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  1. I was getting packet loss (up to 15%) last night but didn't get the distorted audio from TS. I ran a trace route and was having issues with the tcore network in New York before it jumped to Chicago and then to Toronto all on that same network. Just done another trace route now and its all fine this morning and there is no loss on TS. See the route below with the one that was missing last night highlighted. Not sure if this would have contributed to the packet loss? I'm UK based so the provider probably wont be much help but its Plusnet using the main BT network here in the UK.
  2. Would love to be there but alas, back home with the family on Saturday :/ Have fun folks!
  3. Do you want us on an hour beforehand to run through everything and get set up?
  4. Should be available, but will let you know if not.
  5. Been working on my sniper directives and starting to play with the magrider again after getting used to the new changes Just wish I was able to stay on later for raids and general casual play with larger squads, but work is busy at the moment and the early starts are kicking my ass
  6. Eska

    PS2 Critical Mass

    Myself and Donuts did some testing yesterday with the Magrider and found that the Mag HEAT rounds are probably the best now in terms of kill speed on other vehicles but they do not 1 shot ESFs. The FPC is ok and only fractionally slower than the PC but im not totally convinced on it. The VPC is now a fantastic all rounder and can 1 shot ESFs as it has a higher alpha damage than the PC. I'm probably going to run with that now.... Generally vehicle combat is a LOT slower and far more prolonged, even lightnings are as tanky as hell now and take quite a few shots to kill. Soloing with the MBT is almost not even viable, go with a lightning instead. Vanguard shield change is very welcome as it no longer protects the back so as a mag pilot and ambusher its a great change, Finally!!!! Mag PPA is actually pretty decent vs vehicles as a all rounder and the saron is better than the halberd for AV duties except at long range. Halberd seems a bit meh, OK at AV and soso at AI as it takes 2 shots now. Libs and Valks are a lot more tanky when being shot by ANY ground based weaponry, not sure if its a bug as they were only supposed to have improved bottom armour but when testing in VR they took a lot more damge to kill from front/side etc. ESF nose guns are very effective though. Valks are now going to a very viable close range, highly manouverable gunship and mobile spawn now - More armour and higher damage output on all weapons.
  7. Dammit! The one friday night I cant make! Ah well, hope you all have fun!
  8. Saturdays work better for me to due to being in the UK and having to work Fridays. I've pretty much only ever made the Thursday raid when I've had the Friday off. Maybe trial it for a period of time and see if it works?
  9. Interested but obviously need the time and date of the smash to confirm
  10. There is a way to get in without even using a sundy Will have to show you when I'm next online.
  11. Eska

    Black Desert

    Pm'd XoO Ts has quite a few peeps on if you need help. Orwen NA server, Balenos 02 channel (usually)
  12. Eska

    Black Desert

    Ive put in around 150 hours so far back playing with Xoo. Loving it so far but taking my time levelling as im exploring and levelling my gathering/fishing/processing etc. Looking forward to pvp though when I get 45 If you want a code I can sort you one out Jack when I get home
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