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  1. So im taking a break. Im sorry I built the connecting rail near Sandivania, I didnt think it was an issue as no one had objected to it. Ill be back in a month or so if I feel up to it. You can take the rail out if you want.
  2. Agreed. I still have that video on my Youtube channel from when we blew up your tower on server#1 lol. Good times.
  3. @xRimax Is there a way you can get them all on Youtube in one single video?
  4. That why its showing as private?
  5. Yeah Galmag works better. My view: http://youtu.be/y_8m2wPqWOk
  6. It all started with a question I had kept wondering about since post beta patches, "I wonder if the Gal can lift Mags still?". Thats all we needed. We flew a Mag from the warpgate at an altitude of about 200m about 30km/h. First to Rashnu, then to Allatum. Then FauxPaws had a 2 million lumen lightbulb go off over his head, "I wonder if the mag can get through the biolab!?" And a legacy was born. Videos to follow...
  7. I have mine finally. It arrived Friday. Looks better than I thought
  8. Just a suggestion... Since the harasser is coming out tomorrow, can we have Desert Rally Cross races on Indar added to the list for SFR this weekend?
  9. Hope everyone had a good time and I hope this just shows how much we will miss PJC.
  10. DO WANT! Id like to see what one you guys said was the best one. I cant seem to find it on here anywhere. Dont know if im just blind or what...
  11. Flare, BR 24, Scythe - A2A or A2G.
  12. It wont be that long a wait. Maybe 4-5 months.
  13. Turns out ill be available tomorrow night! Ill definitely play with you guys!
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