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  1. I miss you. More than I'm willing to admit. Nerd.

  2. Very well edited, great music. But some of those shots were incredible. I bow to you, oh, master of the Swagrider!
  3. If theres a spot open, totally up for it.
  4. I'm home, but my PC is kinda freaking out. Good luck!
  5. Pick a class and stick with it for awhile, and do the same with a vehicle. That way hes not throwing his certs all over the place, and when he has leveled up enough he can start to branch out. But still have something to fall back to. Pick his fights carefully and remind him to always look at the cap timer before he spawns in. I've done this to many times to count, I see a fight that looks good, spawn in, and then it flips the second I move out of the spawn room.
  6. Looks like I have to skip this one, good luck guys!
  7. I can do things. The weakest area of my game though has gotta be A2A.
  8. Valks could be a lot of fun. I've been wanting to fly one for a while now.
  9. How will we receive the info for these accounts? PM?
  10. No need for the feels, GOTR and DL will be here when you find that you have the time. Pillar 0 exists for a reason bro!
  11. After I play some Dirty Bomb, think I'm gonna hop on NC for a bit. See if I have enough certs for the Anchor.
  12. This is happening on the test server right?
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