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  1. PorkPuller


    GOTR is not a straight up PVP guild. If you are engaged in PVP then the guild will follow. Eventually we will fight for nodes in the wars and such but I do not wish to turn out like the GOon-Tang or dvs gaming groups pking everyone in site. IMPORTANT: DO NOT POWER LEVEL YOURSELF. You will burn yourself out and end up leaving the game. We have had some members leave because of this problem. If there is any problem with a member or an activity taking place in the guild, inform the guild leader or any officer at once. These problems will be dealt with fast and swift. Maintain positive at all times in guild chat/comms. A happy and enthusiastic guild, even a small one, is in a prime position to expand their numbers. If your guild members are meh about the current state of affairs they’re not going to be putting in 110% effort to improving the guild. They’re bad billboards and other people will notice and be turned off. People will judge you (and the guild) by the actions you take/what you say. Maintain your guild ethos at all times to attract people of like mind. The care and feeding of guild members/random party members: Be available. Be present. fix your chat windows to see local chat/guild chat/party chat. yes, ideally we want them on team-speak, but making sure that no matter what you're doing on comms or in-game, that you respond in a timely fashion and be active in guild chat is important. some people don't want to jump on comm's right away, or are unable to (kids/background noise/semi-afk while cooking, etc), so guild chat is the only lifeline we have to them. be available,present. Always seek out people to group with, this generates more positive word of mouth than spamming guild chat. If there is a guild mission going on participating is highly recommended. More missions completed means more guild points, guild benefits, larger payouts. Raises will be based on participation. If you do not participate once a raise has been given said raise will be revoked and a lower salary will be given. Guild missions: Gathering missions large or small should have at least 3 people or more. Doing it by yourself only hurts your energy points and eventually burns you out Subjugation missions should ideally be done with at least 5 members. Some of these missions are 1800 plus and that is a pain with anything less than 5 members. Once we engage in the medium to large subjugation's then more people will be needed. Goals: (may be updated stay tuned!) Short term goal is to get as geared as possible. Seems like we will stay PVE gear until the majority of us can PVP Guild boss missions should be a must. We must do these mission as they come along Liverto or kzarka gear is best in slot, try to obtain it
  2. PorkPuller

    First post!

    Hey everyone! We have our own channel now! "This is the part where you cheer" If you ever have questions about the game or wish to discuss anything about it Post it in the discussions area! Sooner or later you will meet me in game and I look forward to playing with all of you!
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