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  1. Probably would have to stop attending if it's moved to Saturdays, except for rare exceptions. That tends to be the time we go out/do family stuff ect.
  2. Approximately a 4 second arm time I believe. You can just jump into VR and throw a tank mine down on that NC max and count it out. That timeout lead to a lot of hilarious kiting with me running around in circles, trying to keep them on the tank mine long enough to explode. The best was a hate tell I got after one to inform me how I "run like a girl". Another happy customer.
  3. Just a couple quick tips and thoughts I had on tank mines after having spammed them relentlessly lately to complete the Explosives Directive. 1. "Stay Down" After an enemy max goes down who's even remotely close to the 'front line' of a battle, be sure to drop a tank mine on top of them. This almost guarantees the max is out of the fight no matter what happens. The most likely scenario is you'll soon have 1-3 additional kills when the max revive occurs. 2. "What Explosives?" You would think most Max users would wear EOD HUD and have no issues avoiding tank mines in any building. That is far from the case. Assume 90% of max users do not use EOD hud. 3. "Death from above" One of the most powerful implants w/ a full suit of tank mines is Safe Landing. Dropping 2 C4 on a group might get a number of kills. Dropping on top of a large group with 5 mines is a full blown single person siege breaker. 4-5 maxes in any kind of grouping has become my absolute favorite thing to find. 4. "Unavoidable" If laying mines on roads you want to minimize exposure. Just at the end of a bridge in the dirt, on a little top crest of a uphill road or a 'fast' portion of a downhill slope are all good choices. Avoid putting them immediately in front of vehicle spawns if possible (because it's kind of lame). That's it, happy hunting.
  4. NS-15M, I love this gun. Accurate & fast to reload. Aurux'd the -15M1, -15M2, the AE and would gladly do another.
  5. I didn't realize BAX had a KDR requirement, that's hilarious. That might explain the BAX MAX a bit more.
  6. We had some really cool point holds tonight, great raid!
  7. That tech planet capture was one that will be remembered for a long time by me, that's for sure. It was an amazing call to grab that SCU. It got nuts when the SCU shields went up and a couple of us were trapped around it, blowing away engineers as they tried to repair. All while everyone else tried to hold the line against the ever increasing TR numbers spawning in. Right before we were cleared off the SCU it seemed like almost a full squad of engineers, repair tools equipped, ran into the SCU room and tried to group repair it before we had time to kill them all. In that final rush I went through a full clip w/ my Baron then, switched to secondary. Finally it came down to running around the SCU knifing anyone repairing that I could get at before going down.
  8. I'm pretty excited to see how these changes mix things up. I think some folks on reddit forget that this is a combined arms game and want to play it infantry-only (from most of the rage posts I've read). Overall, this appears to be a good set of rules to test out to me. For sure, this game still needs redeploy options to keep the fights balanced and prevent ghost caps. Between reinforcement requests (which works pretty well now) & instant action (which will be smarter now and include more options), and the still available base-hopping redeploy, there are still a lot ways to get to a fight w/o a transport. We haven't switched over to full milsim mode like some would suggest. The only change I'm a little nervous about is the STEEL RAIN cross-squad beacon. As much as I would like to hear that getting screamed over VOIP, The reduction in the coordination needed to get a full platoon to drop on a single point at a single time just went down dramatically. They removed it previously before I started playing but, it sounded like it was pretty crazy. It may play out well still though. A good defense may just need to spend more resources(human) between emp infiltrators and/or LAs to keep beacons from going up over a point to keep those drops from happening. I'm curious how this will all play out. We'll see
  9. It looked really cool to me. I wish that UI guy would stop screwing around with PS4 and add in a couple of things like that to the actual game map. Leader tools seem to continuously get put on the back burner.
  10. It really seems like they did this one right, I like the mechanics of it so far. Could be great for a backup spawn (which generally don't seem to get defended and are harasser bait these days) or for putting up an early spawn at the next base before a cap.
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