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  1. So Swampy is back and playing H1Z....errr I mean Just Survive. Looking for some more people to play with. Problem is Comms won't be on this server as some of the guys I play with aren't terribly fond of GotR. But I need warm bodies. If you're interested say so and we'll talk about it. Not trying to recruit to another clan or anything but I'm sorry to say because of character conflicts I may not be able to accept just anybody. I'm playing on the Refried Brains server as Swampy. Working on a 3-pad base mostly by myself. I had to move bases because I was too exposed and we started getting raided daily. Going is very slow as each run I only get enough pieces for about two or three walls and it'll take approximately 60 walls just to complete the outer edge. and thats just the first of three levels needed lol. So PM me or post on here if you're interested in joining up.
  2. I miss cop car shenanigans. :-(
  3. guess not. it died again
  4. I managed to get my gaming laptop running. Just ran around on Deathgrip for a few hours. low pop but bases EVERYWHERE. miss playing with everybody...yes even hammer.
  5. Swampfox


    My wonderful gaming laptop has officially died....thanks to one badly placed bottle of beer. It fried my motherboard so theres no hope. Yanked the HDD and the sexy nameplate. Its history. Doubt i'll be coming back for quite some time. Oil industry crashed and got laid off, worked at a bank and got fired for not being chipper. now i'm working for OrderUp and trying to sell some smartphone games. doubt i'll be able to afford another rig for...ever.
  6. Swampfox

    Team BR?

    does anybody play anymore? i got tired of grinding materials every three weeks to make a base.
  7. I think switching there killed it for me. One of the nice things about H1Z1 was it was a place where we could be dicks (in the name of survival) and it was okay. They're trying to control things too much and i don't want to do anything that might affect Hanii's relationship with his partners. So i'll be setting up on another server. I plan on doing KOS all the time. No diplomacy. I tried that to keep us from being raided but it took away some good targets and made it so we had to check who we were sniping at range. I don't know if we've setup anywhere yet so i'll try not to get too deep where i start but its not going to be a low pop. I might even try to survive on a high pop server again.
  8. Swampfox

    Can't play

    After two hours of fighting with this which includes many reboots and two total reinstalls it occurred to me that when the game used to load normally it would go in order: 1. Play 2. Daybroken/H1z1 logo 3. Teamspeak Overlay 4. Launch Disabled Teamspeak Overlay and voila...fixed
  9. Swampfox

    Can't play

    Deleted & Reinstalled Updated drivers validated verified Hit play....crash over and over and over again. It crashes at the logo every fucking time. tried changing userini as daybroken says but nothing.
  10. 1. Log in on a different server. 2. Log out. 3. Exit the game normally. (VERY IMPORTANT DO NOT SKIP) 4. Launch the game 5. Log in to your character. If it still doesnt work, after #3, verify steam files and validate h1z1 files.
  11. http://www.twitch.tv/h1z1 starts at 7pm est
  12. If the patch has been put in place we're going to make a major grind on Gravelands to get our base put up. We will need everybody ready to do their assigned tasks so we get choice location #1 place we're interested in is the rock near the dam. this might change if the tamped foundations get put in before the patch and we decide to build elsewhere.
  13. Since i apparently don't fit in with that other division i'll return to the place where i get to fly a magrider. thats right i said fly. I have decently kit vehicles and will pull whatever you need.
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