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  1. Run the game in 1920 by 1080 resolution or change the display settings on the machine to 1920 by 1080. Sadly Planetside doesn't have any kind of UI scaling to change that atm outside changing overall game resolution.
  2. Looking back at that video 15 year old me had AWFUL aim, Meatball was right, sensitivity was too high
  3. People frown on the free-floating g one block wide rails, I found tasteful limited elevated systems were fairly acceptable. If you need help with it let me know I love working on rail projects
  4. I'm working until 9 tonight so will be unable to make it
  5. I'd be up for a fight in the Sandanavia colosseum at the very least. Doubt we'd need permission for that. That said RedCorp finds the terms of "try not to be too much of a dick while sabotaging/killing intruders to be acceptable, we'll need to vastly expand our observation facility.
  6. Diggy diggy hole

  7. I'm glad you're showing remorse for your actions at least, they're definitely going to whitelist you again with that attitude. Just admit you were wrong, apologize and move on.
  8. I find the default locked thing more annoying than anything else, especially makes cooperation rough. If you don't want someone in your chests go ahead and lock it, yee lazy bum. Plus even if you unlock something it's still prone to defaulting to lock after each update @_@ then just type /lock if you want a permanent sign? Doesn't seem like the best use of admin time.
  9. Well time to play minecraft again =)
  10. Came here to see your new characters stats, received adorable pictures Congrats man!
  11. The swag pile swells Happy new year!
  12. Forcast: Snow on the upper portions of the website, southern regions will see clear skies tonight with a chance of occasional trolling

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