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Found 28 results

  1. So, after a few weeks of running these raids on saturdays and running them on friday once, I am beginning to get some more concrete ideas for how they should work. For starters, I think that running orokin derelicts and potentially the hunt for atayan treasure is a good idea, as most everyone can do those with a minimum of gear, and they can be very beneficial. (treasure hunt less so, but come on, aesthetic is life, who doesn't want more kinetic sculptures?) That being said, me and several others of the community (Gadstat, Toxenov, Ishniana) agreed to do a bit of a raid last night. This proved to have a better turnout than saturday when DRTAC7 also showed up. So, I will hold it to a vote, who thinks that saturday is best, and who prefers fridays. Same time either way for now, we might get to fine tuning that later, but for now I want to get the day set. I will check the polls throughout the week, and depending on the number of answers will leave it up for one or two weeks. Until then, Saturday is the day. http://www.strawpoll.me/14728868 (new poll, I added another option for people who didn't care either way) See you on the plains Tenno Edit: If friday wins and there are conflictions with other events, we can move the time to a bit later. I have real life things going on on wednesdays, so I cannot run the raids then.
  2. I was recently promoted to an officer in Warframe (thankyou Robo), and decided that my first act would be to build up a community to be an officer of. So, after talking it over a bit with Robo, I have decided to spice up the Warframe community a bit. Since Warframe is, in essence, a team/group game, I figured the best way to do this would be through raid groups. So, tomorrow (Saturday the 11th of November) I will be leading a raid at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. Specific targets and missions will be decided on the day, depending on who shows up and what's available. We will begin by waiting in the plains of eidolon (individually or in squads, doesn't matter), so that we can play while being ready to go when enough people arrive. The amount of time depends on the rate that people show up, but not more than 15 minutes in the worst case. Joining in later on is welcome, but expect a wait as we may be in the middle of something. When we have multiple squads in separate instances, we will have separate channels, and use the main channel when you are done. I think this will allow a compromise between social gathering, command structure, and intra-squad tactics. It may be hard to coordinate with such limited squad sizes, so this will be a trial run. I hope to continue this event weekly, but if it continues in the same state will be entirely up to how it works tomorrow. Feedback is appreciated as this will be my first lead in GOTR, and Warframe is a bit difficult to work with groups in; additionally, If anyone thinks of an idea that might help this raid function more cohesively, I am happy to hear it. Good luck, and I hope to see yall in Plain(s) sight tomorrow.
  3. GOTR will be the featured outfit during Emerald Fight Night on Friday, August 18th, at 8pm Eastern (event typically runs 8-10pm) Emerald Fight Night is a concerted effort for the remaining coordinated outfits and player groups on Emerald to fight for the same objectives on the same continent during Friday prime time, allowing streamers to showcase the game and providing good, balanced fights for those in attendance. The last several weeks have provided a so-called "beta" environment for Emerald Fight Night, culminating in last week's official launch. This week, technically the second official week, will be the first featuring an "outfit highlight" - and GOTR has been selected to be the first outfit highlighted. We need all hands on deck for this one - it will be fun, and it's a great chance to breathe more life into the game and our roster. I encourage you all to come out on Friday for the event. I'd like to break two full squads of GOTR, ideally. I also hope to have time during the rest of the week to drum up more interest and get some practice in. This is a live server event, not something closely choreographed like ServerSmash or LaneSmash - we just go and we play, kind of like Friday Night Ops back in the day. Hope to see you all there! ---Robo
  4. DISCO PARTY / DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE - ZOE MAXes, Lashers, and Lancers. It's a disco party...DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE. DON'T TAP OUT! (MEDIC NIGHT) - Everyone brings out their medic, don't you DARE think about clicking the respawn button. The idea here is that if everyone's a medic, we don't need a hard spawn. We'll sprinkle in a few Engineers for ammo. SHOOTING STAR - Everyone equips a Heavy loadout with a dumbfire launcher of some kind. The default S1 or a Lancer is recommended. We'll use them for everything, AI, AA, and AV. No rifles will be used tonight! We may do other things, too, as this is the first official SFR of the new year. Be ready to be flexible!
  5. Flight of the Valkeries Flight of the Bumble Bees Max Crashes (+ Medics & Engies) Yes, you can vote for more than one. There... I did part of the work. I think we can try a night of MAX crashes IFF we have enough Medics and Engies on hand, and are willing to change targets when they hard counter us.
  6. Wildstar events Saturday,October 17 All day SCHEDULE Feel free to check out the new free to play Wildstar for references check out the information post here https://gotr.us/topic/11585-wildstar-is-free-to-play-now-guild-information/ Guild Information Server: Entity (US) Faction : Exile Look me up on Teamspeak if you have any questions or concerns. These are just events to get people to try out the game and see if you like it. If you wanna join the GOTR Guild in Wildstar contact me in Teamspeak. Ms.Kiki / Elatha Eri
  7. "MOON Ops" - Multi Outfit Ops Night, which is basically the old ION under a different name. Doesn't matter what it's called, a joint op is a joint op. We're expecting VREV, AT, V0IP, 1TR, SSGO, NNG, 1TR, and even some loose coordination from GOKU. We're expecting a good-sized turnout, and I'll be Battalion Command for the night. This has no numbers restriction, you don't have to sign up - just show up! Tuesday, July 28th, 8pm Eastern We may try to get all participants on the AT Teamspeak for the event - if that doesn't work, we'll just chill on the GOTR TS and send our PL/SL to the AT command channel for coordination.
  8. If you aren't interest in reading the whole thing, scroll to the bottom for a special treat regarding the Palisades NC push. Link to official alert stats: http://ps2alerts.com/Alert/7687 We started the Indar alert with around 40% territory and we all groaned. "There's no way we're winning an Indar alert when we start this far ahead," we thought. Well, we were wrong. We warped in and went straight to Abandoned NS Offices to thwart an NC attack from Howling Pass. We resecured easily (they hadn't quite gotten people into the base yet) and began an epic field battle between the two bases. Friendly VS massed an armor column and broke the line into Howling Pass - we jumped on [C] and held on for dear life. NC responded quickly and the fighting was very intense; a DAPP triple galaxy drop gave us some reprieve and a 60/40 advantage on the base for a few minutes, but NC continued responding and soon we were down to an alamo on the [C] building. We got some good kills but were eventually and unceremoniously kicked out the door. We continued skirmishing in the Howling Pass area until NC took a shot at Palisades - a lot of armor, a lot of air, a lot of infantry. We were able to sweep the point fairly quickly but we were still surrounded on all sides by a very large and angry NC force. We began doing constant Galaxy drops on every single NC Sunderer that trundled in Palisades' general direction. North, boom. Southeast, boom. South, boom. They couldn't keep a Sunderer up for more than 60 seconds, if that. I called a Havoc action for the SHADES that were online and we quickly had DRTAC, CasualNoob, and SoulessGinger completely shutting down the Crimson Bluff vehicle terminals to give the forces at Palisade a much-needed break from the constant stream of armor. DRTAC roamed the tower and harassed while Souless and Casual camped the vehicle terminals. Eventually, there was so much build-up of NC that weren't able to pull armor that our guys faced 3:1 odds and the NC began actively hunting them. They were all forced out, eventually - but not before NC's offensive at Palisade was completely shut down. GOTR then shot across the continent to defend West Highlands, which was facing a large TR force. We secured the point easily but more TR were inbound. Our Galaxy pilots quickly maneuvered away and dropped us behind the enemy line, on the point at Allatum Broadcast Hub. We backhacked the base and the TR were left floundering around West Highlands for around 90 seconds. They started to redeploy to us, but we had VS reinforcements join us. The timer ticked to 50 seconds on the hack before TR executed a MAX crash and kicked us out. West Highlands, however, still stood. We flipped to Ti Alloys to save it from a couple of TR squads - when we looked at the map again, TR had 96+ back at West Highlands already pushing to Indar Comm. We couldn't do anything for that base, but we could get to Dahaka Southeast and defend. Several Ghosts pulled Magriders and spread out among the coral and pipelines near the base. TR apparently thought their Sunderers were sleds and ran around 20 Sunderers down the big hill at the same time - easily half of them took heavy damage or outright died from flipping over. Our Magriders made short work of what remained and kept the rest of the TR pinned outside the base, unable to break in. We destroyed TR's last spawn point and they ran away - we followed them up to Indar Comm and started the hack. Seeing that Palisades was once again under heavy NC attack, we redeployed. Our friends over in GOKU were playing on NC tonight under the tag LWTX (their NC altfit). Turns out they were the ones pulling all of those Sunderers that we were blowing up. Well done all - I couldn't have asked for more from you, it was a great alert!
  9. Sign up for ServerSmash! I need twelve people plus six alternates. The match is against Briggs, on Saturday, May 2nd, at 9:00pm Eastern. This means you will need to be available starting at 8:00pm Eastern. We will be playing NC and starting from the Southern Warpgate (Hossin). General reminder, this is played on the Live client, not the Test client. A quick note about participants for this Smash - priority will be given to those that have played a Server Smash before. In the future, we will be running Server Smash Crash Courses, aka SMASH COURSES, that potential participants will need to attend in order to sign up. However, this match is a mess for a few different reasons. Firstly, Briggs is the Australian server and our match against them will be played under not-ideal ping conditions. I need experienced players, and especially players that will not rage because of the crazy ping conditions. We'll have to play hyper-aggressive and it will be a very intense play environment. Additionally, I don't know if I'll be in attendance. If I will be in attendance, I won't be leading our squad, it will be Khaot. I might not be involved in Smash leadership at all this round because of exams. Out of consideration for him (and our platoon mates) it is only fair that experienced players join up this time to make a truly insane experience a bit more bearable. This is the only match that will have such stringent requirements. Thank you for your understanding. Squad 1. Khaot (SL) 2. RedKnights 3. nullfunction 4. Kyrth 5. Halsoy 6. Thango 7. Cathise 8. LucMooncrest 9. Troutkins 10. Edeep Hondaman 11. Alonick 12. Dr3x Ozzy Reserves 13. Hondaman in for Edeep 14. bomas7 15. staticsafe 16. JackFr0st5 17. 18.
  10. Sign up for ServerSmash! I need twelve people plus six alternates. The match is against Connery, on Saturday, April 11th, at 5:00pm Eastern. This means you will need to be available starting at 4:00pm Eastern. We will be playing TR and starting from the Northern Warpgate, I will update this post with the map when I find it again. General reminder, this is played on the Live client, not the Test client. Additionally, a reminder that all participants need to be experienced Planetside 2 players. There is no bright-line BR or K/D requirement, but if you are a new player, you will be asked to sit this one out. ServerSmash involves a lot of rapid-response play - be ready to redeploy constantly, play smart and very conservatively compared to what we do on live. Squad 1. robocpf1 (PL) 2. Khaot (SL) 3. Thango 4. Troutkins 5. Halsoy 6. Cathise 7. Purity02 8. Alonick 9. LazrFace 10. RedKnights 11. Nihil LucMooncrest 12. Edeep Reserves: 1. LazrFace (replacing shinything) 2. Dr3x Ozzy 3. LightningAstro101 4. bomas7 5. Argimor 6.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ok5tOnHDu-g
  12. EVENT: Tactical Tuesday DIVISION SPONSOR: Daemon Legion SCHEDULED: Every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern. Click here to view the article
  13. Alright pilots, This is a reminder that FNDs are happening 5 hours from the time of this post. This link will provide you with a countdown customized for your local time zone. I strongly recommend you use this time before the event to patch (if necessary), reconfigure your controls, and confirm the operation of your ship (commonly called 'pre-flight checks') so we're ready to go at 7 and can make the most of our time. Vanduul Swarm has room for 8 and I'd like to see a full group tonight. I hope to see more than two of you today Looking at you DarthJonny.
  14. Hello Pilots! Seeing as StarCitizen has something playable right now, we should be playing it! Arena Commander multiplayer has been confirmed as working by myself and Grott, so I say we use it. No time like the present to begin honing our Dog Fighting skills. By using a private match, we'll have a space we can use to practice, experiment, mess around, have fun, and learn without outside interference in the learning process. If DFF really takes off we can start to move into the public space and hone our skills against the best pilots the spectrum has to offer. I'm thinking DFF can encompass all modes of pay, from Racing to Free For All. Please post below, ranking the gameplay modes of arena commander you're most interested in and I'll try to get an itinerary together for our first session. I think we'll run the first session this Friday from 7pm until the last person logs off. Participation is NOT mandatory and you can feel free to leave whenever you like. I will try to run DFF every week, but if there simply isn't enough to do, we can run it every other week until Arena Commander gets more fleshed out. I hope to see you there, Pilots. (As an aside, I know I've been a huge advocate of a wait and see approach as far as Star Citizen goes. I've gone on record as admonishing others why have tried to organize things in the past. I want to go on record now as saying I believe this to be a different case than the one I was so outspoken against because I am organizing an event for the here and now, using existing gameplay and existing systems as opposed to making plans for something that's still in the design phases)
  15. Hey Ghosts! So, I thought that ServerSmash was NEXT week - turns out it's THIS week. Saturday, October 25th, 4:00pm ET (be online at 3:00pm ET). We are playing NC on Amerish, from the Eastern Warpgate. I need 12 infantry, hopefully some reserves, and then 3-5 pilots. Once again, this competition is open to any experienced player. You don't have to be pro MLG, but you do have to have some experience. Infantry 1. robocpf1 2. Silverthorn 3. DRTAC7 4. Khaot 5. nullfunction 6. Edeep 7. Thango 8. RedKnights 9. CasualNoob 10. Halsoy 11. Couloumb 12. Nihil Reserves 13. Javelin 14. popsicleclub 15. TheBlindZen1 16. Chendek 17. Acoyph 18. RealityVeil 19. Purity02 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Pilots 1. Thurwell 2. Elderform 3. Argimor 4. 5.
  16. GOTR will be participating in the next Planetside Battles Server Smash, representing Emerald Team 2 as we face off against Cobalt. The event will take place on Sunday, September 28th at 2:00pm Eastern Time. Please be online an hour early! (1:00pm Eastern). The event itself lasts two hours (not including the hour of preparation time). We have been given a full squad (12 spots). In addition, anyone that shows up past those 12 will be eligible to be slotted into a reserve slot if someone has to leave, and SCYTHE or LIBERATOR pilots can get in as well outside of our 12. I will be accepting anyone who wishes to volunteer providing that you are a full Ghost Member and an experienced player. If you are a player brand-new to Planetside 2, this is not a great event for you. UPDATE: We will probably be in the Ymir Bio Lab area of the map. We are playing VS on Esamir, starting at the northeast warpgate. You will need to be on the ServerSmash TS. Address: ts.PlanetsideBattles.org Squad 1. robocpf1 2. Nihil 3. Starbum 4. Khaot 5. Edeep 6. Thango 7. RedKnights 8. Halsoy 9. Alonick 10. TankerRed101 11. DRTAC7 12. HackMaster Confirmed Pilots 13. Thurwell 14. IndigoEclipse 15. hairynipples Reserves 16. DroidbotGamma 17. ThePunished 18. Jephir (Pilot) 19. Jobarra (Pilot) 20. GrayHey
  17. Calling all new GOTR Planetside 2 members and especially players new to the game! The first new "basic training" session will be tomorrow (Wednesday, September 3rd) at 8pm Eastern, roughly the same time as the FEAR division raids. If you're new, either to the outfit or to the game, then you should strongly consider coming to the training session. I, along with our new cadre of Training Officers, will be there to instruct you all in the basics - "Welcome to Planetside!" There will be a few minutes of setup and instruction in things such as keybinds, certs, and the like, but then it's straight into the heat of battle. Here in GOTR, we train you in the middle of combat, not through boring drills. In addition to being informative, these events are designed to be fun! So come and join us, we could certainly use the feedback. ---Robo PS - the plan is to do these once a week. We're still working on a schedule, but for now we're looking at Wednesday evenings and possibly some Sunday afternoons to accommodate those that aren't available on Wednesday nights.
  18. FLIGHT OF THE VALKYRIES - The Valkyrie, a six-man support aircraft, has just been released. We'll play around with them and try out different assault tactics, like Ewok's Revenge and volley fire from Lashers and dumbfire missiles. SHOOTING STAR - Everyone equips a Heavy loadout with a dumbfire launcher of some kind. The default S1 or a Lancer is recommended. We'll use them for everything, AI, AA, and AV. No rifles will be used tonight! DON'T TAP OUT! (MEDIC NIGHT) - Everyone brings out their medic, don't you DARE think about clicking the respawn button. The idea here is that if everyone's a medic, we don't need a hard spawn. We'll sprinkle in a few Engineers for ammo.
  19. Welp, I don't think I will be attending this weeks raid again... Long story short, I enlisted in the U.S. military as an M1 Abrams tank crew member, shipping off for basic in November, will try to see if I can get a computer to get on TS or even play with you guys for the months before I get shipped off, don't have much other info at the time, further details will follow.
  20. Grott

    SOE LIVE 2014

    Alright general information time and a lot of useful information to give. Location: Planet Hollywood 3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109 USA Phone Number: (866) 919-7472 Date: August 14-17th Registration (Kids 12 and under are free): http://www.cvent.com/events/soe-live-2014/event-summary-12097c40c4884c5594ff70481485272a.aspx Website: https://www.soe.com/soelive/ Premium Pass - All 3 Days PREMIUM: $169.00 Discounted Price If Registered By $129.00 Monday, May 12, 2014 $149.00 Tuesday, July 1, 2014 $169.00 Thursday, August 14, 2014 Day Pass - Friday Only FRIDAY: $69.00 Discounted Price If Registered By $49.00 Monday, May 12, 2014 $59.00 Tuesday, July 1, 2014 $69.00 Friday, August 15, 2014 Day Pass - Saturday Only SATURDAY: $69.00 Discounted Price If Registered By $49.00 Monday, May 12, 2014 $59.00 Tuesday, July 1, 2014 $69.00 Saturday, August 16, 2014 Day Pass - Sunday Only SUNDAY: $69.00 Discounted Price If Registered By $49.00 Monday, May 12, 2014 $59.00 Tuesday, July 1, 2014 $69.00 Sunday, August 17, 2014 Evening Pass EVENING: $119.00 Discounted Price If Registered By $99.00 Monday, May 12, 2014 $109.00 Tuesday, July 1, 2014 $119.00 Saturday, August 16, 2014 Cheap Hotel Booking: There is a Super 8 directly behind the Planet Hollywood. It's the biggest Super 8 in the world, and it's not terrible, like many Super 8s. Definitely an okay place to sleep and store your belongings - which is most of what you'll be doing there anyway, you're in Vegas! You won't be sleeping much. It's attached to the "Ellis Island Casino", check it out on Google Maps (street address 4250 Koval Lane). The rates are MUCH cheaper than the hotels on the strip, and it makes the trip affordable for a lot of people. You can take a taxi over to the Planet Hollywood or if any of the other Ghosts attending has a car, maybe grab a ride. Even if you take a taxi over to the Planet Hollywood each day, it's still much less than the Planet Hollywood itself costs per night, BIG TIME. If any of you know each other or trust each other enough to share a room at one of the hotels on the strip, that also makes the trip a lot more affordable. Note to members under the age of 18 and under 21: SOE Live is still a lot of fun. It's very family-friendly during the convention hours. However, there are side-events like the Pool Party and also general partying shenanigans that you won't be able to take part in, or at least will have a lot less fun, because there's alcohol and gambling involved. I don't think you'll be able to enter any of the SOE Live tournaments, either (legal issues with prize money). The casinos and nightclubs, also, won't be nearly as much fun unless you're 21. During the day, if you have family with you, there is a boatload of things to do that don't have age limits, and Vegas is still a fun place - there are shows and attractions everywhere, but I want to make sure you understand what you're in for before you get invested in a Vegas trip. The PS2 community is actually fairly rowdy, and I mean that in a good way - very party oriented, but there's sadly not a lot of room or capacity for the under-aged to tag along on a lot of the "extracurricular activities". Final Word: A good number of our members attend and participate in SOE Live and its events including our very own outfit leader, robocpf1. If people so desire, they can get together and join in the fun at SOE Live with the rest of the outfit (recommended) or can spend it by themselves (like a greenie) or with their family (traitors!). That being said, enjoy it as much as you can and if you do something incredibly stupid that gets you onto the morning news- remember, when the cameras are rolling give us some good advertising! Confirmed(?) Members Going: robocpf1 Merridia Khaot Xulor Starbum -GROTT
  21. Hey Ghosts! We're going to be running the first of several "Basic Training" sessions tomorrow (Saturday, July 12th) at 4:00pm Eastern! Training will cover a few small things such as proper keybindings, using your certs, and how the map/lattice functions, but the majority will be LIVE FIRE TRAINING where we PLAY THE GAME instead of have you sit in VR all day. We'll do an overview of base designs, buildings, special areas, classes, vehicles, spawning, and very basic squad-level tactics that we use every day in GOTR. If you have questions about how anything in Planetside 2 works (NEW PLAYERS, LOOKING AT YOU) then this is the perfect opportunity for you. We plan to run a couple of these per month - this will be the first time we try this, so I could use anyone that wishes to participate, even if you think you know everything that we'll cover. Come help teach the new players! Meet up in the VR at 4:00pm Eastern time - there will be a countdown timer on the top of the site and a Steam event made. See you there! While this training is not required, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that any new Planetside 2 players join up if you can. ---robocpf1, Outfit Leader
  22. It's an exciting time on Auraxis. Mattherson and Waterson have been merged to create Emerald, the mother server. Hossin has been released, creating new battlefields for us to conquer. Outfit base capture has been deployed and our wolf banner flies above many VS bases. I have returned from my two-week-long journey refreshed and ready for perhaps one of the most intense months of our existence. We have goals to achieve before August 14th (the first day of SOE Live) and I need all the help I can get. 1) GOTR Open Platoons run at least a few times per week. Reference: https://gotr.us/page/articles.html/_/outfit-confidential/open-platoon-checklist-r145 2) Significant increase in Planetside 2 recruitment (and retention) 3) A full platoon of 48 GOTR members involved in tactical operations during primetime (frequently, not just one time). 4) 100+ Ghosts online during the Thursday Night Raid. 5) Basic Training twice a month for players new to the game. 6) A significant uptick in video production and streaming. There are hundreds of new players in the game and players returning after long breaks from the game. There are small, inactive outfits that may wish to be absorbed. There are new enemies to fight from the Waterson server for us to test our strength against. Since launch, there has not been such a time as this. Ladies and gentlemen, we have work to do. If you haven't followed our Twitter account (@GotRGaming) or you aren't in the Steam Group, now is the time. You won't want to miss a second. Starting tomorrow, we begin to show the Emerald Server what we are made of. Prepare yourselves.
  23. http://youtu.be/8QDTlUGaX3Y
  24. I am currently waiting to see what some people can cook up for a new group flair (that thing under your avatar that currently says LoL- in the process of getting it replaced). While I am waiting on that I am having trouble looking for an icon and forum banner that can represent the entirety of the group as a whole. I have decided that because of this trouble and my time constraints I will be opening up the opportunity for GOTR members (any GOTR members- not just ones in the social group) to enter in banners and/or icons for official use of the social group. The only requirement is that the icon and/or banner you enter represents moba as a whole (genre basically) and not just any individual game within the genre (having multiple games represented is also acceptable). Lets make it a bit of a contest shall we? Raffles tickets usually go for 100 NTU when they are active so 1st place winner will receive 300 NTU, 2nd place winner will receive 200 NTU and 3rd place winner will receive 100 NTU. the contest shall be active till next Saturday. (Last day of May- 05/31/2014)
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