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  1. Nihil

    Open World Coming to WF!

    This might get me to reinstall it. And then still not play it because I have 0 free time.
  2. Nihil

    What class are you thinking about playing?

    I rolled an Occultist. Not liking the game though. Too much like a fighting game (Mortal Kombat).
  3. Is Spooky Chat down?

  4. Nihil

    Tree of Savior

    What server?
  5. Missing the raid tonight. :(  31 Mar.

  6. Nihil

    Black Desert

    Installing now! VVT! I just made a Witch named Lochlynne. The "last name" is Curare.
  7. Nihil

    Black Desert

    I'd be grateful to have the opportunity to do the trial. Sounds like Orwen should be our "Official" server.
  8. Nihil

    I love DE_Steve

    Why was a post in this thread REPORTED?
  9. This new site is baller.

  10. I am Evalynne´s dad

    1. DRTAC7


      YEE! Congratulations!

  11. Nihil

    Does GOTR have a GW2 guild?

    Here's the info. We have a guild, but it's inactive. We are partnered with a more active guild that operates much like we do.
  12. I have an Necron Engie named Curare Nihil on Entity. Hope to roll with you guys this weekend.
  13. I have it installed. Let's get an event on the calendar and in the countdown.
  14. Nihil

    Pantheon - Rise of the Fallen

    Too many games. I can't take it!
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