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Found 11 results

  1. https://www.planetside2.com/news/critical-mass-update-live-patch-notes-september-2017 I won't try and repost the whole thing. Most of it is vehicle resist changes, they're finally throwing out a bunch of random resist types. That, and engy repair grenades, that might be REALLY interesting. Vanguard shield is changed, and vehicles in general are all over the place. Only one repairer per Valk, so g'bye super-Valks, you will not be missed. Liberators are better at bombing, and worse at being mobile Tankbuster delivery systems, woo. I note that engy repair grenades stick to vehicles... do they stick to Valks from the inside...? Curious as to how the tank gun changes shake out. Can buy armor to make 2 bricks of C4 NOT kill a MBT!
  2. Azrealyuu


    Hey guys. So due to a sudden move on my part (job site moved to another state) my time online will be limited. I will try to make Thursday raids but as of right now it's unclear of I will. Tonight I won't be able to as I am packing my moving truck for the move to Arkansas!
  3. To preface, I am a new member (a few weeks in might not be considered strictly new but I'm still working out everything) so I don't know if this has been tried before or if there is a better alternative or if this would work; However, that being said, I have an idea to make communications easier and more fluid between divisions. I have participated in a few raids, one as DA, one as FEAR (specifically PG), and one where I switched from DA to FEAR, and I have found that while intra-division communications are excellent (only a couple minor flaws that come from playing a game. it could be improved with more somberness but that would spoil the fun) inter-divisions are lacking and sluggish. From what I can gather (again, forgive me if I am wrong) when the Raid Leader (lets say robo) wants to attack somewhere (lets say to frostfall overlook from geological survey camp on Esamir) he sets it up like this. Robo first tells his division (again with presuming but lets say he was rolling with the PG) to get rolling and then communicates to the other division leaders, who in turn communicate to their subdivision leaders, where they need to go, losing some time while everybody sits around asking "what now?","Where to?" and the other myriad responses unique as those that play, which I imagine distracts the leaders. So now with the situation setup we see that, while not bad, good even, it could use some improvement. I have given it some thought and I think (again, think, I am not experienced enough to know) I have a solution. Simplistic though it may be I believe that maybe with revision it could be implemented to our betterment. My solution, as previously stated, is a rather simplistic one, and involves combining and meshing together squads. This is slightly more complex than just creating a jumble, which would slow down and prevent non-TS-users from communicating, though. What I propose is having subdivisions in their own squads (as per usual) but with a twist. These squads will not have their own platoons, just squads. For bigger raid divisions perhaps two squads in one platoon shall be needed. Then we take these squads and pair them up so that 1 PL can talk to up to 4 separate subdivisions at once rather than Robo>DA CO>DA then DA subdivisions (separately) it can be more structured like Robo>All PL's (at the same time) > each respective platoon at the same time. This would hopefully take out some links in the communications lines. After everybody has the message, the individual leaders can instruct specific locations or strategies not already mentioned. This would also help cross-division communication when a place is having difficulty and needs support. Lets say DA needs WW support on the south side ASAP because of an infantry rush, rather than letting the infantry get some ground by going CO>CO>Division, the CO can use Platoon Chat to instantly request that help. Another advantage is the syncing of division movements when splitting up the outfit. rather than wasting time to tell the individual CO's to get somewhere and divvy up their forces. Robo can say, Platoon 1 get to Terran BL-4 and Platoon 2 get Eisa Tech under control while telling Platoon 3 stay and defend, all because it was pre-divided into units. TL:DR advantages include streamlining of communications between divisions and aids in splitting up the outfit quickly. Wastes less time speaking from CO to CO to squad. P.S. Again, I am relatively new and have little knowledge of command communications but from what I have noticed (perhaps I am wrong, perhaps I can help) this would help quicken things up.
  4. I was in school when I made this, so a good bit of it might be wrong, but it can still help players better learn some of the not-given stats of their guns. Let me know of any mathematical errors, as I said there's bound to be a few. Easier stuff: (H) Hit Time: the time it takes for a bullet to reach your target. Meter Distance ÷ Velocity For VS Serpent at 10 meters: 10 ÷ 420 = ~.024 seconds (F) Fire Rate: the time between each bullet fired. Not very significant. 60 seconds ÷ shots per minute For VS Serpent: 60 ÷ 845 ~.071 seconds For the more complicated equation later on, if you want to find a more personal answer, use this version to take accuracy into accoint: 60 seconds ÷ shots per minute + (60 seconds ÷ shots per minute × average assumed bullets missed on single target) (D) Lethal Bullet: how many bullets it takes to reach 1000 damage. To account for nanoweave, add one bullet. Damage(x) > 1000 health For VS Serpent: 143x > 1000. x > ~7 bullets Clearly, it can be equal to 1000 as well, but my phone won't let me make that sign. Necessary Overcomplication: Time 'till Drop Now, the more complicated one, to find how long it takes to kill someone. I understand this can be done by timekeeping in the VR, but that doesn't usually take bullet velocity, distance, nor fire rate *specifically* into account. This is just more accurate. The usefulness of this one is more so for infantry who prefer guns with a high rate of fire, so that they can counter those with guns that have a higher rate, like that annoying TR gun with ~900 rounds per minute. (H + F) × D = T ( (Meters ÷ Velocity) + (60 ÷ shots per minute) ) × (solve for D) = Time A reminder, you can personalize F to include inaccuracy. In words: How long it takes for a bullet to reach a target, plus how much time is in between each bullet fired, multiplied by the amount of bullets necessary to kill a target. For VS Serpent in ideal conditions: (10÷420 + .07) × 14 = .65 seconds Apparently. It seems a little low to me, but then again, I'm never in ideal situitions. Hope my boredom was helpful! Correct me on any possible errors, please. ~~ Androssi
  5. AndrossiCA


    Hello all. I'm new to the outfit and figured I should properly introduce myself to the division. I'm a light assault trooper (simply meaning it's my preferred class, not only) who recently switched to VS from my TR account. Being the first time I'm in a serious, more professional type outfit, I hope you won't judge me or my skill based on my new character level of 26, haha. See you all at TNR. ~Androssi
  6. In General, what is your favorite current vehicle to use, how is it setup, and why? GO!
  7. Zolid

    F**k It fridays

    So if have started a new thing on Friday's call Fuck It Fridays, and it basically a competitive SFR. It is a filler for players who are tired of regular ops Fridays. It consists of: -Flip the Flash(As fast as you can and kill yourself) -Harasser from hell(derby's or enemy armor columns) -Ram Rod(Ram an ESF with your ESF with No weapons) -Galaxy Crab Walk Races( ASK Pork) -King Of the Hill With Mags -Get Amped! ( fly an ESF through an AMP station Shielded Portion) -Pistol Pete(Duel At Five paces) -Galaxy Knife Duels -Sundie SummerSalt -Lanced(Rockets On Flashes) -GO Frag Yourself -Call it out(Sniping) ETC... So I'm looking for more Ideas about F.I.F Please Let Me Know Here Or on PM.
  8. http://np.reddit.com/r/EmeraldPS2/comments/38gp26/emerald_vs_emerald_team_draw_day_1_info/ Anyone interested?
  9. Hey everyone! After a number of months wandering aimlessly through the vast forests of the game market, desperately trying to find a community that matched GOTR in its atmosphere and good times, I have decided that there is no such thing. I even managed to bury myself in EVE for some time, before I realized that my heart just wasn't in it. They take themselves too seriously over there in my opinion. I tried some solo games, and even enjoyed them for a time, but there is something about the organic gameplay of MMOs that just cannot be matched in single player games... Perhaps, despite my consistent silence on the GOTR TS server while I play, I am a social animal. Anyways, I digress. I am back to don the spandex once more. That is what matters. Tumbzilla
  10. The video should eventually process to 1080p60.
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