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  1. I just got to thinking about a similar anniversary the other day. I have been involved with the Planetside franchise for 14 years now. 14 years...wow, that is a long time. I have only been involved with GotR for the last 11 years or so, so I have not been around as long as some of you "old timers", but it has been an enjoyable run so far! Here's to another 15!
  2. Reignman


    Just a quick update as to my absences as of late. I am still finishing up my degree, with only four classes left (thank God) until the end of my degree. I have also become busier at work, managing 7-8 security officers and three different buildings. I also have a new girlfriend, who is what I spend the rest of my time with. In fact, I have only been home three nights in the last month, the rest of my time I am at her place. So after picking up her daughter from track practice, cleaning, cooking dinner, cleaning up, and other non-work activities, I have absolutely zero time for gaming, and she has no internet at her house. Hell, my desktop at home hasn't even been turned on in over three weeks now. I do all of my classwork at work, and I have a new laptop, actually a nice one for gaming, but it is being used for work. I do have PS 2 downloaded on it, but can't play at work, but I will log in occasionally to keep my accounts active. I do apologize for my extended absence, but life has taken over, and my other half is not a gamer, so I am not either, right now anyway ;). I will periodically check in, both on the forums and in-game.
  3. I could be interested in doing this, but it depends on what server we are going to using. I already have an NC character on the Miller server, but I do not have any defined niche as I do with VS. I also prefer the smaller ops teams, which is why you do not usually see me running with larger squads when I do find time to play. This will be another issue, however. As others have stated, my time is limited, and I usually have Saturday evenings free, but could possibly find some time on Sunday evenings to do this. Another reason I prefer the smaller tactical squads is that I am usually working on my sniper directives, and a lot of noise in the TS channel makes it harder to concentrate on targets for me. Plus, the constant moving around from location to location is another hindrance for me. I have been known to sit in a spot with no other people in the territory, waiting for the fight to show up; sometimes it does, and I usually have the best seat in the house, or no one shows up and I move on. DRTAC and I usually run in a squad when we are sniping, and we usually have a blast doing so. In fact, we mesh well together, and we are hardly ever caught off guard, and we are constantly calling out warnings and targets for each other, but he usually steals my kills anyway ;). I should be able to be there tomorrow evening, even if it's for an hour. Which server are we going to be on?
  4. Good to see you back, and glad you were able to get back into the outfit in-game. Your play time may be limited, but that doesn't mean you have to be a stranger
  5. Well, after months of having the same schedule and never having Thursday nights off, I have accepted a promotion to site supervisor, which means I will be working Monday through Friday, and have evenings, weekends and holidays off. However, I will still have to turn in early, as I will still have to get up by 5AM on Friday mornings for work, so I will only be able to make raid for an hour or so if it stays on Thursday nights. This is why my vote is going to stay to moving it to Saturday nights, and at an earlier time. This change starts tomorrow morning for me, so you should start seeing me at the officer's meetings at least this week.
  6. Why not have a trial run and see what king of numbers we would get? I know that numbers may not be accurate and the same all the time, as people have different events going on at different dates/times, but a trial run for a few weeks should be able to determine if it would be a wise decision or not to move the raid. If nothing else, it could give those who cannot make Thursday night raids a chance to run with the outfit for a "Secondary OP" for a while. I'm not saying stop Thursday Raids while this is happening, simply add another raid on Saturday for a few weeks. It Doesn't hurt to try....you never know, it might be the best thing to happen.
  7. Personally, I would be OK with the move to Saturday Night, as it would allow me to join raids again. My work schedule on Thursdays is preventing me from joining currently, and it does not appear that it will be changing anytime soon. However, as others have stated, there will be times that I cannot make a Saturday night due to other commitments, but I should be able to make most of them again, especially if the time is moved up an hour as well. I will also be able to make officer meetings again.
  8. Real life and adulting sucks!

  9. Reignman


    Some of you may have noticed my extended absence as of late, and for that, I apologize. Between work, school, GF w/kids, and other commitments, my life has become rather hectic. Thursdays are my busy days at work, and I usually work 12-15 hour shifts, plus a 30-minute commute home, so there is no way I will be making raid any time in the foreseeable future. My play time on off days has also been diminished, to maybe being able to play PS 2 for an hour, maybe two, a couple days a month. So, with that being said, consider this my official notice for a Leave of Absence. I am still around, usually, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, in the mornings, but I have to spend that time doing classwork (entering my final year of school ). I am still available for TS and website issues should they arise, but you with either have to email me, PM me here on the site, or hit me up on FB. I'll see you on the battlefield when I can! Even though it may only be through my rifle scope, and I will see you long before you see me .
  10. My attendance for raids is going to spotty for the foreseeable future, more so than it has been in the past. I have a new job, and I work Thursdays, but I usually get out of work by 5 or 5:30pm EST. However, if the City or County has a board meeting that night, I have been asked by my supervisor to cover the meetings until they are done. This means I have to be on site by 6pm and wait until all meeting participants and viewers leave the building (meetings are open to the public, so it can get busy). Once everyone has left the building, I must do a closing patrol and secure and lock the building up. These meetings, if they happen, can run for a few minutes, to a few hours, depending on the agenda. I apologize for not notifying you last week, but the boss hit me with it during my regular shift. I will keep you informed if there are any schedule changes.
  11. I've got it uploaded and will test it out for you over the next few days. Thank you, btw.
  12. I have to miss this weeks raid, as well as next week. I will be out of town from Tomorrow morning until Sunday afternoon, but will have my laptop and phone if absolutely necessary, but with minimal time to be on them. Next week I have meeting so I will not have my phone on during the meetings, which start at 6pm.
  13. Reignman

    Come back?

    I remember you :). The best way to determine if it is worth coming back or not is to get in game and give it a shot. Anyone can tell you how good or bad the game is, but it is up to you to determine for yourself. So, with that said, get your ass back in game!
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