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  1. TzuKai

    Still active?

    I'm playing this again. In-game name is Mergatroid.
  2. There have been ridiculously substantive changes in the last 2 months - class revamp, in game store, the foundation for the chosen vs player war, new tower mechanics, new abilities for all tier 2 frames, brontodons. I play just about every night still.
  3. TzuKai

    Not dead yet.

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that I'm lurking about. My wife and I are expecting our third kid and the past 2 months have been kind of nuts so I haven't been online much. That and the computer I used for all voice coms up and went bye-bye and only got replaced last week. Hope to see you soon.
  4. Damn elven hippies. The Emperor is disgusted by your tree-hugging.
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