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  1. Same here. I also dig doing recon and sabotage.
  2. I'm lucky to make it to the weekly raids. I will help from outside the game, for sure. When you have a schedule selected I will see what I can do to attend. Not sure if I have an NC character yet.
  3. Winning with friends. The game itself has little appeal. There's no reason for me to be a cloaker since I suck at sniping and the cloak suits suck for infiltration and there's nothing to do once you've infiltrated. So I mostly go medic since it has auto-aim.
  4. Try it for a while. I will almost certainly miss those raids and keep playing on Thursdays.
  5. This might get me to reinstall it. And then still not play it because I have 0 free time.
  6. I recommend sending a mass email about this.
  7. I would probably miss quite a few raids as that is date night and likely a night before a D&D game. My wife and I have an understanding about Thursday night. I'll ask her what she thinks. We could try having a Robo Raid on Saturday and a someone else on Thursday and see what happens. I suspect it would bring some people in, and push some people out. Our Euro players might disappear entirely.
  8. I want an avatar with narrower shoulders and a beer belly.
  9. Nihil

    Hey all GHOSTS

  10. Nihil


    Noted. Take care!
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