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  1. I have updated this modpack, adding in some magic mods to the existing list: ArmorStatus HUD Adventurers Amulets AgriCraft Ancient Warfare 2 ArchitectureCraft Backpacks BetterStorage BiblioCraft Binnie's Mod Biomes O' Plenty Damage Indicators Mod Doggy Style Doomlike Dungeons Dungeon Mobs Dynamic Lights Dynamic Surroundings Enchanting Plus Enchiridion 2 Epic Siege Mod Extra Biomes 2 FastCraft Forestry Forge Essentials FTB Lib FTB Utilities GrowthCraft Highlands Immersive Engineering Inventory Tweaks Iron Chest Journeymap MineFantasy II Morpheus NotEnoughItems Platforms Project E Roguelike Dungeons Cuchaz's Ships Siege Mod Spice of Life Stellar Sky Storage Drawers Mod Too Much Time Twilight Forest Vampirism Balkon's Weapon Mod Witchery
  2. I managed to solve my memory leak this pack was having. Apparently, you can use a launcher such as the Technic launcher to download a modpack, and then point the default Minecraft Launcher to that modpack folder to play it using the more advanced java options that the Technic Launcher doesn't have access to.
  3. I have made a multiplayer server for the Feed the Beast Unstable 1.12.1 modpack. A notable mod that was included is "The Lost Cities" that adds city generation in addition to overworld generation. IP: Dynmap: Those interested can simply join the server to see what it's about.
  4. Ah, ok. I went ahead and moved spawn into the constructed area with /setworldspawn. So new players should be good to go now.
  5. Well, whenever you're interested, the link is on the first post.
  6. I'd want to say D, but if possible combined with the chest wrap from C.
  7. If you want, I can add you to the colony so you can get food and whatnot. Just need your username.
  8. I just turned on Vanilla drops for seeds. Try now. My place is roughly 300 meters South-East from spawn, if you want to come look.
  9. Well, I think either MineColonies or Harvest Festival disabled getting seeds from grass. I think you can find them in dungeon chests though. What times do you usually get on TS to play?
  10. Put simply, porn in VR is not quite up to the level of real life yet.
  11. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/gotr-uo-1102-modpack.1019996 A couple of weeks ago, I made a modpack for Minecraft v1.10.2, and so far have managed to work it down to 83 mods or so. Anyone interested should check it out. Server IP: No Whitelist.
  12. Currently working and improving a modpack I've created called Vorps. Featured mods include Better Beginnings and Minefantasy as well as Pam's HarvestCraft, Growthcraft, Bibliocraft, Doomlike and Roguelike Dungeons, and a few other interesting ones such as TooMuchTime and Hardcore Darkness. It also has FtB Utilities for terrain and building protection. IP: No Whitelist. https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/vorps.875877
  13. the goggles variant looks like Klang from Ninja Turtles.
  14. For those of you that don't enjoy TerraFirmaCraft, it looks like there's a new version of Resonant Rise out, number 4 on 1.10 of Minecraft. Server IP is I'm using all the recommended except for Journeymap.
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