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  1. Sorry for the delay... I'll look into this this weekend
  2. The crash yesterday filled the disk with log files (thanks minecraft!) Restarted the server, This should be fixed now
  3. The built in minecraft worldborder is a cirlce: anything within that border is fair game. The worldborder mod allows other shapes (or used it) but can degrade server performance if your outline is too complex) If you don't want a change of scenery (like we have with previous resets) then either will accomplish what I think you're looking for (where the currently un-explored chunks will be generated by the 2.0 code). It is just a question of how exacting we want to be with locking down 'the explored world' But I think we need to be wary: 2.0 may contain new features that are only generated at world reset (like 1.9 did with more strongholds and something to do with the village layouts) which may make this moot.
  4. This is the main discussion thread for the "GOTR Valley" group building project. I'm attempting to send a mass-message to everyone in the group to notify them, but other than that, here's what you need to know: We've started a new world to take advantage of all of the new goodies in patch 1.9, the latest patch. We have placed spawn in a large plains area that is in the valley between a lot of mountains, taiga, etc. There are various biomes around the valley but the valley itself is plains. The (optional, team-oriented) goal for this world is to create GOTR_TOWN 2.0 in the valley area, aka "GOTR Valley". We can find a better name later, the point is that we want to develop the whole valley with all the great things people like to build. As we progress, we will construct a joint-project that will contain necessary common items like cauldrons and furnaces and brewing stands and enchantment tables. These will be available for all to use while we build. Feel free to build your own private equipment afterwards. We will set up certain raid days to progress to the End and explore it together - do NOT RUSH TO THE END. Feel free to discuss builds and goals here, and post screenshots! Remember the Minecraft Pillars (you'll need to scroll down) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added new rule "Don't rush to the End!" removed since people have already reached the end.
  5. I'm locking this thread.... I can see no benefit to it continuing
  6. Worldborder is effectively part of the core game now: The worldborder is currently set at 8000. We tried the 'new world' seed in an old world trick before and it had three problems base world generation items (like strongholds and villages) are only generated at world creation, not chunk creation. Villages will spawn in very strange places when we use this trick The intersection of new world/old world is very jarring The intersection can cause server issues (last time we had an ocean in the new world flooding into plains/caverns in the old world and the server had trouble dealing with that) We can get around some of that by enforcing a separation zone between the new/old areas. Point 1 is still the major concern though.
  7. Doing /lock and then punching the chest should do the trick. Does that not work for you?
  8. So yes... it looks like we can tune things The current configuration file is chest: enabled: true autoRegister: private furnace: enabled: true autoRegister: private dispenser: enabled: true autoRegister: private sign: enabled: true autoRegister: private wooden_door: enabled: true iron_door: enabled: true spruce_door: enabled: true birch_door: enabled: true jungle_door: enabled: true acacia_door: enabled: true dark_oak_door: enabled: true trap_door: enabled: true iron_trapdoor: enabled: true fence_gate: enabled: true spruce_fence_gate: enabled: true birch_fence_gate: enabled: true jungle_fence_gate: enabled: true acacia_fence_gate: enabled: true dark_oak_fence_gate: enabled: true trapped_chest: autoRegister: private enabled: true We can change the autoregister setting for those items individually. If others are okay with it (translation: if no one complains before tomorrow afternoon) I'll change the settings to enabled, default public on chests, dispensers and furnaces
  9. I've reset your player file I'll mess around with the nether tomorrow and try to figure out what is up with nether spawning
  10. Just a note: Shearing sheepies for wool and the use of chicken eggs is currently broken. If will be fixed in the near future and we'll update the server when it is.
  11. Okay.... the server will be shutting down around 1930 so I can shuffle things around. I'll bring it up around 2000 and we'll run through a few random worlds to try to find one we like.
  12. I can do Wednesday (anytime evening) or Thursday (maybe before raid/meeting?)
  13. I'm happy with where things are.... Robo: when would you like to have the newworld spawn finding party and waterworld send off?
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