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  1. Now that Argimor is gone for a while, I guess I will share the story behind "Drugugablahblah". In Planetside 1, Argimor and I used to cave a lot (6 small underground continents for those PS2 folks). One of the caves was called "Drugaskan". I came across an online photo of a girl who had a really bad skin disease. I showed Argimor and told him that this is what happens when you cave a lot, you get the disease "Drugalitious" (due to not having any sunlight on your skin). Then somehow, Argimor morphed the word into "Drugugablahblah", haha.
  2. Drive a tank but pilot a BFR (because the Eclipse can fly)
  3. Over 80% of the vote shows people would be willing to do this. I think it would be a lot of fun!
  4. I'm an experienced veteran when using the L100 Python AP
  5. Too much Station Cash. Best time to buy is when they go on sale.
  6. Shiny, What's the name of the theme where we log in as either TR/NC and fight the Vanu for Sunday Fun Raid? I know we did it once or twice in PS1. Would be a nice game changeup every once in a while.
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