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  1. Pre-Script: In the past, I have been doing this on a person by person basis, but I figured a blanket message would serve just as well, especially for those I cannot get a hold of. If you were in the clan at one point, and you come back to find you are not, you have most likely been removed from the clan to make space. This does not mean you have lost your spot in the clan if you so wish to have it, just that you have been inactive and we have needed the space. This also does not mean that you have been removed from GOTR, your character has been removed to make space. Nothing more, and nothing less. If you would like to rejoin the clan (or if you haven't yet joined the clan but would like to, for any newer players reading this) simply state either on the invites forum post, or preferably in the discord #warframe channel about wishing to rejoin. Be sure to include your In Game Name (IGN) so that I can add you as well. Sorry for the inconvenience, as I know it can be disheartening to come back and not have the clan. If you are wondering why we do this instead of simply expanding the dojo to the next tier (which is technically an option) it is because the research costs increase drastically with each tier, (ie: Hema research goes from requiring 15,000 mutagen samples to requiring 50,000 mutagen samples, not even including other resources required, or other research projects to do) and without an active base of players to support that increase, it prevents the active players from getting the research benefits. Don't be worried about being removed from inactivity either (though I will admit, activity is nice, it is not a requirement) I will not remove people who have been inactive for less than a few weeks (at least, we have many people in the hundreds-of-days range to go through first), and if we ever have an active enough player base for that to become a problem (albeit a very good one to have), the dojo will be taken to the next tier, as we would be able to support the increase then. And like I said, if you are removed, and wish to rejoin, simply state your wish, alongside your IGN, and you will be added to the clan as if nothing had happened. If you have managed to read through all of this, thankyou for your time. I look forward to seeing all of you in the Clan Ops, if you can make it, or at least in the discord or the forums. Branch Leader, ajcannon
  2. So Hard to decide between WW and PG, but I think I have more fun with WW so, a rather tentative: Wind Wraiths
  3. @Jagged03 You are currently listed as being in a clan, you will have to leave said clan before getting an invite. Sorry for the Late reply.
  4. While use of the old pinned invites comment is still feasible, as the officers tend to check fairly regularly, using the Discord server can also work fine. This can allow for a faster response most of the time. Basically, Just head on over to the GOTR Discord server, and go down to the Warframe text channel (Voice is still in Teamspeak, as is the GOTR way). There, just put your Warframe username, and say that you would like to join the clan (in whatever words you feel like using). Feel free to mention me in the message. Eg: Hey @ajcannon Can I join the clan? IGN: JohnDoe Again, this is not required, nor is joining the GOTR Discord (though joining the discord will get you closer to the discussions), it is just a faster way of getting an invite. TL:DR Go to #warframe in the discord channel, and put your IGN, with a message of wanting to join, to get an invite.
  5. I don't really know if anyone is playing MMORPG's in GOTR anymore, but a relatively new one is out and about. Its called "Closers" by en masse, and it is free to play. I don't remember exactly when, but the Beta finished within the past year (if you had twitch prime at the time, you might've seen the beta access they gave out a little before it ended), and I've been playing it quite a bit. It is a bit of a cross between a fighting game and an mmorpg, with an almost sidescroller feel to it. Basically, the game works with you controlling various characters (known as closers, hence the game's name), that function as the classes, around different stages either solo or in squads (I believe the regular is 5 or 6 man, though I have no-one else to play with and don't want a bunch of randoms, so I haven't played squads). The stages have multiple sections, and they are filled with enemies: kill the enemies, move on, repeat, get to the boss, end the mission. It is from a 3rd person perspective, as if you are watching from outside the map, I don't really know how to explain it, but it is a sort of diagonal perspective, where the floor is tilted. you control your character with the arrow keys and use most of the rest of the keyboard for your abilities, the mouse is mostly irrelevant except for inventory management and gear equipping (bit of a learning curve on the gear system, but nothing too major, especially for veterans. And I'd be willing to teach new people) There is a guild system, known as crews, and I am willing to fund the creation of it if other people in the clan are interested. As I'm not in a crew right now, I do not know the specifics but there is an arena mode and a clan arena mode, so I figure there is probably group pvp. I am fairly certain there are Crew PvE events, and there is the added bonus of having other people to clear missions with. Feel free to ask questions or put your username for an invite.
  6. I've recently gotten back into the MMORPG Rift. I was wondering if anyone would like to start a GOTR clan, or if there is one still active.
  7. While I was making posts on this forum, I figured it would be a good idea to welcome any new players and encourage more to join. Warframe is by nature a team game, and we do not discourage new teammates. Keep this in mind because you do not need to be any specific level to join the clan or to play with others. Some people run buses to the higher levels, and even a solo player can hold their own on raid nights with just a couple hours under their belts (more just to unlock some things and level up some gear, experience isn't required, it is learned). If you need some help we will gladly give it. Warframe is free to play, and everything can be unlocked without paying (though paying is of course the faster way, you are welcome to it, but I do not suggest one way or the other). So come join us for raids. If you are an experienced player and want to run a Bus to higher levels put a post here so new players can see you. See you on the Plains Tenno
  8. First part, about conflictions: I added a clause (probably after you read) where we can move the time if conflictions occur, within a couple of hours. I just didn't want that to be the focus of the poll. Second Part: You bring up a good point, I added a new option for people who don't mind. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. So, after a few weeks of running these raids on saturdays and running them on friday once, I am beginning to get some more concrete ideas for how they should work. For starters, I think that running orokin derelicts and potentially the hunt for atayan treasure is a good idea, as most everyone can do those with a minimum of gear, and they can be very beneficial. (treasure hunt less so, but come on, aesthetic is life, who doesn't want more kinetic sculptures?) That being said, me and several others of the community (Gadstat, Toxenov, Ishniana) agreed to do a bit of a raid last night. This proved to have a better turnout than saturday when DRTAC7 also showed up. So, I will hold it to a vote, who thinks that saturday is best, and who prefers fridays. Same time either way for now, we might get to fine tuning that later, but for now I want to get the day set. I will check the polls throughout the week, and depending on the number of answers will leave it up for one or two weeks. Until then, Saturday is the day. http://www.strawpoll.me/14728868 (new poll, I added another option for people who didn't care either way) See you on the plains Tenno Edit: If friday wins and there are conflictions with other events, we can move the time to a bit later. I have real life things going on on wednesdays, so I cannot run the raids then.
  10. @DRTAC7 Thanks! The plan is to use the Saturday raids to bring more people in until we have a solid community of people who play all the time. Hopefully, we can get enough people over time to be able to accomplish this, so that there is always the chance to play in a group. As far as St. Turducken's day raid goes, the Planetside one is tonight. I haven't had the pleasure of going to one yet, so I don't know what it's like, but I will see how tonight goes and then if I can translate it over to Warframe.
  11. I was recently promoted to an officer in Warframe (thankyou Robo), and decided that my first act would be to build up a community to be an officer of. So, after talking it over a bit with Robo, I have decided to spice up the Warframe community a bit. Since Warframe is, in essence, a team/group game, I figured the best way to do this would be through raid groups. So, tomorrow (Saturday the 11th of November) I will be leading a raid at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. Specific targets and missions will be decided on the day, depending on who shows up and what's available. We will begin by waiting in the plains of eidolon (individually or in squads, doesn't matter), so that we can play while being ready to go when enough people arrive. The amount of time depends on the rate that people show up, but not more than 15 minutes in the worst case. Joining in later on is welcome, but expect a wait as we may be in the middle of something. When we have multiple squads in separate instances, we will have separate channels, and use the main channel when you are done. I think this will allow a compromise between social gathering, command structure, and intra-squad tactics. It may be hard to coordinate with such limited squad sizes, so this will be a trial run. I hope to continue this event weekly, but if it continues in the same state will be entirely up to how it works tomorrow. Feedback is appreciated as this will be my first lead in GOTR, and Warframe is a bit difficult to work with groups in; additionally, If anyone thinks of an idea that might help this raid function more cohesively, I am happy to hear it. Good luck, and I hope to see yall in Plain(s) sight tomorrow.
  12. Playing with the outfit, having a laugh and a joke. Bragging and sharing stories about epic things. These are probably the main reasons I play. As far as in game: Building a base here or there is fun (I know most people don't like it, but Once it is done it can be very good. If the enemy targets it it gives us another battle to be invested in. but it can also act as an FOB if placed correctly), and I love my vehicle play. Something about running around in tanks just can't be beaten IMO.
  13. NIGHT FISHING Me and @Valkrome were playing a little bit of free roam and found a little trick. The eidolon lures pulls the aggro of nearby vomvalysts and also attack them, leaving you free to do what you want. So hack a couple, and then set them up a little ways away and fish freely. There is one lake that works very well because of pathing issues. The vomvalysts cannot glide over water even a short distance, so must lap the whole way around to engage the lures, pulling them safely away, even when the vomvalysts are attacking you. Here is a screenshot of it in action. The lure is on that rise to the right and there is a small creek that interrupts the pathing, making them lap clockwise. Here is also a picture of it on the map. GENERAL TIPS The fish at night are purple, which can be hard to see, but move around a bit and they become apparent. If you hear bubble noises then a fish is near you. If you don't see anything cast your spear randomly a few times, it'll stir them up and make them move, thus they will be easier to see. There is a fast travel option in the escape menu. This allows you to visit the various vendors of Cetus.
  14. MINING: So, after playing a little bit more, I have discovered a couple things about mining. 1)There are a number of rocky cliffs near some rivers that are great for ore gathering. 2) The beeping also depends on where you are looking, so if you don't know which way, look around and listen up. 3) following the outline is not required, but the more you follow it the more points you get (Represented by the gems on the top of the HUD) and I believe this mean that you can get higher rarity/more resources. WISPS There are occasionally these little floating guys, they look similar to the limited edition totem, that can be walked over to collect. They are decorative, but nonetheless pretty cool.
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