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  1. Noice! Thanks for sharing. I'd still love to have this though....
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/2wkjiz/ns_max_hmg/ But I want barrels that spin!! I mentioned NS max AI weapon and someone said they never saw the model. Check the link above.
  3. Master

    CQC Sniping

    Why not? Do you have a particular SMG you like over the skorpios?
  4. This man speaks the truth. Half the time, the cosmetics don't even render as it will show the basic shape due to LOD and user settings.
  5. Ah, so it is still poop...
  6. It's been a while and I know they nerfed the ZOE but wanted to revisit it to see if it is viable. Does anyone know what the nerf to resistance is for the maximum zoe and if armor suit slots can negate that or at least come close? It seems to be the best tool for a flank but I feel that only really happens in biolabs..... It also mentions that it is worse at far range....does that mean it is useless for bursters and AV weaponry? Does ZOE even affect bursters/AV?
  7. Nice! Looks like a psychopath (good thing) and goes along with your description
  8. Yes, I do have a 350r. If the problem persists after 2.0, I'll log it in.
  9. If relative mode fixates your crosshair at the center, yes. When I did it, it was impossible to fly in a straight line. My nose did a figure eight, even though I wasn't touching anything. After 2.0, I'll check again to see if I'm getting it still.
  10. I enjoyed watching that. Those guys can fly. My main issue with flying at the moment is the dead space between "I'm turning" and "weapons gimbaling". Its very hard to control with the mouse. If I have the gimbal centered and I fly straight, my ship doesn't stand still but it "fluctuates". Until this is fixed, it is no fun to race with a mouse / KB.
  11. Master


    Your post has been upvoted. You have won +1 internets good sir!
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