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  1. alexlaw


    Warning::::: Huge Wall o' Text Skyforge: What is it? Skyforge is a free to play MMO that is set in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy world. Its main idea centers around your character being an immortal on the path to becoming a god. The combat style is that of a combination of Tab/Lock target abilities and skill based telegraphs or player positioning. The game has pretty decent graphics and also has a prestige based leveling system that utilizes a ff10 leveling grid to obtain abilities and stats. The game doesn’t have your traditional trinity, as there are no healers. You do get support buffers and shields for your support classes. The game is in open beta with no more server wipes meaning everything from here to launch and after launch stays. Game Website: Link What does it cost? The game is absolutely free from the minute you download it. There is an optional subscription but from what I’ve seen it allows you to get everything 50% faster along with a few other perks but nothing game changing. There is a 15 dollar starter pack if you want a leg up in the game and there is also a 70 dollar collector’s edition that includes 2 advanced classes among other perks. Game Aspects: The Bread and Butter Classes: There are 13 classes to obtain. One account holds one character that can be all of these classes. Your initial choices without buying in are Cryomancer (DPS) Paladin (Tank) or Lightbinder (Support) Out of the 13 classes you have 2 support, 2 tank and 9 DPS classes. I’ll list them below, since the way you obtain these classes can take a short amount of time to a long amount of time I will list them in order from shortest to longest. Beginner Classes: Paladin (Shield Tank) Cryomancer (Cold Mage) Lightbinder (Shield/Buff Support) Intermediate Classes: (Minimum 1 week) Kinetic (Gravity Mage) Slayer (2 handed Melee – much like a rogue) Archer (Ranged - Bows) Necromancer (Utility Ranged Mage) Advanced Classes (Minimum 2 weeks) Gunner (Ranged – Guns) Berserker (Melee – 1 handed) Witch/Warlock (Ranged Mage – AOE) Alchemist (Shield Support / Damage) Monk (Melee Damage stance dancing) Knight (Mitigation tank) PvP : The pvp aspects of the game are alright but balancing needs to be had as with most games. Melee seem to generally have better engage than in other games though. The 10v10 arenas are a capture the point style match. I’ve also heard there is an escort bomb match but I haven’t been in one. 3v3 structured, typically imbalanced matches as the classes selected are 100% random, sometimes youll have DPS tanks going against squishy dps and so on. The initial pvp arena you get is generally frustrating 5 man free for all. PvE: Overall the skill level of dungeons seems to sway pretty largely. I have enjoyed the majority of duneons and they get slotted into 3 categories: Adventures (3 man), Groups ( 5 man) and lastly Raids which are 10 man from my understanding. The 3 man adventures can be mostly soloed if you aren’t a social butterfly. The 5 mans difficulty are decent if the group is new or not of adequate level. I haven’t seen anything about the raids. There are somewhere around 30 dungeons to choose from as you level. Apparently the Russian servers are several weeks ahead so there might be some videos on it. UI: Simple 12 button bind. Minimap, chat. These keys can be rebinded but this is the default setup. Gear is simplistic comprising mostly rings, a weapon and offhand and amulets. No armor upgrades in the game, they use a "look like you want" mentality. Basic layout here, you can switch between any classes on the left at any time. Then you have combo abilities for combat. This is mainly left and right click combos. Lore: If you have come looking for lore….you’ll find surface story only. Nothing really to work with here. Crafting: Literally nothing to see here, no crafting in the game Commerce: Same thing here, absolutely no trading in this game. Supposedly this cuts out gold spammers. Prestige: So the leveling in this game involves something called prestige. Prestige is a general idea of what level your character is. There is no formal 1-XX leveling system. You can gain prestige in the game 1 of 3 ways. You can either level your atlas, run dungeons for better gear or you can pump points into your order. From my understanding there is not currently a cap for prestige so it just keeps going up. Supposedly miles stones are: 2050 – Order unlock 10000 – Raids 35000 – God Form Ascension Atlas: The ascension atlas, probably one of the most intriguing things of the game. Think final fantasy 10 stat spheres and apply that here. You unlock bonuses, stats, classes and a number of other things through this atlas. You level your class and stats independently. I’ll give you a picture of it, keep in mind the screenshot is probably 1/10th of the entire grid. Pantheon: So the Pantheon (guild) system in this game is complex. It requires a lot of dedication from members to actually level up and it starts off very limited. There will be no such thing as 1 person pantheons in this game. You are required to recruit to grow. The pantheon system breaks down in this hierarchy. Leader Commanders Everyone else This system incorporates players to send their own Adepts on a guild mission every 8 hours to obtain resources that are then turned into building structures for the pantheon. That in turn gives bonuses to the entire pantheon. There is a voting system in place so that if you wish to increase the size of your pantheon or build structures it requires a majority vote from the commanders and founder to begin construction. When a vote is placed the pantheon funds are used to begin construction. Pantheon funds are only replenished by the members themselves. You have to donate to the pantheon to participate in growing it. Initial pantheons can only have 12 members in it. You have to upgrade it to get more members. From my understanding patheons can hold up to 1000 members and with 100 commanders. Your perks for donating to the pantheon include badges which you turn in for different rewards and the bonuses that come with leveling the pantheon in general. Orders: Orders are like….Garrisons in WoW or Companions in SWTOR. Otherwise Orders are an organization of people that follow your immortality to help raise you to becoming a god. The more structures you have the more followers you have the more followers you have the more prestige you get. Adepts are the core people within your order, adepts are the ones that carry out missions on your behalf by gather resources or recruiting more followers. They are also the ones that run your guild missions to upgrade your pantheon. Game Pros: For the casual gamer there are weekly caps, meaning people can’t out level you super-fast, gives lower prestige players a chance to catch up to the big dogs. The game graphically looks great. Combat animations are probably the most elaborate and smooth I’ve seen in awhile. The systems in play can be considered complex to some, you aren’t spoon fed everything. Free to play There is almost always something to do, even if you meet your weekly cap you have an Order to run, a pantheon to level, players to kill, customs to get, classes to level. Game Cons: For hardcore gamers weekly caps slow you down. System is too complex for some players The UI needs to be revamped heavily, new chat system, the ability to enable cursor. You tend to reply a lot of dungeons even though you have a lot to choose from. Final Thoughts: If you are into free stuff, the game is definitely worth a go. The combat is fun, replayability is decent. Slots are limited so come down and help us grow. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask. I will be checking this often.
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