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  1. Heya. We are still active. Not as much as we used to be though. Our busy times seem to be pointed more towards the weekends.
  2. PorkPuller

    New Member

    I would highly recommend maxing out your healing tool. It gives you the most amount of certs and you make back what you spend. Learning the game playing as a medic is your best bet.
  3. We have toyed with the idea but atm we don't have the resources or members to create such a division.
  4. Also I will not schedule another op on an Easter weekend =P
  5. Shoot. At the time I saw no on else on who was able to lead a squad. I knew she was aggressive against vs but i didnt think she was actively yelling it in squad chat. She will not be leading again and I'm sorry she did this. As for the coms I don't know why they weren't used. Usually I have null or Robo on to help me with this so I had to use what I had. Again I'm sorry for your bad night and I will do my best to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  6. Alright ladies and gentlemen it is that time again SERVER SMASH! This smash will be taking place on Esamir and we are playing NC. Currently our squad is set for 10 people but we could have 12. As of this post going up I will be doing 1-2 hr training every other day until the smash. Please Note that server smash requires experienced player's and as such I can only except. I hope to see the best of all of you! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Backups
  7. I was under the impression of the next month or so depending.
  8. No people! Everything has been condensed into the 555.
  9. WACKY RACES Grief defined. We find the biggest TR/NC fights we can (but without VS) and insert ourselves by gal drop, sunderer or flash. Lather, rinse, repeat. DISCO PARTY / DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE - ZOE MAXes, Lashers, and Lancers. It's a disco party...DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE. WARPGATE DENIAL - With no hexes nearby, we move to an enemy hex and pull out AMSes and loads of AA and AV. Then, BLOCKADE THE GATE!
  10. no indication yet, waiting to see if enough people show interest first
  11. PorkPuller

    R7 Skirmish

    Hey everyone! Me and Briggens are in the talks or a skrimish. Hopefully if there is enough interest between the two outfits me and him can set something up. If you're interested in fighting R7?
  12. The mechanics have changed a lot from what people say. I personally do not see it, you just need practice. A LOT of practice.
  13. PorkPuller

    SFR Sept 18

    ATV ASSAULT (BIKER GANG) - Attach a weapon to your Flash and find a friendly Heavy for your rumble seat. Swarm tactics at their best. LIB BOMBARDMENT - Good ol' death from above, with maybe a few A2A Scythes as escorts. We shall pick a target ahead of the zerg and leave nothing intact, paving the way for their conquest. Let's make our enemies run in fear, as we hear them scream "The sky is falling!!!". NIGHT OF A THOUSAND BITES - [Video] For the snipers out there. We get a few well placed AMSs up around our targeted base. Everyone with a sniper rifle (and when necessary, Lancers) sets up on the hillsides and begins our reign of terror. With luck and determination, we'll be able to keep the enemy inside WITHOUT any armor elements involved.
  14. My friend doesn't seem to have my computer done yet so I probably will note be able to play tonight
  15. PorkPuller

    SFR Sept 4

    SHOOTING STAR - Everyone equips a Heavy loadout with a dumbfire launcher of some kind. The default S1 or a Lancer is recommended. We'll use them for everything, AI, AA, and AV. No rifles will be used tonight! OPERATION HONEYPOT - Squads mount into Sunderer transports with handheld AV and AA weapons. We try to attract enemy armor that think we're an easy kill, then non-gunners bail from the bus and dispatch the would-be attackers. LIGHTNING STORM - Lightnings, the one-man-army's vehicle of choice. Except there will be more than one of us. A LOT more than one of us.
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