleon may be the Valkyon Federation's greatest hero, but he didn't do it all on his own. He had friends to help him, and if you want to become a legend yourself, you'll need some too. Starting on Tuesday, March 3, select TERA players become eligible for a special care package designed to make you almost as cool as Elleon! Not only will you get an exclusive, permanent Unity Stole (just like the one Elleon wears), but a collection of useful items like Veteran's Instance Reset scrolls, and advanced healing and mana potions! To qualify, you must meet the following requirements: - You must have been a member of a guild for more than seven days. - You must have logged in at least once in the previous six weeks (or before 11:59 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, March 17, 2015). Note: We will send Guilded Adventurer Packages to qualifying players on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. You can check out all the details in the FAQ here. There's never been a better time to be part of a guild!
  20. Hanii

    Join the Crusades!

    Greetings! The next phase of TERA: Fate of Arun revamps the current guild system, adding a new guild competition. Guilds can now compete in either PvP or PvE leagues, and the top ten guilds in each will earn Skycastles that function not only as a guild-exclusive area, but also as a server-wide prestige symbol for the next season. There’s a lot to go over, so let’s take a look! The Crusades We’re calling the new guild competition system the “Crusades.” The first 4-week season (28 days) starts when Fate of Arun part 2 arrives on Feburary 24, 2015. Guild masters (and only guild masters) can register their guild to compete in the Cutthroat (PvP-focused) or Challenger (PvE-focused) League. Depending on which league your guild joins, you will gain points for completing certain activities as detailed below. It is important to note, that you cannot switch leagues mid-season, so be sure you’re ready to go on the 24th. At the end of the season, the 10 guilds with the highest number of points in each league will earn Skycastles. The winners of the Cutthroat League will receive Skycastles around Velika, and the winners of the Challenger League will receive Skycastles around Allemantheia (for a total of 20 Skycastles). But you won’t get to keep it forever: your prowess only earns you a one-season lease. So if you wish to keep your new home in the sky you have to keep competing! But wait, there’s more. There are 6 other Skycastles around the world of TERA. If your guild ranked in the top 3 of the previous season in one of the leagues, but failed to rank in the top 10 in the following season, your guild will receive a castle elsewhere in the world of TERA for one season. Wondering which league is right for you? Here’s a breakdown of how they work. The Challenger League This league is primarily focused on PvE content. Points in this league principally come from: Sky Cruiser Endeavor* (Normal Mode – High Score) Sky Cruiser Endeavor* (Hard Mode – High Score) Sky Cruiser Endeavor* (Accumulated Score) Ravenous Gorge (High Score) Ravenous Gorge (Accumulated Score) Corsairs’ Stronghold Vault of Winter (High Score) Vault of Seas (High Score) Vault of Flames (High Score) Achievements (Only Achievements achieved in current Season count towards ranking) *Bathysmal Rise (Normal and Hard mode) will switch out with Sky Cruiser Endeavor every other season. The Cutthroat League This league is primarily focused on PvP content. Points in this league principally come from: Guild vs Guild Battles Fraywind Canyon Corsairs’ Stronghold Champions’ Skyring Vault of Winter (High Score) Vault of Seas (High Score) Vault of Flames (High Score) Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard Mode – High Score) The Guild vs Guild battles (GvG) listed above is a new system, replacing the GvG we have now. We changed how GvG is declared (bye bye, Spark of War), and put more rules in place. First, each guild is awarded Fame points. Guilds use these points when declaring GvG on another guild. If you do not have any points, you will not be able to declare a guild war. These points are based on how many accounts are in your guild, and not characters. Points are distributed based on how many level 60’s (or higher) are present from each account on that server. Fame is handed out automatically each week on Wednesday based on the following rules: A guild must have at least 30 unique accounts (one player = one account) with level 60 and higher characters, but not more than 100 unique accounts. The Guild UI window will display how many accounts are in your guild. You can still participate in the Cutthroat League if you have less than 30 unique accounts or more than 100, you will just not be able to get points from the GvG portion. Each account contributes 60 Fame points to guilds on a given server. If you have three level 60’s or higher, each in three different guilds, then each of the guilds will get 20 Fame points from your account. If you have three level 60’s all in the same guild, then that guild will get all 60 Fame points from your account. After points are distributed, your characters can switch guilds, but the points will not move with them. If your guild has at least 60 Fame points, then it can battle another guild. You no longer need Bahaar’s Spark of War to do so—guild members with GvG authority (as determined by the Guild Master) can choose from the Guild List, or by right clicking a member of the opposing guild and declaring from a pop-up menu. You can also wager additional fame on a given GvG battle, provided your opponent is willing. The maximum bet will always be 50% of what the guild with the least Fame points possesses. Ex: If one guild has 1000 Fame points, and their prospective opponent has 500 Fame points, then the max bet is half of 500, or 250 Fame points. Once a battle is declared, the opposing team receives a notification and they have three options: Accept – your guild accepts the bet amount and the war begins. Additional Wagering – your guild raises the amount of Fame points at stake. Surrender – your guild withdraws, but will lose 2% of the wagered amount from your own Fame points. Refusing to respond to declaration within 24 hours will be counted as a loss. Once battle is underway, here's how you win: First guild to kill 200 members of the other guild, OR Have the highest amount of kills in the 24 hour period of the GvG match. AND your guild *must* kill at least 30 players of the opposing guild, or else the battle will result in a draw. At the end of a Crusade season, the amount of Fame points you gained will be calculated into your ranking in the Cutthroat League. However, Fame points will only matter if you battled at least 8 or more times within that season. Skycastles Guilds who place in the top ten of either the Cutthroat or Challenger Leagues will receive Skycastles! Skycastles are customizable guild castles accessible only by the guild that owns them, placed outside Velika and Allemantheia for all to see. A Guild Master can use Prestige Points to customize a Skycastle’s appearance. They can opt for a simple Skycastle, or choose to make it grandiose. They can spend Prestige Points to add NPCs to the Skycastle such as a broker, bank, or merchants for everyone in your guild to use. Also available are cosmetic merchants, who let you wear various cosmetic items for free while in the Skycastle. (These items expire 15 minutes after leaving the Skycastle). Prestige Points? Prestige points are spent on your guild’s Skycastle to customize the cosmetic features or add NPCs. At the beginning of the season, your guild is awarded Prestige Points based on your rank. So if you placed 1st last season, you are awarded 2000 Prestige points. If you placed 7th - 10th, you are awarded 800 Prestige Points. You also get 10 prestige points when your guild members rank in specific categories of the league. For example, if one of your guild members placed in the top 10 for both Achievements and Corsairs’ Stronghold, you will get 20 Prestige Points from that character for every day they keep those rankings. A guild can earn up to 40,000 Prestige Points. Regardless of whether or not they are used to customize your Skycastle, Prestige Points stay with your guild, even if you no longer qualify for a Skycastle. You will be able to re-use the points the next time you earn a Skycastle. While only the guild master is able to spend Prestige, it is tied to the Guild and not office. As long as your guild does not disband, your guild will keep all their Prestige Points. We’re all very excited about Skycastles, and can’t wait to see all the different designs that you’ll conjure up! With our renewed focus on TERA’s social aspects, and the first Crusade season starting February 24th there’s never been a better time to join a guild.
  21. Fate of Arun's first content update of 2015 is just weeks away, and TERA's already impressive dungeon offerings are expanding with three new instances to hone your skills. There's a hard mode coming for Bathysmal Rise, and the all-new Sky Cruiser Endeavor (both normal and hard modes) will challenge you like never before. Here's a quick overview of the bosses you'll face as you attempt to regain control of the Valkyon Federation's most advanced warship from marauding demokrons: Putrion: This terrifying construct uses a combination of status attacks and terrain management to wipe out the unwary. Does your team have what it takes to advance? Perimos: Another demokron lord, you’ll need to pay close attention to both where it's standing and what it's got in its hands. Sort of... Darkan: One of the dark god Lakan's most powerful servants, Darkan is here to make sure your mission fails. Not only is he a powerful combatant, but no true servant of Lakan ever fights alone...or without some measure of divine power. And if testing your skills against TERA's toughest bosses yet wasn't reward enough, Discovery and Generation gear, rare crafting materials, and other surprises will keep bringing you back for airborne action again and again.
  22. Fate of Arun's highly-anticipated follow-up is coming up very soon and we finally have a date to share! Launching February 24, this new update will introduce content focused on a key social component of TERA - guilds. Here's what to expect. Crusade — Guild competition with leagues for both PvP and PvE content, including a redesigned GvG battle system. Skycastles — Floating guild housing for the top-ranked Crusade guilds on each server. New Dungeons Sky Cruiser Endeavor — TERA's most challenging dungeon yet, with both normal and hard modes full of epic boss battles. Bathysmal Rise (Hard) — This popular Fate of Arun dungeon gets a deadly makeover. Champions' Skyring — The ultimate test of PvP skill now has a 5v5 battleground. We'll be sharing more in-depth information on these topics in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. With these new features, there's never been a better time to join a guild, make new friends, or reconnect with old comrades in TERA! Source
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