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  1. EvilSmoo. Oddly enough. I'm done with the Vor stuff, have a few old items and mods and a Deth Cube, and NO idea what I am doing, otherwise. I did key up my foundry to make some old blueprint that I had.
  2. So my old account is partially out of mothballs (still got that thing on my leg...). Ahh, the joy of weapons with weird names.
  3. Well, a Vektor on a swivel, aimed by a hovering or landed Lib is a terrifying stream of very accurate hate. The old weapon balance seems switched up. Might be able to just land some Libs near repair Gals or Sunderers, and use them as mobile suppression. Apparently Liberator optics were designed by a moron, because you can point at places that are obscured by the cockpit. From exclusively VR testing, though, all the aircraft took large amounts of damage from AV weapons, though lockons don't work there, so I have no idea how those changed. The range is supposedly shorter now, so... ? Maybe now we'll need air to kill air, and ground to kill ground? Not sure how much flak of various sources changed. Definitely hop in well before raid today, to square things up. Decide between stealth tanks, or tanks that can't be C4ed by only one person, or tanks that mostly ignore mines. Nanite grenades are pointless against tank HP pools, as someone mentioned. Dammit. Maybe they're better on ESFs? Also, make sure you put in that code, for your free Tanto-P!
  4. Free Tanto-P and helmet! ps2welcomeback
  5. https://www.planetside2.com/news/critical-mass-update-live-patch-notes-september-2017 I won't try and repost the whole thing. Most of it is vehicle resist changes, they're finally throwing out a bunch of random resist types. That, and engy repair grenades, that might be REALLY interesting. Vanguard shield is changed, and vehicles in general are all over the place. Only one repairer per Valk, so g'bye super-Valks, you will not be missed. Liberators are better at bombing, and worse at being mobile Tankbuster delivery systems, woo. I note that engy repair grenades stick to vehicles... do they stick to Valks from the inside...? Curious as to how the tank gun changes shake out. Can buy armor to make 2 bricks of C4 NOT kill a MBT!
  6. I've noticed that a lot of ops don't use vehicles very effectively. Lodestar, wherefore art thou? AV and AA are always easier to notice when the enemy has them. Doesn't really help that the Sundy apparently has an engine from a riding lawnmower, and smooth plastic wheels, either.
  7. I've lost interest in EVE fairly regularly since 2005.
  8. Zis is because it was necroposted from 2016.
  9. I played CS once. I went around a little, shot, got shot, died. Then I realized that I'd have to sit there for minutes spectating until I was allowed to do anything again. And the same thing would probably keep happening. So I exited the game and uninstalled.
  10. The Samurai-looking C would be neat, and D is nice too.
  11. You could have someone chilling back at warpgate, filling up a silo as close as possible to WG. Everyone could bind at a tube next to it. Or just make a couple and have multiple people fill them up before raid, 50k in 1-2 silos should last a while. Then, people could easily pop back, grab walls, another silo, and repair modules. Slap them down to rapidly create a roadblock of walls in a really annoying place, fortified by repair modules and a silo that runs it for 1000 cortium. Rotate out the person gathering cortium if they get bored, and you can easily set up sub-bases, or a portable ammo tower for PG, just silo/tower. Or a bunker and tube up on a hill in an annoying location for a lancer nest. All without the cortium source being exposed, and some of those warpgate crystals seem to respawn REALLY fast. And hey, easy XP for filling the silo.
  12. The problem that's been cropping up lately, is that enemy air is going straight for WW, on raid nights, specifically. (Then they complain about blobbing and being ganked...) And enemy air is half price 2/3 of the time, or so. WW can go 2:1 and only break even. The saving grace is that enemy air is mostly worse at focusing fire against coordination, they all seem to love lone-wolfing it, which generally works terribly. They kill friendly greenies just fine, but get splattered as long as we don't ram into each other. (More of a problem than you'd think, when you have to shoot someone who knows the "flight mechanics" and flies sideways erratically. This is why i love standing off and annoying them with lockons, plus A2A locks REALLY mess up lib/gal.) But there is no fallback. When mossies are 50% off, and a group of 5+ forms, what do we do? Generally, we just get shot down, and if it gets bad enough, run flak/lockons, with zero air support. Any serious air drops make it in, simply because even with 5-6 scythes firing continuously, multiple galaxies can get on target in the time it takes to do that much damage. Most of my vitriol comes because I frequently run into lockons and flak at enemy bases, and sometimes out in the open. And when I get caught in a bad fight and attempt to hightail it back to the nearest friendly cluster, they never seem to do... anything. I can't expect miracles, but I never notice any blue missile tracers going up (of course, render range doesn't help.) And flak sometimes. Attrition is a big thing, when half the enemy air is half price. Without force multipliers, it can sometimes get out of control.
  13. This is my entire point. If a dozen enemy are being farmed and very heavily distracted by TWO GUYS in a liberator, they can lose MAXes, and 1-2 other MAXes generally switch over to flak to drive the lib off, the lib pays for itself, resource-wise. That, or a couple tanks free to lob in HE or viper shells ALSO kill a disproportionate amount of enemy softies. And the main problem that I see: These super-useful units are ignored and not supported. The lib died a few times to sky knights who COULD have been splattered by lockons or driven off by flak, and gave up. The tanks with HE shells got ambushed by AP enemy tanks and got splattered, and there was no nearby lancer nest to help. But boy howdy was that point controlled, until a minute from cap when the enemy took it back with THEIR tank and air support and a clear path from spawn to point. Good job guys, you tried, form up at the next base back so we can repeat the process.
  14. Which is all very well and good, until you get forced inside the building by all the armor that never got blown up, then killed by MAX rushes or grenade spam. Because most of the "tactical" stuff does go well, until that exact situation happens. Occasionally greenies will step in and do it, but the rest of the time, IF the enemy faction remembers to pull armor... Each time, the process feels like it's repeated at the next base in line to the warpgate, until greenie support steps in and blows the tanks/libs.
  15. AV and sniper support would probably do a lot more. WW wasn't terribly busy in the air, but the sheer amount of flak and lockons prohibited any air support. Then, vanguards went half price, so if Vanu tanks killed one vannie for every loss, they STILL lost the resources battle, badly. But there were no lancers that I could see, and no snipers ventilating the lockon users that were driving off all the Scythes that were itching for places to put hornets. Or if there were, they didn't do enough to be noticed. And then, enemy tanks started shelling bases, sunderes pulled up unopposed, and base after base went under. Glaives can't even shoot bases. That was the view from above, anyway.
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