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  1. I miss you. More than I'm willing to admit. Nerd.

  2. Ragnis

    Ragnis on Hiatus

    Testing out of classes is amazing! I'll be there for raid tonight!
  3. Ragnis

    Ragnis on Hiatus

    I know Khaot! I saw your post and thought, "well damn..."
  4. I know I've never been good about posting on the forums whenever I had work that stopped me from playing on Raid Nights. I know I've only ever shown up for 1 or 2 Raid Nights a month but I still really enjoyed them. I have realized that I work waaaay too much for how little I get paid and I've decided to go back to school and get a job that requires more of my brain and less of my brawn. Unfortunately it will require me to take night classes for the next two years and b/c of the school's strict attendance policies I won't be skipping voluntarily (maybe once). So from this moment on until I graduate in Feb of 2018 I'll be on hiatus. Until next time I wish everyone happy hunting and I'll miss you all incredibly ::(
  5. I will be working late into the night so no raiding for me sadly
  6. Ragnis

    I'm BACK!!!!!

    Welcome back to the fold!
  7. I'm going to hold off a bit longer to see if someone can make a fix for the JUMP 30 FEET FROM MINECART bug
  8. That's the thing tanker, it's not in use because it goes nowhere, it's more like a ghost rail. I'm just asking because I wanted to work on the rail system in the nether to connect portals.
  9. Who made the giant railway out of spawn made of powered rail? Are you still working with it? Can I fiddle with it to make use of all that delicious powered rail?
  10. Ragnis


    PEST wise I think the higher resources will not be slowing us down seeing as we use vehicles rarely and mostly drop on all our targets. I don't think anything else will change the way we roll very much. What about the other sections?
  11. Ragnis

    I remember

    I loved the song, dutiful yet morbid. Also the camera angles and scenes were great
  12. Checking in. Just got back in the states. Sorry I've been away and missed the last 2 raids but I'm back in house now! /sign
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