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    Huge New Jersey Devils fan, still play in a beer league.. and am not very good :)
  1. hey everyone! i just got back from afghanistan on tues, my internet is finally back up and running. i have ps2 downloading all the updates and whatnot that i missed over the last 9 months. i hope everyone has been doing well, and i cant wait to see everyone in game! is the ts3 server and whatnot all still the same? -happypants
  2. Day late but I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and head a great Christmas. Cant wait for Thurs. Cheers everyone!
  3. and what server are we on for beta?
  4. HappyPants249


    Hey guys, sorry for being gone a bit. I had some training and whatnot, and I derped it up not knowing about being able to check to download beta so i'm hoping ill be back on a lot now and get to see you all in game. Just a heads up for leadership I'll be gone from sept 15ish to oct 15ish for NTC in cali. Stupid army training.
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