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  1. I will be missing next week's (6/30) raid due to visiting family, and will be mostly offline from tonight (6/24) until 7/2.
  2. I am expecting to land 1hr 45min before the raid starts this week (5/19) so while I should make it, the vagaries of air travel may cause me to be late/miss the raid.
  3. Just a heads up that I will not be able to make today's (4/14/16) raid due to work.
  4. Even though SHADES is more of a beacon/Valk unit, I love my standard gun gal (tm). In low-mid pop fights they can be a massive force multiplier, even after flak/rockets/missiles are pulled (depending on the base). High G, Stealth, Fire Suppression Bulldogs - Thermal / Extended Walkers - Zoom / Extended (though starting to lean toward reload speed)
  5. And remember, flak stops single C4 bricks from insta gibbing you. At max rank flak C4 hits like a dumbfire/deci so you can kill the C4'er and retreat (or retreat because the C4'er dropped one brick off a roof/over the wall and assumed it would kill you).
  6. It may not be useful for most, but if DA/PG/WW draws what they plan to do SHADES can figure out how to best support that. And there's often some spare time when sitting on a base that is well camped waiting for it to flip. What would be golden would be if you could share maps between platoons (especially for the occasions when DL has vehicles up and could use the FOB).
  7. The Skorpios cannot be suppressed, which is why I'll also not use it after auraxiuming it. If it could be suppressed, I'd take it over the Eridani (and possibly the Sirius).
  8. GtG: <20m: Scorpios 20-50m: I dont fight here 50-120m: Parsec because damage 120-225m: V10 because rate of fire/reload speed >225m: Parallax because range AtG: Bulldog because 2-3 average kills per clip is best farm AtA: Dalton
  9. Have an alumni dinner to attend, so will be missing raid today.
  10. Sorry for late notice, I have a work related event this afternoon-evening.
  11. Personal raid highlight: Killed a NC scatmax, by charging at it, as an infiltrator, and stabbing it with my knife.
  12. Did they have their shields on? I had a lot of issues at medium (150m+) I think range when I was running a V10 (and a suppressed parallax might be doing less than a V10 at those ranges) when heavies had an active shield. Side note, I've noticed that engineers (using nano-weave I think) on personal turrets can take long range (200m+) headshots and not die (even though others are dying at the same range). Again, this is not using the Parallax (which seems to have enough damage to push through whatever buffer/resist that saves them otherwise)
  13. Tone does not convey well through text and the internet; I am raising these points in logical debate, not in attack. "Why will players join these missions? Use XP as the carrot. Make it so players will WANT to join them by drastically reducing the xp you get from non mission gaming." - This is by definition, the stick; you are harming someone (relative to the current standard) for not making your desired choice. My kneejerk reaction is that this system as proposed is unworkable for a number of reasons and exudes elitism. - Telegraphing your intentions to the enemy are bad, for example DL (especially SHADES) would actively avoid using such a system to keep the element of surprise; XP be damned. - The system as designed assumes at a minimum, some, isolation from non-mission population; which cannot I don't believe can be made - Rep will be gamed by outfit members. 95+% of my interaction with VS non-GOTR is hovering just long enough to get an outfit tag from them (And that's usually to pass "<Outfit> is dropping three gals @ X" up to raid command). I doubt the Rep system as proposed will change that for most players. How often do you interact with a non-GOTR member without the intent to recruit? - Ticketed respawns currently do not make in universe sense. Planetside was built fundamentally on the model to stop an enemy you must destroy their ability (or desire) to respawn, not camp a point until they run out of lives.
  14. I use the Ghost routinely for close to mid range (25 to 150 meters) sniping and occasionally out to 200 or 250 meters if it is a hike to change out to a Parallax or I expect closer targets to pop up. The short range decloak-headshot is hilariously effective in urban spaces when fighting people transiting or holding a position. It also cycles fast enough to allow follow ups.
  15. Weekdays I am good after 10 PM Eastern. Otherwise anytime Saturday or on Sunday mornings (finish up by 3 PM Eastern). The pain of being in the Pacific Time Zone... The above is assuming this will be a regular occurrence. If it is going to be a one or two time thing, then I can make just about anytime work.
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