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Found 8 results

  1. To preface, I am a new member (a few weeks in might not be considered strictly new but I'm still working out everything) so I don't know if this has been tried before or if there is a better alternative or if this would work; However, that being said, I have an idea to make communications easier and more fluid between divisions. I have participated in a few raids, one as DA, one as FEAR (specifically PG), and one where I switched from DA to FEAR, and I have found that while intra-division communications are excellent (only a couple minor flaws that come from playing a game. it could be improved with more somberness but that would spoil the fun) inter-divisions are lacking and sluggish. From what I can gather (again, forgive me if I am wrong) when the Raid Leader (lets say robo) wants to attack somewhere (lets say to frostfall overlook from geological survey camp on Esamir) he sets it up like this. Robo first tells his division (again with presuming but lets say he was rolling with the PG) to get rolling and then communicates to the other division leaders, who in turn communicate to their subdivision leaders, where they need to go, losing some time while everybody sits around asking "what now?","Where to?" and the other myriad responses unique as those that play, which I imagine distracts the leaders. So now with the situation setup we see that, while not bad, good even, it could use some improvement. I have given it some thought and I think (again, think, I am not experienced enough to know) I have a solution. Simplistic though it may be I believe that maybe with revision it could be implemented to our betterment. My solution, as previously stated, is a rather simplistic one, and involves combining and meshing together squads. This is slightly more complex than just creating a jumble, which would slow down and prevent non-TS-users from communicating, though. What I propose is having subdivisions in their own squads (as per usual) but with a twist. These squads will not have their own platoons, just squads. For bigger raid divisions perhaps two squads in one platoon shall be needed. Then we take these squads and pair them up so that 1 PL can talk to up to 4 separate subdivisions at once rather than Robo>DA CO>DA then DA subdivisions (separately) it can be more structured like Robo>All PL's (at the same time) > each respective platoon at the same time. This would hopefully take out some links in the communications lines. After everybody has the message, the individual leaders can instruct specific locations or strategies not already mentioned. This would also help cross-division communication when a place is having difficulty and needs support. Lets say DA needs WW support on the south side ASAP because of an infantry rush, rather than letting the infantry get some ground by going CO>CO>Division, the CO can use Platoon Chat to instantly request that help. Another advantage is the syncing of division movements when splitting up the outfit. rather than wasting time to tell the individual CO's to get somewhere and divvy up their forces. Robo can say, Platoon 1 get to Terran BL-4 and Platoon 2 get Eisa Tech under control while telling Platoon 3 stay and defend, all because it was pre-divided into units. TL:DR advantages include streamlining of communications between divisions and aids in splitting up the outfit quickly. Wastes less time speaking from CO to CO to squad. P.S. Again, I am relatively new and have little knowledge of command communications but from what I have noticed (perhaps I am wrong, perhaps I can help) this would help quicken things up.
  2. We define hacking as running third party software or altering files of the game in a way that gives you an unfair advantage. Don't try to outsmart this definition. We know it when we see it. If you think something might be a hack/cheat/exploit, it probably is. Ask! Better safe than sorry. Hacking ruins our reputation as sportsmen. We have a positive reputation and we aim to keep it. That reputation encourages people to join us, and that's the whole point of our organization: to play games together. Even our opponents respect us. Not just the fearful kind of respect we get for winning against them, but also the admiration kind. If we alienate our opponents by cheating we won't have opponents. The actions of the individual reflect on the outfit as a whole because we all wear the GotR tag (or its equivalent in your game). Furthermore, if we have a bad reputation, people won't invite us to events, let alone to lead them. They won't join our events. If it became really bad, the developers of the game might disband our presence there. Because of this respect communities and developers have for us, we've never had a group disbanded. We have seen it happen to other groups. Cheaters can't win. A kill achieved with an aimbot was achieved by the aimbot. GotR doesn't ask you to have a positive K/D, we'd prefer that you play with honor. We'd rather lose with honor than "win" without it. If you suspect someone in the outfit is hacking, report it to an officer above the suspect. Do not publicly accuse them. Let the officers handle it. Submit screenshots or videos if you can. We don't want to hurt the reputation of an innocent player. You don't want the reputation of randomly accusing people. When the officers suspect someone we handle it by taking screenshots, recording the gameplay and asking people around the suspect. The next step we take is interviewing the suspect. We give everyone a fair chance to explain their side. Commanders will discuss the issue and make a determination. If command determines someone is hacking we will ban them from the outfit. Please don't put us in this position. We hate kicking/banning people. Banning for this reason is almost always permanent. There have been one or two exceptions over the past DECADE. If someone outside the outfit accuses you, let command deal with and a rest assured that we will go to bat for you. Just be damn sure you aren't hacking and making your defenders look like fools. For those outside the outfit, again... let the officers handle it. Report it up the chain and move on. Don't make wild "hackusations". Some people are good at the games we play. You dishonor yourself and the outfit if you're making hackusations just because you died or because we lost a battle. Being skilled, smart or lucky is not hacking. Lose with dignity. Win with honor. In a single player game, we don't care. Use all the trainers and codes you like. When you wear the GotR tag where others can see it, we care. Please reply to this article with a /sign to show your understanding and support of this policy. We encourage you to reply/comment with your questions about it.
  3. Stop playing PS1. Everyone should drive everything, fly everything, and do infantry. Practice in VR, flying is not that hard, and if you can't dogfight, you can use an ejection seat and do something interesting with infantry. I mean, it's cute and all that WW can get chewed up while other divisions wander around waiting to get killed once the enemy clears the sky and all. And people put down tank mines to kill reinforcements. But stupid.
  4. Reignman

    My Decision

    After a lengthy personal debate, I have come to the decision that it would be in the best interest of both the FEAR Division and the outfit as a whole, for me to step down as FEAR DC. I have been contemplating this decision for some time, and I believe now is the time to do so. It has been my honor and privilege to be a part of the FEAR unit. It has been the best 4+ years of my 6+ years here with GotR, and I have loved leading this division and its troops. This decision has not come lightly, but there are issues IRL that take and will take more and more of my time. I felt like it was a detriment to the division with me being in charge, but not being here. I announced my decision to step down last night at the officers meeting, and I also announced my successor. Buddah will now take the reigns(no pun intended) as your new DC. He has been my XO for the majority of my time as DC, and he has helped me out more times than I can count. He has MORE THAN earned this promotion, and I know he will do a fantastic job leading this great division of ours. I will now be focusing time on coordinating with the other outfits within the VSA (Vanu Sovereignty Alliance) as GotR's Liaison Officer, alleviating some of the burden from Robo, so he can focus on leading the outfit. As far as where I am going division wise....Wind Wraiths for life baby! Thank you all for sticking with me over the years, it has been a blast, and I look forward to continuing to kill Smurfs and Elmos with everyone! Reignman
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0wxePzXLxs
  6. I just thought I would put this out here. I'm not a big fan of forums. I wanted to commend those who I fought alongside today on Amerish (up until the server crash). Everyone performed admirably and every task we set out to accomplish we did. I had a lot of dedicated support from the squad leaders as well as from particular individuals in the squads who acted promptly and continued to assist and communicate with the team effectively. Thank you for allowing me to lead you, it was an honor (and in a less formal manner, we kicked some $%^&ing ass!)
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyYWvVXmQqw
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