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  1. Everything from guides, maps, tools, and general resources about Black Desert Online. View full article
  2. Awesome thank you for making the GOTR community aware of this, I appreciate the notice fully and I'm sure everyone else does. I'll spread the news. Update : I don't think many people if any in our community were compromised unless they used a forum account prior to free to play July 2015. Everyone should double check and triple check just to be sure.
  3. Hey Ghosts, I hope everyone's weekend is going well, a few new updates on what's happening in Wildstar. First off we now have all bank tabs open, these new tabs are dyes and runes, they are open to all members the same as crafting and general tab. The general tab is now for gear,bags,buff items,recipes, housing items, ect ect. I'd like to remind that any housing items you wish to donate directly to the guild home be placed in the vault section of the guild bank. Second off, new content, new zone Arcterra. No official date has been announced as of yet, but a new 50 zone is coming soon called Arcterra, so far from all the stuff devs have shown off. There will be plenty of new world events, new contracts, zone quest, episode quests, and the next chapter of the world story Vault of the Archon. The new raid Redmoon is expected shortly after Arcterra and will drop on the Public Test Realm the same time as Arcterra is dropping on Live. Vault of the Archon is solo or can be done with up to 5 people and scale the same as an expedition. Along with many other stuff, I suggest checking out details via the Wildstar forums and site. Third line of business right for the remainder of the week there is a Wildstar Jump start pack on the current Humble Bundle for $1. You get some other neat stuff with it, but the main thing is the account based items for the jump start pack on Wildstar. Access to housing at lv 3 after tutorial ship use the teleporter item it then assigns the recall house spell to your recall list then you may discard the teleporter item from your bag. A unique hoverboard with flair account bound. And a shardspire canyon fabkit (it is account bound but I'm surprised they even added it given it's a world drop) Along with a bunch of character bound housing decor items and other goodies you may want to use on your main or an alt. The Wildstar Jump start pack will be available in the cash shop for omnibit/ncoin after the humble bundle is over. I think that wraps up about everything if anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to contact me in Teamspeak. Thank you all for taking the time to read this news update. ~ Elatha / Kiki
  4. Hey Ghosts, First off I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the double prestige pvp weekend, we earned a huge amount of influence for the guild. Second bit we opened up the gold booster and I decided to turn on all perks we have currently available, this includes 10% to renown, prestige, influence, gold, and reputation. Our current goal I'd like to achieve this week is opening the experience booster to turn on with the rest of the perks as our last running perk, and open up the Flask of Speed for purchase in the renown shop. I have listed our current schedule under the event section of our page, any questions or concerns feel free to contact me in Teamspeak. Otherwise I would like everyone to enjoy the week ahead and have fun. Thank you taking the time to read up on the current news. Elatha / Kiki
  5. Hey ghosts, This news update is to go over what's currently happening in Wildstar. So far, we have been making a comeback and things are going well. I'd like to start by setting a current goal for the guild to achieve. We need to finish the guild perks, we are currently have unlocked all current guild perks aside from a few flask, the experience and gold booster. Starting this week I'd like everyone to start participating in our new instance schedule. Starting at lv 10 and above. Monday to Wednesday 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST - 9:00pm PST / 11:00pm EST we will be running all instance content from 10-50. Thursday no schedule free for all day. Friday and Saturday 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST - 10:00pm PST / 12 Midnight EST we will be doing all instance content, if enough 50s are on we will be starting to push this into our raid schedule. Sunday no schedule free for all day. This current schedule is not entirely set in stone, but I'd like to start with a base of organization and get us focused on pushing ahead on the guild to make us stronger. Sunday and Thursday will be subject to change as we grow. I would like to get more people involved with building the guild home, starting this week and next. I will be looking for people interested in building or contributing to the guild home. Get in touch with me on Teamspeak if you are interested. The current update on guild perks we recently unlocked Flask of Greed ( 10% gold drop flask ) You may purchase them with renown at the renown vendor in the main city Thayd or on your housing plot. That about wraps up the current news. Thank you all for taking the time to keep up to date with Wildstar. Any questions or concerns regarding anything and everything please contact me in Teamspeak. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Elatha / Kiki
  6. Hey Ghosts, I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. With the start of the new year moving into 2016, we're going to try to move forward with the guild. As it stands the guild has a good amount of resources, we've come a long way to say that we have a good amount of perks getting unlocked and soon to have all up and running 24/7. We also have a good stocked bank full of all sorts of neat stuff anyone in the guild is welcome to. And with the guild home made and construction started all plugs are available there for all of GOTR to use freely at level 14+. Poke the guild leader for an invite to the neighbor list. Please remember if you wish to donate any decor items to the guild home to place it in the vault section of the guild bank. Have any ideas for the guild home that you wanna share. Pop on by and give some suggestions. Anyways I hope this is a good year and everyone continues to have fun. Thank you for taking the time to read this new update. Elatha Eri / Kiki
  7. Hi hi, Ghosts. Happy Holidays to everyone in the WildStar community. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Kiki / Elatha
  8. Hey everyone here's some basic addons that are pretty basic and great to use. Katia's Builder Toolkit http://www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/232284-katia-builder-toolkit This addon is very simple it gives a small set of secondary tools for housing that fix an assortment of problems and adds a couple features that make it easier to build and save builds. The tools themselves are very independent from the rest of the housing tools can be hidden and shown when the user wants them at their leisure. This tool is a must have for anyone wanting to get into housing. Recommended highly that you download it before you start building seriously on your plot. __________ Commodity Stats http://www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/220024-commoditystats What this addon does is give you better control on the market, showing you price history of all items and gathering data to make your projections overall better in the commodity exchange. It comes with an array of features to help track all sorts of market details and is adjustable to how you want. The addon itself is entirely integrated within the commodity exchange and is not intrusive to the default UI at all. Recommend highly to anyone. __________ Translator http://www.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/221874-translator Pretty straightforward I bet, but if you haven't noticed there is a cross faction divide in how people communicate the enemy factions say text comes up as alien. With this addon it pretty much makes your datachron into a translator, unlike other cross faction chat addons. This one only translates and it works through having a neat little button to give an RP feel to it. You can toggle the button on and off at your leisure. The one major issue with this addon however is that you need to force it to load as it is out of date with the current API version, however there is no problems with the addon loading and working just fine. If you do not want to force load out of date addons. You can right click and edit the toc.xml file within the addon folder for translator itself and change the APIVersion="9" to APIVersion="11" _________ Alright so I personally use these three addons myself, it's mainly my choice with addons that it's just these that make life overall easier in WildStar. I do not use a ton of addons myself, but there are plenty to recommend out there that do some great things. These three however I can say without a doubt to recommend to every single player. If anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to message me anytime in game or in teamspeak. Thank you for time. Elatha Eri / Kiki
  9. November 26, 2015 Hey Ghosts, hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and will have a great Thanksgiving today. As for an update. We now have a guild home that is accessible via the housing tab in the social window under neighbors. Players must be lv 14+ and have been to Thayd to get their home so they can be added to the neighbor list for the guild home. People that have neighbor access to the guild home are GOTR guild members and members of our circle GOTR Friends. In the future the guild home may change to public so that anyone can visit us. The neighbor permissions on resources and gardens do not change. The guild home includes right now, a crafting station with vendor, customization station for runecrafting and personal appearance modifications, and a personal bank. I'd like to also mention the elite garden we have and it's set up. Anyone can plant seeds and anyone can harvest. The person harvesting will receive 50% of what is harvested. The other 50% goes back to the guild bank on the crafting section for replanting or use in technologist/cooking. If you plant seeds and the guild leader is the one to harvest 100% goes into the guild bank and all seeds gained are replanted. In the future there will be a custom built guild home. Players may contribute by decor items by placing them into the vault section of the guild bank. Again I hope everyone is having fun in WildStar and thank you for taking a minute reading the latest update. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Elatha Eri / Kiki
  10. Thanks for the heads up, hope work clears up for you soon so you can come back to play. Good luck.
  11. November 18, 2015 The past two weeks have been great a little slow, but overall we have now added some improvements to the group site. To begin with we now have a section of Pillars on the main group page that is also in the group discussion section of our forums. I would like all members and those coming in to please look over them, these pillars are our core rules and guidelines which form what we are about. Everyone should pay close attention to Pillar Five: Always have fun. You will now notice an events and player guide subsection of the forums with direct buttons on the main group page. All members are welcome to post anything in our forums discussing WildStar or things our members are doing. Feel like you are doing something cool in the game or got a neat screenshot feel free to share it in our group discussion. Wanna write a guide or post a cool video explaining something in WildStar throw it into the player guide section. Got an event idea for the guild or wanna host a guild event yourself. Event section, it's a great place to start with. Our next goal we are aiming to achieve is getting all perks unlocked and fully running at all times. This would be a great 10% to renown,prestige,influence,reputation,gold drops, and experience, along with a flask of your choice to everyone in the guild. I hope everyone works hard to get influence for the guild, remember that instances and battlegrounds help greatly. Even grouping helps mentor a buddy, do some quest and exploring. Everything helps the guild grow. As of right now a good portion of the 50s in the guild are starting to get into veteran dungeons, I'm glad to announce it's tough, but really fun. I hope in the following weeks we can move up into the first raid, as of right now I think world bosses and world events are tons of fun. Business as usual otherwise, contracts and dailies. Play with friends, make friends, have fun and explore. I hope everyone is enjoying their time in WildStar. Well that's everything, I'd like to take a second to thank everyone for taking a minute out of the day to read up on the current news update. I appreciate everyone's time putting work into the guild and on the group site here. Stay tuned for future news updates. Elatha Eri / Kiki
  12. Any player guides can be written up and placed here in the event sub forum of group discussion there is also a direct link on the main group page. I will be writing up a series of guides later here, recommendations on what you guys wanna see would be fantastic. ~Elatha Eri / Kiki
  13. All GOTR Members are free to create a player event, you may post ideas for events here or host your own event here in the sub forum for events in group discussion or you can reach it by the main page on the group. If you are hosting an event please include date,time,location, and level range. All event ideas welcome I enjoy all feedback on prior events we have hosted also. ~Elatha Eri / Kiki
  14. WildStar Specific Pillars In addition to the main pillars, the following pillars apply to WildStar. Pillar Zero: Real life comes first. ~ Real life comes first, we understand everyone has stuff to do in their daily routine of life. All we ask is that you tell us, if you are going to be away for a prolonged period if possible. We want everyone to have a good time, and feel comfortable in their living situation to enjoy video games with the rest of the community. Don't stress if you can't play all the time, we're always here to play another day. Pillar One: The Forums ~ The forums are used to communicate through the entire community when people cannot use Teamspeak or wanna get news on events and other things in the community. More specifically we use the primary WildStar group for all of our news and guild events. We also post guides on how to do anything when possible or whenever someone wants to. Don't be afraid to post a topic in our group on any questions or anything you wanna share about your time in WildStar. Pillar Two: Voice Communication (Teamspeak) ~ We use primarily Teamspeak 3 for our communication, we understand some people don't wanna talk all the time, or like to listen to music, or watch movies while they play. We remind though that our guild text is rather quiet since most of our socializing takes place in Teamspeak and that if we are doing dungeons,expeditions,adventures,raiding, general group play of any kind we generally use Teamspeak. Don't be afraid to spark up a conversation however in our guild text chat or ask questions if someone is on then they will respond. Pillar Three: Respect and Sportsmanship 1~ We treat all players with respect, don't talk down or be disrespectful to anyone. These rules apply to all text chat within game, on Teamspeak, and anywhere else. All we ask here is that people use a common sense on this rule. All forms of hacking, botting, cheating, or using exploits of any kind is against our core values as a community and any member caught cheating is immediately banned. 2~ The chain of command is very simple, if a council member or leader call COMMS, conversation is to immediately stop and people listen in. This is usually done to convey an important message with the guild. 3~ Player hosted events, follow as according. If a player host an event to please use the group to schedule an event you can make a post in the group discussions section for events. The player hosting the event is to be treated with respect and determine the rules,location,time,and place of their event as well any potential prizes based for the event and how they will be distributed. 4~ PVP and PVE: We like to remind everyone that section one of Pillar Three exist it follows the same here. That said we like to remind everyone to not get frustrated with any pvp or pve experience. If you have a problem, talk about it we can figure out how to do it. We don't want people to stress out over the game. We are on a pve server, but pvp is popular both in flagged up open world and battle grounds. Remember to have a good time. Pillar Four: Participation 1~ We try to host weekly guild events on Saturdays and weekly guild meeting on Sundays we ask as many people in the guild try to participate, it keeps us together and gives me great feedback through the guild. 2~We try to host a community wide event, once in a blue moon roughly every 2-3 months. We ask that everyone in the guild respect and play nice other branches from GOTR that visit us to try out or play WildStar with us, again pillar three. Community Wide events usually consist of other people in GOTR outside of the WildStar branch coming out and playing with us for a day. These events usually will not be level locked and consist of simple and fun player made events involving everyone hosted usually in the two major starter zones in the exile area. Always within the range of the first 10 levels to participate. These events exist to involve the entire GOTR community to come together if wish to try the game they have friends here. 3~Our guild bank has some open general and crafting tabs for all members in the guild, please donate if you take stuff out of the guild bank. Pretty much use common sense here. The tabs are suppose to be for player dumping in leveling gear and other items they feel would benefit others such as recipes to other professions or anything else. Please do not dump vendor trash grey items in. And try to keep the tabs organized. Pillar Five: Have fun in WildStar ~ Have fun and enjoy your time in WildStar.
  15. We have pretty much the first half of an active 20 man forming and we'll be able to transitioning into raiding all together in the coming months. Other then that right now it's an average of 8-11 people during active hours for our core and about 4-5 semi active getting gradually more active. I'm trying to bring in members we get about 3-5 a week average now from public recruiting. I'd recommend coming on out and trying it out, you can almost always find me in Teamspeak for questions.
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