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  1. This is something I have heard from at least 2 other V members, so I fear it would be rather difficult for us to continue operations given this substantial falloff to our already small numbers. So I had an idea... how about an every other week switch; 1 week Thursday 1 week Saturday and extending raid from 2 to 2.5 or maybe 3 hours? This allows for people who can only attend one to get one, longer raid every other week so they have more free time but can also still enjoy our sacred time honored tradition. Plus a lot of the people who would come back for raid again if it was Saturday haven't raided for so long... it is unlikely they will want to do every week anyway. I think the problem is that we have such a diverse group of people in an already declining game so we're spread fairly thin. People working all sorts of shifts and time zone; there will never be a great time that works for everyone. I will do my best with whatever everyone decides, but these are my opinions. o7
  2. Dub Hex and I did a Vengeance meetup in Orlando this past weekend, it was fun. Not sure you'll get a huge turnout on anything besides an official GOTR meetup but why not try!
  3. At least once per raid I say "Goddamn it Dub"... does that count?
  4. Hi everyone! I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I just can't seem to find an MMORPG that interests me. Tera was great but it just lost it's luster after over a year of constant gear grinds and mild upgrades. Fortunately, Revelation Online is going into Beta in a few weeks and I think it is something that will blow away all of the competition. It seems to take all of the best elements from many other MMORPGs and combines them in a compelling and refreshing way. For example, the combat can be played 3 ways. Action combat style (like Tera), hybrid click and move approach (like Runescape) and tab-target based (like Wow). Also, characters are allowed to fly and the game also features land mounts and air mounts that can hold up to 50 people. There is a strong set of PvE content (many 5-10 and a 20 man raid) along with PvP (weekly battles for control of territories and other staples such as open world PvP zones with unique mechanics, battlegrounds and also 1v1/3v3/5v5 arenas. Guilds are allowed to build their own houses which require resources and collaboration between all of the members. The world is expansive and beautiful, I personally can't wait to get in there and explore!!! If you can watch this in-game fly through trailer and not get hyped I'll be impressed. I am going to be putting back on my GM hat and establishing the GOTR guild during the open beta. I have done some leg work on the revelation website and we are listed as an available guild with a description of who we are and what we are all about. I have also already contacted several of our former Tera members and I expect us to see a strong showing in the game day 1. For all of you who have an MMORPG itch and wish to join us please do, the more the merrier! -Gem
  5. I like the idea of this but I'm curious if we will have the units to spare on a raid night. I can't think of a single division with enough overflow to maintain this kind of base.
  6. Given out low numbers last night we were way less aggressive than normal. There were a few times I could have used it but you guys overall did a great job knocking out the air. We'll try it next week if we are at full capacity (which I expect we will be).
  7. Can we discuss this tonight after the officer meeting? There are some good ideas here but I'm not sure I am 100% behind everything. I will say that FEAR leadership has been weak in coordination between the units and this is something I would like to remedy as it impacts my unit the most (as in the other units are self sustaining but I rely on WW or PG to be my AA). If I had to quickly summarize my thoughts it's that we always need to have some A2A up because even a few pieces of air can be detrimental. I am all for switching from a 100% A2A to say 50% A2A but NEVER to 0-25% A2A.
  8. My two cents representing Vengeance (would love Ivan to get in on this as well): I generally like the idea of WW killing air as efficiently as possible in whatever way makes the most sense. I have been spending more time mapside lately to try and understand the workings of WW. What I have gathered (correct me if I am wrong) is that WW is up when plausible but down when numbers are low due to resources (i.e. if there are 7 scythes and 5 go down the other 2 fall back and don't stick around to die). If you guys think that a good mitigation to this problem is a FOB I am right there with you but it needs to be in the fight. There is no way we are going to be able to fall back really far and survive so this really needs to be a FORWARD operating base (I think in the front half of the front most friendly base is as far back as we want to go for this). As far as who populates said FOB, I am willing to give excessive overflow to said FOB if possible. I suspect this would be 0-2 members per raid. As you probably know, V is not equipped to fight aircrafts. Our options are to fall back, dodge around or try and small arms, all of which are a waste of valuable killing time for one of the units best anti vehicle groups. Therefore, I would really like to have some resources dedicated to helping to keep V alive. If you're far more effective with your "gank squad" perhaps you could spare a scythe or two in order to help us? This can be in the form of someone who joins V on raid night or as simple as someone who is in a whisper with Axe and when he calls they drop what they are doing and come to our aid. If possible, I'd really like you to work with me on this one. I understand it may be difficult to see the value in this, but I implore you to look at our kill numbers from past raids (we kill on average over a vehicle a minute for the entire duration of raid). Imagine how much better that would be if we didn't need to spend time repulling because we died from an ESF or didn't need to fall back 5 bases until the ESF gave up chase. I think the outfit as a whole is mroe effective if we focus on keeping V alive (especially if the cost is only a single ESF).
  9. Geminosus

    Uhhh... Hi!

    Vengeance is ALWAYS in need of a few folks who are willing to be dedicated reppers (especially with max repair gun). If you're interested in what we do feel free to hop in with us one night and try it out. If you're worried about getting the hang of things you shouldn't you will pick it up quick especially if you are repping and watching what we do!
  10. So had this game died or are you just waiting for a patch? I've noticed barely anyone in the channels anymore... :-(
  11. Geminosus

    Tree of Savior

    As a follow up there are 4 of us from GOTR who are playing right now and having a blast. One thing to keep in mind is that they are shutting down new player access to work out server side issues because they had so many people sign up they need to increase capacity. If you're planning to play this game you should download it soon!
  12. Geminosus

    Tree of Savior

    Hey everyone, I am getting the MMO itch again and I think I will be trying out Tree of Savior. I am downloading now but I play on starting up tomorrow after I get out of work around 5pm EST. If anyone is interested in joining me that would be cool! http://store.steampowered.com/app/372000/
  13. Haha, fair enough! :-) Sidebar, we actually found that C4-ing the new bases isn't really as easy as I had hoped. They have a TON of HP and those anti-infantry turrets made quick work of us. By the end of the night we figured out we had to send the scout valk to light it up and approach the base from the side without the turrets and hide behind cover while throwing C4. I think the new base system is pretty neat and definitely poses a new challenge for all of us that I am quite excited about! Per the Liberator... I think there is going to be a need to scout deep into enemy territory and find and destroy ants harvesting crystals and then delivering them to the main bases. I had the scout valk out deep in enemy territory but it was getting wrecked by air if we ran into air packs. Perhaps an alliance of the scout valk and the WW Liberator could go into the enemy territory and hunt them together? The scout valk is equipped with a skeleton crew of a pilot, gunner (with a Hellion to hit moving ants) and 1-2 reppers only.
  14. Our official stats: https://gotr.us/articles.html/outfit-confidential/planetside-2/vengeance-performance-stat-tracker-r183/ Our average is around 90 (don't forget we are a smaller unit so a few folks not being able to attend raid severely dampers our performance). The last raid we had roughly 145 kills. :-)
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