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  1. BorisDET5

    Research: Solar Rail Specters

    The Vapor Specter Battalion will be finished in three days from now. I put the final 46K Ferrite in to get things going.
  2. BorisDET5

    Warframe Prime sources.

    Made a quick update to your spreadsheet. I made a quick color code identifying which parts are needed as sacrifices to reach Rank 4 (Prime Weapon Part) and Rank 5 (Prime Frame Helmet) of the Syndicates.
  3. BorisDET5

    Weapon components / component weapons

    DE also adds in more combos as they go along. They recently added the AkJagara to the game which combines the Akbolto and Dual Skana together, two weapons that have been in the game for a fair amount of time.
  4. BorisDET5


    This may be somewhat important to figure out. When I first joined a Syndicate in game, I looked at which Warframes and weapons benefited from each Syndicate (http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Syndicates). The main issue that I'm now encountering is that I originally was looking at using Saryn primarily but have discovered that unfortunately she is fairly selfish in her abilities. The Syndicates for her are negatively aspected towards those for Vauban which has more teamwork benefits. I guess you actually just need to choose whom to rep and go for it.
  5. BorisDET5

    Other Warframe clans

    I would be willing to at least attempt to establish the Alliance although I am not convinced that I have the required privileges to do so. I have also talked with some of the friends that casually play Warframe to ensure they would be fine if I let and mentioned the possibility of seeing if they would want to look at this outfit in the future. Update... It looks like I would have to leave me current clan as the Warlord of my current one is no longer active.
  6. BorisDET5

    New Article: Tera Roster

    I'm nowhere near cap as I've just started but I've rolled a priest and warrior, named Korrun and Borissyr respectively.
  7. BorisDET5

    Eight-Player Raiding

    Looking through the thread again, I noticed Medicator's post about trying to do a practice run at 5:00/5:30 PM EST (which it is currently past). As a husband and father, I will rarely be able to commit to playing prior to 8 PM EST.
  8. BorisDET5

    Eight-Player Raiding

    I have the following frames to Rank 30 and if they don't currently have a potato in them, I do have some free reactors in my inventory to upgrade them with: Ash, Banshee, Ember, Loki, Mag, Oberon, Rhino, Saryn, Trinity, Valkyr, Vauban, and Volt I'd be willing to play whichever is most helpful but have been using Vauban, Saryn, and Oberon the most recently. Most of my warframe mods are close to max but the major damage mods (Serration/Hornet Strike) are only 5 or 6 out of 10. I am not currently in the GotR Clan on Warframe and am not in a position to leave my current clan. I am the only active Officer with invite privileges in a group that contains RL friends and I will not leave them high-n'-dry.
  9. BorisDET5

    New Article: Tera Roster

    I'm interested in possibly attempting to join the ranks here but was curious what classes/roles need to be addressed.
  10. BorisDET5

    Tier 3 Defense / Good Resource Locations

    If you don't mind taking your time and being thorough, I have found that Raid missions on Mars (Ara & Phobos) can be good for farming Morphics. I have had 4-5 drop in one mission on several occasions.
  11. BorisDET5

    Warframe: GotR's dojo

    I'm currently inquiring with someone that is in a HUGE clan that has supposedly crafted a significant part of the dojo Response: " i don't think so...just limited number of capacity"
  12. BorisDET5

    Your Warframe name

    I've been in WarFrame for a while now under the name of BorisDET5. I hadn't realized the GotR had a decent following in the game and a clan formed until after I had joined in with some people that I have been playing with for a while now. I'd still like to attempt to join in on some missions from time-to-time if there is space available though.
  13. BorisDET5


    The premise of using your platinum on Catalysts and Reactors is a good one but I would suggest not doing so on the starter weapons and possibly not on the frame as well, unless you are truly loving the skills. There is a possibility that you will come upon a blueprint while doing missions or from a login reward before you find a weapon or frame worthy of having the upgrade.
  14. Names you can find me on in other games:

    1. BorisDET5


      Mechwarrior Online — BorisDET5

      Guild Wars 2 — Korrun.3940

  15. BorisDET5

    Has there been...

    I've been playing predominantly with another buddy of mine and a occasionally a couple others that we developed a relationship with but I would not be adverse to attempting to form something here that's more official