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  1. Mechazawa

    Stupid question

    Yeah, right now I'm running the 5M shadowhawk and getting some good effect out of it. 2x AC2 2x Streak2 2x MPLas BAP being a bit underwhelmed by the MPLAS, I'll probably switch back to basic ML and either add more AC2 ammo or AMS.
  2. Mechazawa

    Stupid question

    Yeah, I asked on Outreach too and they said the same thing. It's pretty expensive to change out your armor type if you're not going to stick with it. o.o
  3. Mechazawa

    Stupid question

    Anyone still reading this forum? I wanna know if I upgrade armor/structure in the mech lab, okay, I pay a certain cost to do that. Once I have though can I switch freely back and forth between the types? Trying to min/max a shadowhawk a bit for different loadouts, and there's a big difference in space required between running the 2xAC/2+2xStreak+2xML setup vs PPCs. XD
  4. Mechazawa

    Crit Builds

    Thanks. I never really looked at it like that, but now I think I need to redo some of my builds.
  5. Mechazawa

    Forma Alert: Ties That Bind

    Not recently. He was uberbad for a while but now he's well killable again.
  6. Mechazawa

    Tweaks to improve graphics?

    This game runs like great on my rig, and it should, being unreal engine, that said, anyone have a list of tweaks to bump the graphics up on the awesome meter?
  7. Mechazawa


    of course I started with the Loki. Health? Shields? What are those? It's a lot like driving a Lightning. only attack if you aren't outnumbered.
  8. Mechazawa

    Your Warframe name

    Entropy11, and I could probably use some help getting through Mercury intact. >.>
  9. Mechazawa

    Re-enable computer voice in cockpit

    looove this. Miss the betty from the older games.