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Found 9 results

  1. So, after a few weeks of running these raids on saturdays and running them on friday once, I am beginning to get some more concrete ideas for how they should work. For starters, I think that running orokin derelicts and potentially the hunt for atayan treasure is a good idea, as most everyone can do those with a minimum of gear, and they can be very beneficial. (treasure hunt less so, but come on, aesthetic is life, who doesn't want more kinetic sculptures?) That being said, me and several others of the community (Gadstat, Toxenov, Ishniana) agreed to do a bit of a raid last night. This proved to have a better turnout than saturday when DRTAC7 also showed up. So, I will hold it to a vote, who thinks that saturday is best, and who prefers fridays. Same time either way for now, we might get to fine tuning that later, but for now I want to get the day set. I will check the polls throughout the week, and depending on the number of answers will leave it up for one or two weeks. Until then, Saturday is the day. http://www.strawpoll.me/14728868 (new poll, I added another option for people who didn't care either way) See you on the plains Tenno Edit: If friday wins and there are conflictions with other events, we can move the time to a bit later. I have real life things going on on wednesdays, so I cannot run the raids then.
  2. ajcannon

    Warframe Saturday

    I was recently promoted to an officer in Warframe (thankyou Robo), and decided that my first act would be to build up a community to be an officer of. So, after talking it over a bit with Robo, I have decided to spice up the Warframe community a bit. Since Warframe is, in essence, a team/group game, I figured the best way to do this would be through raid groups. So, tomorrow (Saturday the 11th of November) I will be leading a raid at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. Specific targets and missions will be decided on the day, depending on who shows up and what's available. We will begin by waiting in the plains of eidolon (individually or in squads, doesn't matter), so that we can play while being ready to go when enough people arrive. The amount of time depends on the rate that people show up, but not more than 15 minutes in the worst case. Joining in later on is welcome, but expect a wait as we may be in the middle of something. When we have multiple squads in separate instances, we will have separate channels, and use the main channel when you are done. I think this will allow a compromise between social gathering, command structure, and intra-squad tactics. It may be hard to coordinate with such limited squad sizes, so this will be a trial run. I hope to continue this event weekly, but if it continues in the same state will be entirely up to how it works tomorrow. Feedback is appreciated as this will be my first lead in GOTR, and Warframe is a bit difficult to work with groups in; additionally, If anyone thinks of an idea that might help this raid function more cohesively, I am happy to hear it. Good luck, and I hope to see yall in Plain(s) sight tomorrow.
  3. Wildstar events Saturday,October 17 All day SCHEDULE Feel free to check out the new free to play Wildstar for references check out the information post here https://gotr.us/topic/11585-wildstar-is-free-to-play-now-guild-information/ Guild Information Server: Entity (US) Faction : Exile Look me up on Teamspeak if you have any questions or concerns. These are just events to get people to try out the game and see if you like it. If you wanna join the GOTR Guild in Wildstar contact me in Teamspeak. Ms.Kiki / Elatha Eri
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ok5tOnHDu-g
  5. RealityVeil

    Friday Night Dogfight REMINDER

    Alright pilots, This is a reminder that FNDs are happening 5 hours from the time of this post. This link will provide you with a countdown customized for your local time zone. I strongly recommend you use this time before the event to patch (if necessary), reconfigure your controls, and confirm the operation of your ship (commonly called 'pre-flight checks') so we're ready to go at 7 and can make the most of our time. Vanduul Swarm has room for 8 and I'd like to see a full group tonight. I hope to see more than two of you today Looking at you DarthJonny.
  6. RealityVeil

    Dog Fight Fridays (DFF)

    Hello Pilots! Seeing as StarCitizen has something playable right now, we should be playing it! Arena Commander multiplayer has been confirmed as working by myself and Grott, so I say we use it. No time like the present to begin honing our Dog Fighting skills. By using a private match, we'll have a space we can use to practice, experiment, mess around, have fun, and learn without outside interference in the learning process. If DFF really takes off we can start to move into the public space and hone our skills against the best pilots the spectrum has to offer. I'm thinking DFF can encompass all modes of pay, from Racing to Free For All. Please post below, ranking the gameplay modes of arena commander you're most interested in and I'll try to get an itinerary together for our first session. I think we'll run the first session this Friday from 7pm until the last person logs off. Participation is NOT mandatory and you can feel free to leave whenever you like. I will try to run DFF every week, but if there simply isn't enough to do, we can run it every other week until Arena Commander gets more fleshed out. I hope to see you there, Pilots. (As an aside, I know I've been a huge advocate of a wait and see approach as far as Star Citizen goes. I've gone on record as admonishing others why have tried to organize things in the past. I want to go on record now as saying I believe this to be a different case than the one I was so outspoken against because I am organizing an event for the here and now, using existing gameplay and existing systems as opposed to making plans for something that's still in the design phases)
  7. http://youtu.be/8QDTlUGaX3Y
  8. I am currently waiting to see what some people can cook up for a new group flair (that thing under your avatar that currently says LoL- in the process of getting it replaced). While I am waiting on that I am having trouble looking for an icon and forum banner that can represent the entirety of the group as a whole. I have decided that because of this trouble and my time constraints I will be opening up the opportunity for GOTR members (any GOTR members- not just ones in the social group) to enter in banners and/or icons for official use of the social group. The only requirement is that the icon and/or banner you enter represents moba as a whole (genre basically) and not just any individual game within the genre (having multiple games represented is also acceptable). Lets make it a bit of a contest shall we? Raffles tickets usually go for 100 NTU when they are active so 1st place winner will receive 300 NTU, 2nd place winner will receive 200 NTU and 3rd place winner will receive 100 NTU. the contest shall be active till next Saturday. (Last day of May- 05/31/2014)
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