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  1. Put me on main list if ya still got room pleez and thanks.
  2. My sister's account has lost access to the whitelist and cant get on anymore how do I fix that?
  3. You need a infantry mans? you GOT® an infantry mans right freaking here, count me the fudge in if you'll have me, was there at the last server smash and will absoluteley be there on saturday.
  4. any dayz players out there? patch soon fellas. i can feel it, soon™.

  5. Im back GOTR! also from new improved fancy army interwebs

    1. Beepy


      Woot woot!!!

  6. Graduated AIT yesterday, OMW to FT Drum NY, say hello to GOTR's new resident Red Leg, BOOM ARTILLERY! (hooah)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Argimor


      Roger, 13B King of Battle!

    3. TheBlindZen1


      Awesome! Well if you ever have any questions/concerns let me know. Been slinging rounds since 2007 and still loving it

    4. Laylos
  7. Army internet is the worst crap ever, tring to get a hackjob connection going

    1. Beepy


      would be better off with a 14.4K modem and some string.

  8. Finished BCT today, got my phone back and graduation was amazing!

    1. Beepy


      Hooah! So was it what you expected it to be? Oh and you have been missed btw.

    2. Beepy


      See you in another 2.5 weeks after A.I.T. if you went 11B

  9. ... Unless i get a hold of a gaming pc over there :] Welp, I guess this is goodbye for a while, 18 weeks, 4 days of BCT and AIT and then deployment somewhere, doesn't leave much time for Planetside I guess, I'll see if I can't get a hold of some way of communicating with ya from time to time aside from the vacation days they "might" give me, other than that, don't expect to hear from me for a while as I'm sure I"ll be pretty busy. Been really great getting to play with GOTR since PS1, best outfit I've ever been in hands down, and I hope to see you guys again sometime, I know I wasn't much to the outfit, but I like to think I've at least saved Robo a few times :] I hope to come back and see (more like get in-game with) you all again, in the meantime, keep kicking ass GOTR (cause you're all outa bubblegum) Oh, and WV... Drugugablaghblah.
  10. Had some good last raids with you guys, off to BCT now, see ya when i see ya.

    1. Beepy


      Best of luck bro!

  11. thats what it says on the paper, so yea. Benning it is.
  12. Im back, haven't really got any news other than im just waiting till next week, at least the paperwork hell is over (well this part anyways), il see if I cant get a pc to get on, been hella bored as of late.
  13. Army recruitment is done, now its just waiting...

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