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  1. Geminosus


    Hi everyone, Open beta is officially starting and we will be playing on the Snowpine server in the NA region. I will be getting more info about the guild in the coming few weeks as I start to explore the game and get my bearings. The GOTR TS is still the same as always: ys3.gotr.us:9989 PW sovereignty555 so please make sure to pop on and say hello. There is a Revelation channel and all users who are playing will be chilling down there. Hope to see you soon!
  2. Geminosus

    What class are you thinking about playing?

  3. Geminosus

    Revelation Online

    Hi everyone! I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I just can't seem to find an MMORPG that interests me. Tera was great but it just lost it's luster after over a year of constant gear grinds and mild upgrades. Fortunately, Revelation Online is going into Beta in a few weeks and I think it is something that will blow away all of the competition. It seems to take all of the best elements from many other MMORPGs and combines them in a compelling and refreshing way. For example, the combat can be played 3 ways. Action combat style (like Tera), hybrid click and move approach (like Runescape) and tab-target based (like Wow). Also, characters are allowed to fly and the game also features land mounts and air mounts that can hold up to 50 people. There is a strong set of PvE content (many 5-10 and a 20 man raid) along with PvP (weekly battles for control of territories and other staples such as open world PvP zones with unique mechanics, battlegrounds and also 1v1/3v3/5v5 arenas. Guilds are allowed to build their own houses which require resources and collaboration between all of the members. The world is expansive and beautiful, I personally can't wait to get in there and explore!!! If you can watch this in-game fly through trailer and not get hyped I'll be impressed. I am going to be putting back on my GM hat and establishing the GOTR guild during the open beta. I have done some leg work on the revelation website and we are listed as an available guild with a description of who we are and what we are all about. I have also already contacted several of our former Tera members and I expect us to see a strong showing in the game day 1. For all of you who have an MMORPG itch and wish to join us please do, the more the merrier! -Gem
  4. So had this game died or are you just waiting for a patch? I've noticed barely anyone in the channels anymore... :-(
  5. Geminosus

    Tree of Savior

    As a follow up there are 4 of us from GOTR who are playing right now and having a blast. One thing to keep in mind is that they are shutting down new player access to work out server side issues because they had so many people sign up they need to increase capacity. If you're planning to play this game you should download it soon!
  6. Geminosus

    Tree of Savior

    Hey everyone, I am getting the MMO itch again and I think I will be trying out Tree of Savior. I am downloading now but I play on starting up tomorrow after I get out of work around 5pm EST. If anyone is interested in joining me that would be cool! http://store.steampowered.com/app/372000/
  7. Geminosus

    When do most people play?

    Hey, the tera guild has been disbanded and we are no longer active there. I can recommend another good guild if you are interested. Thanks!
  8. Geminosus

    Thanks Everyone

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to thank you all for a great 18 months, it was a pleasure being the GM of our guild and I hope all of you had as much fun as I did! Good luck in the future and feel free to keep using TS to hang out or play other games with GOTR. Also, I will be keeping my eyes out for the next big MMORPG and will send a mass message if I find anything interesting. Thanks!
  9. Geminosus

    H1Z1 Becomes Two Games

    Nice, I'm glad I bought this 6 months ago and never played it a single time. Now I have 2 games I won't be playing. :-D
  10. Geminosus


  11. Geminosus

    Sorcerer PVE/PVP glyphs and rotations

    Wow, it's ezpz to be OP! <3
  12. Geminosus

    Timescape Guide

  13. Geminosus

    Timescape Guide

    Original post can be found here.
  14. Geminosus

    Sky Cruiser Guide

    Original post can be found here.
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