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  1. Was there. Was bombarded with screenshots. Can confirm hilarity.
  2. RealityVeil

    Ship Update

    Heh, this pattern is always funny to me. "CIG released a new ship, it's exactly what I wanted! I melted my whole lineup to get it!" --Everyone -- two months later -- "CIG released a new ship, it's exactly what I wanted! I melted my whole lineup to get it!" --Everyone
  3. RealityVeil

    Redknight & Lobada Minecraft Message Board

    You all on the GOTR minecraft server? or cooked something up yourselves?
  4. RealityVeil

    Ship Update

    And I'm still sitting here on my 325A, happy for something that goes fast and hits hard.
  5. RealityVeil

    An alternative for the metal gate is coming!

    Um...that's not a confirmation. That almost sounds like an appeasement answer. Maybe I'm just a negative nancy.
  6. RealityVeil

    Merged groups!

  7. RealityVeil

    General Interest Check

  8. I was...ya know..trying to funny. Dry humor, that's true, but humor non the less. In regards to your question: I know you're taking a stab at my tendency to bust hype wherever I see it. This is because I am a realist. I don't listen to promises and I don't put any stock in reputation. I look at what's there, and what's happening right now. And right now, there'a a whole lot of promises, and not very much implementation. A lot of talk and very little action. We have a visually attractive but mechanically mediocre space combat and racing game. Along with being mechanically mediocre, it is riddled with bugs, crashes, crushingly long load times, and horrific network support. Not only is it nothing to write home about, but it's beyond that it's something to write home and warn about. And before someone says "but the physics and thruster mechanics!" yes, those are impressive. But what falls out of that simulation is pitch-roll-yaw-thrust-shoot. Those highly impressive mechanics are very under the hood. We've been promised that these advanced simulations will have more significance sometime in the nebulous future, but we don't have them now. Just look at this very post. It's an animation, nothing more, nothing less.
  9. Oh god. I feel bad for the deck chief that has to maintain that bucket. All those moving parts...
  10. RealityVeil

    DAYUM, touch screen controls for mah ship

    Right? The schadenfreude part of me kinda hopes it does. Partly because the nerd rage and tears will be delicious, and partly because such a high-profile early-access failure can, hopefully, shake confidence in the business model to it's very foundations, nerds wont be willing to trust anymore, and we'll stop seeing every single steam release go for the early access cash grab option. But, you know, I hope it doesn't. >_>
  11. RealityVeil

    Cities: Skylines

    IU am so jelly. My first city was a harsh grid, until gridlock ruined it all. OI have a new plan now. Cul-de-sacs and main roads, so cars aren't stopping ever few meters for a stopsign. also better feeder streets off the highway.
  12. RealityVeil

    Cities: Skylines

    Oh god the ambulance racing.
  13. RealityVeil

    Cities: Skylines

    I watched a video where a guy ploped down a hydro dam and flooded his town. Man, the water physics are real.
  14. RealityVeil

    Cities: Skylines

    I looked up these SPUIs and Cross Diamond Whatevers and they look TERRIFYING. I would just park the car and walk.
  15. RealityVeil

    Article with tenative module timeline

    I like this a lot. Really cleared up some of the fog of war around crowd funding and the like.