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  1. thank you. I'll link my discord and start using it as opposed to the site. Thanks for the Information. I've been helping my father get back I to the game again so I have been more solo with him but I'll be back to outfit ops soon.
  2. Forgive me and remove if this is the wrong place for this or if its covered elsewhere. I was unable to locate how one can get permission to pull the Colossus tank. Being with the outfit since ps1 I wasn't sure it it affected the decision to assign permission. Thanks in advance ghosts! Semper-fi
  3. I love going stalker deep recon. laying mines and hacking terms. Following a player close behind and emptying a magazine into their backs. lol. How does one acquire permission for the colossus tank? I dont care about the other war assets. Just the tank. thanks for any information
  4. I like that last kill. Headshot haha
  5. Exia is here and ready for training! Exia-
  6. as will I! just let me know when and where and I will try to be there. Exia-
  7. So happy to be back with GotR. I am also a PS1 vet. I pilot a lib and pretty good at flying it. when I'm not in the air raining down lead i am a great sniper. "Semper-Fidelis"
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